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The Sims Mobile: Attending Your First Party

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One of the greatest features of The Sims Mobile is the ability to interact with other players and their Sims. Parties are a great way to do this. Meet new people, make new friends, and earn rewards along the way.

Parties are unlocked when you reach level 6. After getting to level 6, a Sim will invite you to your first party and walk you through the process of attending parties.

Open the tab with the blue arrow on the right side of the screen, then tap the icon with the balloons. Select Find Parties.

Several parties that other players are hosting will show up in this tab. You can see the possible rewards from the party and the name of the person hosting the party here. For your first party, select the one the tutorial guides you to, but in the future, you’ll be able to choose any available party you’d like to attend.

Once you’re at the party, your goal is to perform party actions to help the party go up a level. All Sims attending the party receive the party rewards for gaining new party levels. Socialise with other Sims and interact with objects that have a purple balloon icon above them in order to help raise the party level. This is a great way to meet new players and make more friends. It’s also a good way to give and receive stickers and make more friends for your Sims.

The Sims Mobile: Attending Your First Party

Your Sims can attend two parties a day and it’s a good idea to attend them both every day. Doing so will reward your Sims with new friends, simoleons, cake slices (which can be consumed by your Sims to give them more stamina for performing party actions) and Sim Tickets that can be used to expand your Sim’s wardrobe.

It pays to be social in The Sims Mobile, so put your party hat on and go mingle with the masses.

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