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The Sims 4 is getting 3 Freelancer Careers for Free Next Week


The Sims 4 Base Game for PC and Mac is finally getting a new update next week! The update, along with plenty of bug fixes is also going to come with new objects, clothing items and 3 new Freelancer Careers!

During the Maxis Monthly Livestream SimGuruGraham has shown off some of the new objects and clothing that you’ll get to unlock throughout 3 brand new careers!

The Sims 4 is getting 3 Freelancer Careers for Free Next Week

There are 3 different types of Freelancer Careers that your Sims will be able to join: Freelance Programmer, Freelance Artist and Freelance Writer. Each type of Freelancer Careers will have different sets of assignments that you’ll be able to perform from either your computer (Writer, Programmer) or the Sketch Pad (Artist).

The new careers also come with some brand new items including a new desk, new chair, new decor and yes – even a brand new laptop that you’ll get to enjoy even if you don’t have The Sims 4 StrangerVille Game Pack!

The Freelancer Career will be available for free in a brand new The Sims 4 update for PC and Mac next week – precisely on April 16th, 2019.

We’re currently preparing a sepeare post with more detailed information about everything that’s been mentioned and shown about the brand new careers. Until then you can enjoy the full replay where the gurus show off the new careers!

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