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The Sims 4 Get Famous: Media Production Skill Guide

The Media Production skill is a brand new 5-level skill that comes with The Sims 4 Get Famous. Sims who want to master this skill will be making use of three key objects; the Music Station, the Video Station, and the Drone. For a detailed description of these objects’ features, see our article, The Sims 4 Get Famous: All About Media Production Skill Objects.

This article is about the skill itself and will cover each level of the skill and what features you can unlock by building the skill. As you build the Media Production skill, more features will become available to you on both the Music Station and the Video Station.

Get in the Mood

The ideal emotion for the Media Production skill is the Inspired emotion. Thankfully, becoming Inspired is not difficult at all. Take a thoughtful shower or cloudgaze for a few minutes (with The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat). If you have the plumbob mood lamps that were given to players who purchased The Sims 3 expansion packs, you can use those to easily make your Sims inspired. Even if you don’t have the mood lamps, any object with an Inspiring aura will do the trick.

Level 1

Like all other skills, Sims will reach level one of the Media Production skill as soon as they start learning it. Interact with the Video Station or Music Station to start building this skill. Use this first level to get used to all your new equipment. Play around with the features on the Music and Video Stations to see what your Sim can do with them. Try uploading a few videos or burning a couple of tracks. Get a feel for how everything works while your Sim is still learning the basics of Media Production.

Level 2

At level 2 of the Media Production skill, your Sim will start to open up a few more options to improve the quality of their music and videos. You’ll be able to add transitions to your videos and one new track will be available to you on the Music Station, called Rooba Vay. Your Sim will also have more remix options available to them when creating new tracks on the Music Station. Be careful when adding transitions to your videos! Sometimes they can make the video worse. Continue building the Media Production skill to lower your chances of accidentally ruining a video’s quality while editing it.

Level 3

Reaching Level 3 of the Media Production skill will allow your Sim to add effects to their videos and combine videos with the Video Station. Be careful when adding effects to your videos! Sometimes they can make the video worse. Continue building the Media Production skill to lower your chances of accidentally ruining a video’s quality while editing it.

Although the skill notification doesn’t mention this, your Sim will also open up a new track on the Music Station at level 3, called Yome.

Level 4

Level 4 of this skill doesn’t add any new options to the Video Station, but it offers a big improvement for the Music Station. Your Sim will be able to produce two new tracks on the Music Station, called Looling and Oopella. You’ll also have a much wider array of remix options available to your Sim when creating new tracks.

Level 5

Congratulations on mastering the Media Production skill! While the skill notification doesn’t mention this, mastering this skill opens up two more tracks on the Music Station; Arribay and Plonky Zombray. Your Sim’s skills are so refined that the quality of their music and videos will be much higher, resulting in more fame and better royalties. Your Sim can also add transitions and effects to their videos with a much lower chance of ruining the video’s quality. With the right add-on components and upgrades, your Sim should be able to easily release excellent quality music and videos all the time.

Have you started exploring the Media Production skill yet? Let us know what you think about this new skill in the comments or tell us all about it on social media!

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  • My sim is an actress, but she got an opportunity to film and upload a video for extra money, which I did. I wasn’t at all impressed with the payout (after purchasing the video station AND a drone, I only received $100), so I decided to play around with it a bit more to justify the investment. She’s now maxed out the media production skill, and I’ve found that filming, editing, and uploading a video every other day or so has been a huge boost to both her fame level and her pocketbook.