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EA to announce “Next Sims 4 Experience” at EA Play (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The Sims Team has posted the tweet again on their twitter, only this time saying “Next Sims 4 Experience”.

The Sims Twitter has published (and quickly deleted) a tweet, saying that EA will be announcing “Next Sims Experiences” at EA Play which is held this June in Hollywood.

This isn’t the first time that EA has teased new things for Sims coming at EA Play. A few weeks ago EA France has teased upcoming Sims announcements, saying “What if we talked about the future of your favorite Sims game?”

Picture captured by @BroBastii

What exactly will be announced at EA Play? Stick around on Sims Community for upcoming news about the next Sims experiences!

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  • I hope they announce The Sims 5, The Sims 4 has proven how horrible it is, the worst generation of The Sims, no expansion pack or stuff pack (laughs) will improve that game, better a new The Sims with the open world and the back of several things that always came in the first The Sims than an incomplete game that needs “updates” to add some things, shame of that EA

    • Hey everyone has their taste in sims games and some of us just don’t care about the open world thing. Though I personally have never ever played Sims 3, I have watched loads of videos on it and I’m just not as interested. Not that some of those features wouldn’t be cool, its just not deal break in comparison for my style of game play. To me the best was Sims 2 and now 4 takes first place in my opinion!

  • what kind of open world? one open city like in sims 3?…no, now its better… we can go where ever we want and there will be no open world, believe me…not now and not in a sims 5, I hope sims 4 will be continue till 2020 or later… ( sorry my english)

  • Taking the current Sims 4 experience and putting it online, being able to play with friends in a Co op style would be amazing. My partner and I would love to be able to play out a Sims family together.