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This modder is working on speeding up The Sims 4 loading times

A hero we didn’t know we needed up until now.

Theo Jabalde, known for some of his amazing modding work on The Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod has started working on a tool that might save us all.

His latest attempt is to try and speed up the loading time process that occurs when loading different lots when playing The Sims 4. That includes loading up your current household, visiting other lots and venues and visiting other households (basically anything that will put a spinning plumbob inbetween).

He’s stated that his latest work isn’t really a mod but more of a tool that will use up more of your computer’s potential, saying:

It’s actually less of a mod and more of a tool. It converts the games files to be read faster. It works for both TS3 and TS4 too!

I’m still in the middle of programming the tool for complete compatibility, and for optimization purposes. At one point, it reached 5 gigs of ram just to convert one 1 gb file lol.


He’s planning to publish this tool to the public eventually. Until then you can watch the video where he travel between a few different lots in The Sims 4 and see the drastic difference in loading times!

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  • I think it would be amazing if there weren’t loading screens when you travel around.. My laptop isn’t the fastest and it takes sooooo long to travel.

    Just like in the Sims 3, where you walk from house to house or use a bike, car or the train station.

    I mean, there are cars driving around in the Sims 4 but we can’t drive one

  • If successful, this might have the potential to make my game playable again when using over 35 GB of custom content and mods in one mods folder. Old mods (that I haven’t troubleshooted and taken out yet) plus all the EPs and GPs and SPs released to date now make my biggest Mods folder (I actually use different mods folders for playing – only one is actually named “Mods” at a time) take about 2 hours for loading! I would absolutely love this time to be cut down to half an hour or less.

    • holy shit 2 hours to load. Mine takes usually 1-3 minutes depending on what cc I’m using because I fluctuate with mm and alpha. Also have you tried merging your cc?