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Another Simulation Lag Fix for The Sims 4 is releasing soon

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Just a few weeks ago we reported on the revival of thepancake1‘s Simulation Lag Fix Mod for The Sims 4. The mod has been successfully updated by SrslySims for the latest version of The Sims 4 and can even be downloaded right now!

However, if you prefer having more than just one solution for this fix and if you prefer a faster alternative there’s another Simulation Lag Fix in the works by thepancake1, the same modder who is currently working on speeding up the loading times in The Sims 4!

This Simulation Lag Fix Mod is called Llama Supersmooth, promising reduced simulation lag when playing the game. This means that Sims will have shorter breaks inbetween the interactions they’re performing and that the general responsiveness of the game will increase rapidly.

This mod is currently in the early access phase and you can get it from thepancake1’s Patreon Page with a full free release coming really soon.

Basically, it picks and chooses the sims that you’d perceive as lagging, and prioritizes them to run their AI first. By itself, that isn’t enough.

To reduce the perceived simulation lag (the head bobbing and the creepy stare sims occasionally have when it’s lagging), the game allows sims to continue their current interaction until they have received another AI update.

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