Will Wright wants you to turn your Memories into 3D art for his upcoming game – Proxi

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Will Wright, the creator of Maxis’ biggest titles such as The Sims, SimCity and Spore has just officially announced that he’s working on a new mobile game project called Proxi.

Proxi is a game where you’ll be able to build the environment around you using nothing but your memories.

Will Wright, world-renowned game designer and creator of The Sims, SimCity, and Spore, has announced that his game dev studio, Gallium Artists, which was co-founded by Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego creator Lauren Elliott, is working on its newest mobile game, Proxi. Proxi is a simulation game built in Unity software that allows players to build entire worlds from their personal memories.

Will Wright wants you to turn your Memories into 3D art for his upcoming game – Proxi


Right now the game is still in development and Gallium Artists, the game development studio behind Proxi, wants YOU to help make these memories come to life!

In order to bring this vision to life, Will Wright and Gallium Artists are launching the Proxi Art Challenge, a 3D game art challenge hosted on Unity Connect. They have partnered with Unity to leverage the extensive talent pool of the Unity community to find a 3D artist to help them create their next big game!

To enter, you need to create three (3) personal memories represented by three environment scenes. Pick any three memories from your past that have a lot of meaning for you. All models created during the contest must be created by you during the span of the contest – you cannot use any models you have created previously. As well, your project cannot contain any models purchased from the Asset Store or any external marketplaces. All of the scenes must be rendered in Unity.

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