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The Sims 4: Amazingly Creative Uses for Glass Roofs

The pre-Seasons patch for The Sims 4 is finally out, and the Sims community has been quick to show off their creative builds using one of the latest new features; glass roofs!

Fabulously Chic Greenhouses

Ansett4Sims has created a stunningly modern greenhouse, complete with dining table to enjoy the meals cooked with the freshly grown produce.

Glorious Gazebos

MidnightPearl has built a lovely gazebo overlooking the water. This gorgeous spot will be perfect for catching those warm summer rays once Seasons arrives!

Marvellous Modern Homes

XFreezerBunnyX has an amazing industrial theme to their build, while Misstory has gone for a more crisp and clean look.

Classy Cottages

CK213 has added a sunroom to their beautiful Victorian-esque home. The ornate glass roof pattern fits perfectly here.

Awesome All-Seasons Park

GamerGrannyTana has put together an astonishingly beautiful all-seasons park. This beautiful structure will provide a green haven during a cold winter.

Louvre-inspired Pyramid

Looking right at home amongst San Myshuno’s cultural-melting-pot theme, SimplyJodie has created a dazzling glass pyramid reminiscent of the famous Parisian cultural landmark at The Louvre.

Titanic’s Grand Staircase

Both Guisims_18 and Pekesims have recreated Titanic’s magnificent Grand Staircase in stunning detail. Guisims_18 showcases skill with staircase placement, while Pekesims cleverly places a glowing plumbob in the fairy statue’s hands, which is a lovely detail.

Glass Dome Homes

Want to recreate your Surviving Mars colony in The Sims 4? Now you can! User nikolai2960 over on Reddit was quick to discover this inventive use for glass roofs. You can follow our tutorial to make a Dome Home for yourself. This technique will be perfect for builds on Sixam.

How will you use this amazing new feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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