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The Sims Mobile: All About LlamaZoom Tokens

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If you’ve logged into The Sims Mobile today, chances are you’ve noticed some pretty big changes. For one thing, the waterfront is now open, bringing with it two brand new careers, but that’s not all. The ticket system has been completely overhauled!

Previously, the game was bogged down with so many tickets, players couldn’t even keep track of them all. There were 9 different types of tickets including super and luxe tickets. Players found it frustrating that they were often forced into doing things they weren’t interested in exploring just to get some of the rarer tickets to exchange for what they actually wanted.

The Sims Mobile: All About LlamaZoom Tokens

Take a look at all the tickets in the game previously:

  • Heirloom Tickets
  • Super Heirloom Tickets
  • Luxe Heirloom Tickets
  • Home Tickets
  • Super Home Tickets
  • Luxe Home Tickets
  • Sim Tickets
  • Super Sim Tickets
  • Luxe Sim Tickets

Having all these tickets just made the game more complicated than it needed to be. The latest update makes this clunky system a thing of the past, reducing the number of tickets in the game to just Heirloom Tickets and the new LlamaZoom Tickets.

All About LlamaZoom Tickets

LlamaZoom Tickets have now replaced the super and luxe Home and Sim Tickets. The regular Home and Sim Tickets have been replaced by the standard simoleon. You’ll also notice that the Daily To-Do List has been replaced by the LlamaZoom menu. That’s right, the To-Do List is no more!

The Sims Mobile: All About LlamaZoom Tokens

Instead of doing the same set of tasks over and over again every day, you now get to choose from a selection of tasks that will reward you with the new LlamaZoom Tickets. After playing through the LlamaZoom tutorial that introduces you to the new LlamaZoom NPC, Emily, you will be able to choose between four types of LlamaZoom quests:

  • Co-worker Chat
    • All tasks will be career oriented
  • Spread the Word
    • All tasks will be relationship oriented
  • Product Insights
    • All tasks will be hobby oriented
  • Mix of Theme Tasks
    • Mix of career, hobby, and relationships

This new selection of LlamaZoom tasks allows you to choose how you want to play instead of forcing you to focus on things you’re not interested in just to get the rewards. If you’re working on your Sim’s career, you might decide to do the Co-Worker Chat LlamaZoom tasks. If you’re working up the courage to propose to that special someone, the Spread the Word tasks might be of more interest to you. Or, if you like to explore a bit of everything, the Mix of Theme Tasks is always an option. This gives players much more freedom to play the game their own way while still enjoying all the rewards and benefits.

The Sims Mobile: All About LlamaZoom Tokens

The new LlamaZoom tasks also allow players to spend more time playing the game and less time waiting. The old To-Do List refreshed once every 24 hours. Once players completed the To-Do List, they’d have to wait until the next day to complete the To-Do List again, which was the same set of tasks every day. The LlamaZoom tasks refresh every 4 hours so players have the opportunity to complete tasks of their own choosing multiple times a day, but don’t worry; you have 8 hours to complete a set of LlamaZoom tasks. The tasks won’t refresh and erase your progress if you don’t finish them in 4 hours.

The LlamaZoom Tutorial

Does all of that sound overwhelming to you? Don’t worry, we understand that change can be tough, but thankfully you’ll be introduced to the new LlamaZoom system with a quick and easy tutorial. Once you play through the tutorial, you’ll see that the LlamaZoom system is a huge improvement over the old stale To-Do List and excessive tickets.

The first time you open your game after updating, your Sim will inform you that someone has parked a truck outside your house. They’ll suggest that you go see who it is.

When you tap on the truck, you’ll be introduced to a spunky new NPC named Emily. It’s Emily’s first day on the job, but her truck has broken down. She thinks she knows how to fix it, but will need your help to make the necessary repairs. What is Emily’s job? Why, she gives out LlamaZoom tickets, of course!

Emily will ask you to do a few simple tasks that can be completed from home. These tasks shouldn’t take you very long. It only took me a few minutes without using any cupcakes or SimCash. Once you finish these tasks for Emily, she will thank you for your help. She’s officially back in business because of you!

Now that Emily has things up and running again, she can offer you a set of tasks every four hours and reward you with LlamaZoom tickets for completing them. You’ll be able to choose your own set of tasks every four hours, but if you’re feeling impatient, you can use SimCash to speed things up.

How To Use LlamaZoom Tickets

So what do LlamaZoom Tickets do, exactly? Why is it worth your while to earn them? LlamaZoom Tickets replace the old Home and Sim tickets so they are used for the same things you used to use Home and Sim tickets for. You’ll need LlamaZoom Tickets to purchase certain high-end items in the Build/Buy Catalogue. You can also use LlamaZoom Tickets to open up new venues and careers.

Now that you’re a LlamaZoom expert, hop back into your game and introduce yourself to Emily! She’s always looking for people to offer her a helping hand and the LlamaZoom Tickets she gives out will be worth your while.

What do you think of the new LlamaZoom Tickets? Leave your thoughts in the comments or give us a shout on your favourite social media platform!

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