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The Sims 4 will have new content “for years out”

The Sims 4 has been out for quite some time now and many are left wondering about the future of the game and will it have new content.

A person on twitter asked SimGuruGrant, the lead producer of The Sims 4 if The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack going to be the last pack released for The Sims 4. Not only did SimGuruGrant reassure everyone on Twitte rthat Seasons is not the last pack, but he also provided a piece of information saying that he’s working with The Sims Team on content for years out.

In case you don’t know Grant Rodiek also talked about the future of The Sims 4 back in December 2017, vaguely talking about the plans for this year:

We’re at the point now where it’s fun, where we have all the scary features out of the way, all the big requests out of the way, finally released toddlers for our fans and so now we can sort of focus on making fun stuff. It’s not that it’s easier – it’s more ‘wouldn’t it be cool if?’ content. It frees us a bit.

Historically, after pets people are like: ‘Okay, we did the big pack, now we’re going to think about something else. I want players to still be around because we are still making killer content. We’re not going away. Pets is the biggest one but we’re not going to dial it back. Some of the stuff we are thinking about is pretty ambitious, it’s also fresh twists on old things and so I am hoping that people see Pets as the start of the second wave, not the end of the cycle. I want to do more content, keep upping the bar, more free content. Those are things that are super important to us and we have been talking about stuff for next year for ages already because we want it to be super good. There’s crazy long cycles. Next year I want people to be like: ‘Wow, I can’t believe you’re doing all this stuff’. Next year we’ll be four years old and still here.


Considering that The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack is releasing in less than a month after its announcement, could it be that there’s a lot more in plan for this year? Anywho, we’re really excited for the future of The Sims 4 and can’t wait to see what content they’re planning for upcoming years.

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    • Agree, I was also thinking about something like “vouyage” pack but it seems they just remade the concept of traveling. So it most likely be more supernatural creatures or university. I personaly want something like the Monte Vista map soo bad…

    • you literally WOULD NOT get pets, weather, university, blah blah whatever your demands are in the base game so what’s the point in asking for it? oh i know, so you’d have something to continue complaining about.

      • lol I never said anything about wanting everything in a single game. I just hope sims 5 base game would be a mix of the features in the sims 2,3, and 4 base games with better graphics.

    • Same here. I don’t need any features, seriously, just release something like base game sims 3 along with multitasking and Planet Coaster level graphics, I won’t be asking for anything else for years to come.

  • This is great news for those of us that enjoy Sims 4 🙂 With Seasons coming out (which I’ve been waiting for a long time), I can’t help but have high hopes for some of the future dlc contents, such as a University, Island Paradise, and more.

    • I think the point he’s making, to some degree, is that now that they’re clearing out the packs that feel required they can do more experimental stuff. Pursue new ideas that never got to see the light of day in prior editions of the game. So I don’t know if I’d hold my breath for all of the same packs to happen. Which I think is a good thing – I want to see what they can do and I want to see some new ideas that aren’t restrained by the work they’ve done in the past. 🙂

  • Oh! I’m excited! But I was sorta looking forward to a new sims game in the next year or latest two. Meh. I’m okay with it!

  • I’ve been playing TS3 for the last week, and I have to say, TS4 still has to have a lot of life left in it, mainly because it’s so buildable and the client is so stable. It doesn’t feel dated or old, and really the biggest complaint I have is just the constant need for more content. And a CAS system – the functionality to constantly personalize items will be an incredible addition (and we know it’s possible).

  • My husband mentioned something that’s never been done…it might be fun. We had a futuristic pack in Sims 3, where we could travel to the future, but what about traveling to the distant past? I know we had Sims Medieval, but quite frankly it wasn’t really the same as the Sims games we’ve become used to.

    It might be fun to have a pack where we could travel to the past, maybe visit ancestors, and bring back cool stuff that would be worth a lot more in the current time…you know, antiques? Those with the vampire pack might be able to meet some of the vampires before they were vampires. Horses could be added to that pack, as that would be the primary mode of travel. I don’t know, maybe, maybe not.

    I already got the 3 things I wanted most in the game, ghosts, vampires, pets and weather. However, I would like a college/university pack, and more supernaturals. They haven’t put enough in Sims 4 for my taste. We still need witches, wolfmen or werewolves, and maybe fairies and/or mermaids again. I’d also like to be able to have my sims swim in the oceans and lakes. However, I have a feeling that whatever they come up with next, it will be different than anything that’s ever been done before…or at least massively changed.