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The Community shares their hopes for The Sims 4’s Upcoming Update

We’re finally living in an era when we get to know that something fun and free is coming to The Sims 4 Base Game. SimGuruKate’s latest announcement that October’s going to bring fun free stuff to The Sims 4 left plenty of room for speculation on what the next update could be.

Considering that The Sims 4 is great but still has plenty of room for improvement we asked the community on Twitter about what they’re hoping that The Sims 4’s next update will bring. Simmers had a lot to say about what they want to see in The Sims 4 added for free, but considering that there’s been plenty of replies asking for content that’s been treated as “premium” in the past (Witches, Mermaids, Farming etc) we’ve sorted through the replies asking for more simple stuff that the Base Game is currently missing. Here’s what they said:

Are you excited to find out what the upcoming update for The Sims 4 is all about? Stay tuned on our website as The Sims Team will be releasing a teaser about it during their livestream on October 2nd!

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  • Cars, and strollers, sewing machines open world. daiper changing table and vacations in a hotel and sun tanning lawn mowing and to go to college like the sims2 not the sims3 and to water the whole garden not just the plants that you plant also the ones in build mode they should also need water to live or else they die

  • Cars, and strollers, sewing machines open world. daiper changing table and vacations in a hotel and sun tanning lawn mowing and to go to college like the sims2 not the sims3 and to water the whole garden not just the plants that you plant also the ones in build mode they should also need water to live or else they die

  • Here we go again where people are over-hyping an incredibly vague thing that the Gurus said… and they
    re going to be angry when the actual thing comes out. I’m not trying to be a party-pooper, but this always happens.

  • well i like it if you guys could add Mermaids, witches, Were Wolves, Soccer, University, Horses more activity’s like snow boarding, Volley ball, tennis if possible, Cars and
    maybe a mechanic career sort of like sims 2 with teens fixing there cars.

    second statement maybe a future type of thing with hover boards, living with robots, maybe a past type of thing involving prehistorical times how about university with more
    career choices and of course other job opportunity firemen, agent and a color wheel for hair at least.

    last idea maybe with mermaids u guys can add beaches, oceans, Scuba diving, water skiing, exploring ocean deep to uncover things like buried treasure and maybe add pirates to
    really get in some awesome adventure actions sorry im filled with ideas but idk if u will take it serious cause you guys don’t seem to really take these ideas in consideration

    another final idea is maybe you guys can try something like um molding career you know like fashionista and add like some sewing machine to like allow our sims to come up with creative ideas for clothing and such like with sims 2 if it’s okay cause honestly that would be amazing and yeah thats all thank you

  • Please take the loading screen AWAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Also cars,strollers, swinging bouncy in the house seat,more places to stay,more jobs,home schooling kids,BABYSITTING JOB at your HOUSE like the sims 3,bring back the school bus,prom,more stuff for the teens to do and bring back cuddling.Please

  • And now the entire fanbase will be in an uproar because they didn’t get for free the very specific thing that they built unrealistic expectations for.


  • All different kinds of stairs, real sectionals, tree houses. more playground equipment, usable elevators, bring back the ability to play catch, playing soccer, More teen and adult jobs, chores (the board we got for parenting is pretty useless besides curfew) I want a interior decorator career like in 3 where we could help style their houses. fireman! better skylights (not a whole roof) more fences, more hospital and police and fireman stuff, The ability to have 2 or more families on 1 lot like make our own apartments. usable beaches and swimming, magic, universities, more tvs and computers. more interactions between all ages and all pets.

    • The Sims doesn’t support custom content so no, they won’t be doing that. It’s not a matter of fairness. Don’t like it? Buy a PC and play The Sims on that. Christ.

      • Actually hey do unofficially. Thats part of why this took soong for a program update so they didnt break alot of their fans creations. Wicmed whi.s has been a modder on the sims game since the original game and having a mod hub on co sole isnt that far off. Bethesda does it

  • Unfortunately, I’m not as hopeful.

    It’ll be an easier blow to me if it becomes yet another disappointing free content update.

  • Please don’t let it be cars. I know a lot of people want them, but they’re just not practical in a closed-world setting that’s set up like the Sims 4 is. In Sims 3, they made sense, because you drove from place to place; in Sims 1 and 2 they made sense, because it was set up that you took a taxi or carpool or whatever to your destination. In all three games, cars just replaced the taxi. In Sims 4, however, you teleport off the lot. This is a very simple, elegant system. No need to call a taxi and wait for it to show. No need to walk all the way to the road to get into a vehicle. You select your destination on the map and the game automatically fades to a loading screen. Adding cars would COMPLICATE that. All for what? An expensive lawn ornament? If they add cars (which some people seem to want) that’s fine, just do it in a paid content, so we have the option whether to purchase and download or not. Because you’re talking about a radical rehaul of the way sims move throughout the game to make it convoluted and messy, and if it’s included for free in a patch than our only option is to go along with the system or never update our game again.

  • There are too many things that I would like to see in the upcoming patch. Not enough time or space to list them all. But perhaps The Sims 5 will cover some new expectations. Online dating, genders they’re attracted to, relatives and relationship features, to be able to go out into an open world. To finally have bunk beds and vehicles. To having sims go to jail for wrong doings, to have your sim sneak into others homes in the middle of the night. Teen “oopsies” (talking about accidentally getting pregnant), going to the dentists, a legit police station where you can call law enforcement if there are neighbors fighting. Fast food drive through. To have your sims actually “plea” and gain their beloved family member back. (That feature NEVER works for me). To accidentally have alien babies. To finally be able to have your sims speak your language. The list is endless. I could go on and on. But I can see I’ve made a point. Thanks for hopefully listening

  • I don’t see any hope anymore, I don’t understand why do they ask us what we like or what we would like to see in the game, have us vote than it appears like it’s not ever going to be implemented.

  • How about making it as though sims can walk around with their infant sim. Bring back bathing infant sims in the sink and passing them to another sim like in 2. School buses! Make pets more practical (ie let them have jobs again, gain skills, etc etc) and less like glorified decoration.

    Bring back being able to simply walk over to a nearby lot, i understand the loading screens some time but to a neighbor’s house too?! No. Get ride of it please.

    More holiday, pet, and baby/toddler/kid stuff, dont care if i have to pay for these lol just make it.
    Make plant sims permanent and as an option in CAS, bring back plant babies and the way sims can “spore” plant babies. Also less needs for plant sims like in s2.

    Oh bring social workers for child neglect back, burglars**, cops/firefighters, teens sneaking out and getting busted being out after curfew, grocery stores!

    I would be okay with simply being able to actually use the hospital for illnesses, curfews for teens, cops outside of GTW, repomen and burglars. And cat/dog jobs/skills.

  • I have a list of things i wish we had like pillows, throw blankets, the slanted wall to put windows on, cars, fashion career/interior decorator career,for the screen NOT to load when going to a lot close by (that grinds my gears), bigger lots, being able to go to the grocery store, at least update the console gallery since we cannot download content like PC users, sectionals would be cool too, more playground equipment, bunkbeds, laptops, different stair cases. Open worlds would be dope too though but i know thats wishful thinking n that definitely wouldnt be free. The create design option was pretty cool as well though.

  • Please dont make a sims 5 and just stick with upgrading and expanding here! Im hoping with this patch and the upgraded programing system(from what i understood same one since sims 2) we get our open world again. Deff excited to see the smoother game play and how the graphics will look. Also i do like how with free patches you guys improved the game and added little extra goodies for us. With actual expansions I miss university(ts2) and super star(ts) would love to see more expansions and newer stuff that hasnt been around. Like if you bring back cars and bikes to have a fast and the furious expamsion where you can race other people or that could be a new interacti e profession a racecar driver! Wouldnt mind an expansion that was like the sims social where we had an online hub to play with other peoples sims too. I modd my game alot to get old stuff back and see new things people have created and the community surrounding the sims will always habe my heart. Can not wait to see whats in storwe.

  • I have seen really good suggestions on twitter n on the comments
    I’d like for the sims 4 to have:
    – A beach or an ocean to swim,get a tan,to be able to search for objects in depths of the ocean or even have a secret underworld(under the sea ofc)
    – A burglar
    -A Yatch for a vacation
    -Cars to learn how to drive
    -A laundry in town ofc
    -A home phone
    -A genie
    -To shopping online(food/furnitures/plant seeds/rare objects/make-up/clothes etc…)