New SimYou Game In Development by Will Wright


Last year Lauren Winter, one of the graph database analysts for Will Wright’s next big thing called SimYou revealed first information about this new simulation game:

Lauren Winter: Quickly said, we’re working on one of the next types of simulation games. We are actually funded by Will Wright, who is the founder and inventor of all awesome simulation games – SimCity, The Sims, etc. This is his next thing, SimYou. You, the human, are now going to be the Sim.

Given the problem space of simulating you – bringing in your data, your memories, your relationships, your concepts, everything about how your mind works – it became pretty clear to me because I’ve worked with a lot of relational databases for many years, that relational was completely the wrong way to go. So I thought well, “I’ll research graph databases.”


Last month, new information and first screenshots were released for SimYou:

Proxi is a neural simulation of a player and a new social game and platform designed by gaming authors Will Wright and Lauren Elliott and built by gaming engineers Zecmo and Cindee Madison. Players build 3D worlds using memories as building blocks. Players begin with a single memory on a single island and move on to multi-island worlds.

The game is currently in development for iOS and Android platforms by a team called Gallium Artists:

Gallium Artists is a collection of engineers, data scientists and game designers working on Proxi, game designer Will Wright’s vision that we are our memories. We’re building a world simulation and personal AI that is capable of self-determinate behavior.


We’ll report more news on this interesting project as the game is being further developed.

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