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The Sims 4: New Content in plan for next 3 Years

Variety published an article about their hands-on time with The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack. Beside their thoughts and opinions about the pack, they’ve also had an opportunity to discuss the pack and also the future of The Sims 4 with Grant Rodiek, lead producer on the game.

Previously, we’ve only known that The Sims 4 will offer new content “for years out”. Now we know for how many years.

Though EA hasn’t announced any further expansion for the four-year-old game, it appears as if “The Sims 4” will continue to have a long tale. Though he wouldn’t go into specifics, Rodiek said he was already in meetings discussing the next three years of content for the current title.

“‘Seasons’ is just the tip of the iceberg,” he said.


It’s not known if the production of new content for The Sims 4 will end after these 3 years but at least it’s guaranteed that the next 3 years are going to bring plenty of new content.

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  • I’m actually happy to hear about this. At the very beginning of the game I was very skeptical of it, like so many, but now with the recent expansions and game packs -not so much stuff packs mind you- I feel like the game is starting to grow, slowly but surely. Sure there may be something missing for some time but I have hope for the game that it will come in full circle in the future.

  • Doesn’t matter what they put out. The game becomes boring after a few months. Please return useful npcs burglars, firefighters etc. I even miss having kids go to private school, curfews where the police will bring a teen home if they miss it. Please have someone who has played the game help with expansion packs oh and open world for the sims 4 would be a game changer

  • Considering the amount of crying and complaining the community does over this game, I would not be surprised if EA kills the franchise after they finish with Sims 4. That’s just how EA works. *points at Andromeda*

  • Sound fun, just add more races other than human like undead, elf, orc… and we will have entire fantasy space in one city. When we will get slav-… Eh maid Bonehilda back.

  • I am so happy to hear this! Still waiting on University! I loved playing it on Sims 3, so I’m just doing my best to be patient and wait. But I’m starting to see the game coming to life and hope that insead of rushing into Sims 5, they will spend more time on making Sims 4 better! There is still quite a lot of things still needed in Sims 4, University, cars (if possible don’t expect it), more clothing (especially for toddlers and kids) elders stuff (can be called Sims 4 Elder stuff pack! ) and of course more vacation stuff such as beaches or maybe resort type things.

    • You’re telling me! I play on console so I always get jealous when I hear that pc/mac get cool new stuff and I have to wait around five months to get it. Eh hem (seasons)