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Girls In The House could be the first Sims 4 Show to join Netflix

You don’t hear the news about a fanmade series created in a video game join Netflix every day…

Girls In The House is one of Brazil’s most popular Series on the internet. It started off as an interesting series back in November 2014 but several episodes, seasons and spin-off videos later it got acquired by Brazil’s popular TV network – TNT Brazil. Today, the creator of this show Raony Phillips has 1.5 million subscribers and millions of views for almost each episode.

The show is created in The Sims 4 with unique characters and voiceovers in Portugese. You can take a look at the trailer for their 4th Season which is coming April 26th down below:

The fans of this show are really amazed by its production and throughout the years were left wondering why the show wasn’t released on Netflix due to it’s quality and popularity in Brazil (after all, the show has its own book which became a bestseller in Brazil).

Today, the creator of the show released a teaser with a Netflix logo on it, saying that he has some big news to share tomorrow, April 12nd. Considering the fact that the 4th Season is coming in 3 weeks and that Netflix’s involvement is being teased, could this show continue its journey on Netflix? We’ll find out more news tomorrow.

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