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The Sims 4: New Images From The Freelancer Update

The Sims Russia VK Page has shared some new screenshots from the upcoming Content Update for The Sims 4! Although most of the screenshots are localized and translated into Russian, they still manage to show off some of the new content we’re getting.

The first screenshot shows off the Career Menu and the Freelancer Category. The screenshot below suggests that, as you choose the Freelancer Career from the Menu you’ll immediately be able to pick one out of 3 branches: Writer, Artist or Programmer.

The second screenshot shows off some new decor we’re getting with the brand new Career as well as some office clutter!

With the 3rd screenshot you’re able to see some of the new Create A Sim items with different presents from the ones we’ve seen during Maxis Monthly.

There are also these User Interface screenshots that they’ve shared but they unfortunately don’t tell much considering they’ve been localized to Russian.

The Sims 4’s latest Content Update drops on April 16th, 2019!

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    • I agree. One of the reasons that I download CC for the male sims and not just the female sims, is because there are no tucked button up shirts. So I have to use CC button up shirts. There are so many out there. I don’t understand why the Sims team cannot give us simple button up shirts without sports coats and jackets. Also, we need untucked button up shirts with sports coats.

  • I have a feeling I am going to love this new update. Loving how the new career sounds and loving the new clothing a lot. I love the objects they showed us also so far.

  • Is that laptop a new object in the game or not? If so, I hope it’ll be portable so that my sims can use it anywhere..

    • @Jinggu, yes the laptop will be in the Base Game when you download the patch! (Like the laptops in the Strangerville GP, you will still need a desk or table to use it, but you can live-drag it to and from your Sims’ personal inventories, which means they can take it with them to the library or café , etc.! This one is especially cool since the keyboard lights change colors! 8-)

  • The first screenshot translates as such:


    available industries: graphic designer, writer, programmer

    Be your own boss! Have your own schedule! Not bad is it? If you are a responsible person (sim) perhaps a freelance career is for you. You can choose one of the many branches, and agencies will soon find your clients!

    Open positions: freelancer

    Individual entrepreneur!

  • The second screenshot:

    Choose a part-time job

    Crowdfunding nightmare
    payment: 2 925
    deadline: Wed 9:00
    skill: drawing: level 8

    Logo of a start up in (Del Sol) Valley
    Payment: 1 270
    deadline: Tue 9:00
    skill: drawing: level 5

    World creator
    Payment: 3 050
    deadline: Wed 9:00
    skill: drawing: level 8

    Circle of the young artist
    Payment: 235
    deadline: Mon 9:00
    skill: drawing: level 3

    Cool video game character design
    Payment: 2 675
    Deadline: Wed 9:00
    Skill: drawing: level 7

    Characters for an independent studio
    Payment: 2 555
    Deadline: Wed 9:00
    Skill: drawing: level 7

  • Last one!

    Graphic Designer

    Payment 3 050
    Electronic artist

    Productivity: okay
    Order: The World Creator
    Deadline: Wednesday 9:00

    To study the technical task (skill?)
    Create landscapes on Etude (not sure about that, could be the name of a program they use)
    approve the design of the game landscape