The Sims 4

The Sims 4: New Update + Patch Notes! (June 18th, 2019)

The Sims Team has released a brand new Update for The Sims 4 on PC and Mac!

To download the latest version of The Sims 4, simply open your Origin program and if the game doesn’t update automatically, right click on The Sims 4 and select ”Update”.

In case you have Mods or Custom Content, the game will automatically disable them for you after first launching The Sims 4 after the update. To re-enable all your Mods and Custom Content, select the Settings option in the Menu and select Settings. Under the”Other” section you’ll find the ”Enable Custom Content and Mods” option. Check it and restart your game in order for it to take effect!

Patch Notes

UPDATE: 6/18/2019 – PC / Mac

Hiya Simmers!

Is it hot outside, or is that just my gland problem? Anyway, let’s not worry about that – we’ve got some awesome new stuff to talk about! With all this Summer heat and with Sims 4 Island Living’s release just around the corner, we’ve got a few new free updates we are so excited to share with you! So let’s slap on some sunglasses, squeeze into that swimsuit, and dive on in…

What’s New?

Randomize Traits Button:

A Randomize Traits button has been added to CAS and in the Live Mode Age-Up Molecule. Oh yes, it’s now just right there, waiting to be clicked. Over and over and over and over. I can’t really believe it either, but here it is. The dark days without this small hero are now just a distant unpleasant memory. From here on out, if you just want to grab-and-go your Sim’s personality and get the heck outta CAS, or if you want to add a little challenge to who your Sims might be, it’s just one click away. Jeepers, this feels good. Seriously, I’ve been wanting this forever.

Lounge Chair:

Everyone (even you) gets a FREE LOUNGE CHAIR! That’s right, we’ve added a delightfully Portable Lounge Chair, so you can now lounge by the pool the way you’ve always wanted: Laid back. With your mind on your Simoleons and your Simoleons on your mind.

It’s Pride Month!

Show your pride with some fantastically colorful new clothing. The rainbow leggings are my personal favorite. Nah, maybe the body suit is my favorite. But now that you mention it, I can’t stop dressing my Sims in the new t-shirts — created in partnership with the It Gets Better Project — so I guess I just love it all! In addition, we’ve also included a selection of decorative Pride flags for hanging on your Sims’ walls. Finally, we’ve updated our bathroom door sets in-game so that every bathroom door also includes a gender-neutral version for builders, and includes a full suite of color swatches for mixing and matching to your heart’s content. Happy Pride Month, everyone!

Stilt Foundations:

Or as I like to call them, High Heels for your House. Or House Heels. These things don’t need to be limited to just the tropics. Stilts are a great partner in crime to manipulated and flat terrain alike in any biosphere. You can find them in Build Mode alongside all the other regular Foundation types. Now go get your stilt on.

Further Eaves Extension:

Now you can pull your Eaves… further.

More Door Colors:

Ok, we may have gone a bit overboard here… There are 350 new color swatches spread across all of the doors and arches in the base game catalog. If you’ve ever wanted matching doors in Light Brown, Reddish Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Gray, White, or Black, then this is certainly the update for you!

A Couple New Lot Traits:

  • Clothing Optional: This new venue-only lot trait will inspire your Sims to — you guessed it — get nude.
  • Off-The-Grid: Now you can live out your nomadic fantasy on any lot. Applying this lot trait will remove your Sim’s use of power and running water, but on the upside it keeps your bills down. Keep a lookout for existing objects with the “Works Off-The-Grid” note in the Buy Catalog.

More Toddler Diaper Colors:

We added some L’il Swimmies Splashy Diapers! You don’t necessarily have to use them for splashing in the water, but that’s where our brains were at when we made them. We made these not only in anticipation for Island Living, but we also thought you’d appreciate more swimming options for your toddlers to use in the Seasons Kiddie Pool.

Back Float:

A new Back Float interaction is available for Sims swimming in the pool. Click on that water. Try it out. Take a load off.

Fishing Additions:

Brace yourself, we’re about to cast you into a deep dive…

  • We added several new interactions to allow players to fish in different ways and interact with other Sims around fishing activities.
  • Sims can perform a few new Fishing-based socials to gain useful info (via UI TNS/Notebook) and push NPCs to Fish.
  • Fishing is now joinable.
  • Improved fishing interaction tuning and autonomy to make the interaction more efficient and fun.
  • Upper skill levels now provide more meaningful rewards, with new Interactions added to Fishing skill levels
  • New high skill cast interaction “Angle for Big Catch” increases chance of getting rarer fish.
  • New high-skill VFX visuals on Rare fishing spots.
  • Ability to now “Mentor Sims in Fishing.”
  • Fishing UI has improved information, including Notebook info with Bait information.
  • Tuning for fish that can be caught is unique per world & more fishing spots added to some of our previously shipped worlds.
  • New bait preference system applied to most existing fish that modify catch chances.

Ceiling Fan Updates:

Ceiling Fans will now cool a room if you have Seasons and the fan is on. Oh yeah, speaking of which, we also added the ability to turn them On and Off. And while we were at it, we figured we’d make them dry off damp Sims too.

Ceiling Objects Build Sort:

We also added a new Ceiling Objects Build sort category to make things like Fans easier to find.

Swimming Things:

There is now a chance for interesting things to happen to your Sims while swimming, like getting a cramp or losing their suit (eek!). Swimming also now gives your Sims a boost in Fitness skill gain.

Part-Time Jobs Update:

And last but not least (you still with me?) all existing Part-Time Jobs are no longer just for Teens. That’s right, now elders could work as Fast Food Employees. Young Adults could be Babysitters if they want. Why not? The Part-Time world is your oyster. Oh oh oh — and one last thing on that note: You can now have two Part-Time Jobs at once and pick between shifts. Wowee.

And now on to the unintended features…

General Issues.

  • Toddler’s Needs will now always be refilled while they’re at daycare.
  • Exterior trim now correctly applies to rounded flat blocks.
  • Adult Sims will now be able to successfully put Toddlers to bed. I wonder what their secret is. I may need to tap them for tips.
  • Sims on fire are now able to safely extinguish themselves in a pool. That’s refreshing.
  • The Dizzy Palms Ceiling Fan’s blades now tilt in the right direction.
  • Toddlers will no longer be put down from the high chair before they’ve finished eating. Patience mama, they’re still learning.
  • Gender Preference now affects flirt options.
  • Teen Sims will no longer spin into their Everyday outfit when going to school. If Randy wants to wear his swim trunks to school, well that’s Randy’s business.
  • Flirting with another Sim in a group conversation no longer increases the entire group’s Romance with you. That was awkward.
  • NPC Invites for Talent Showcase and Lounge will now take you to the appropriate venue.
  • We have fixed that bizarre issue where you’d have your Sims travel home, and then you load into your home lot, and your Sim’s skewer thumbnails are all greyed out like they’re not there, but when you hover over the skewer it tells you your Sims are at home. But like, they’re not at home. You’re staring at this empty lot, unable to play your Sims and you’re like.. “Is this even my home?”. And you start to question whether you selected the right lot on the map, but then you’re like “Wait, yeah – this is totally my home. But where are my Sims? It’s telling me they’re at home, but they’re not here.” Anyway, this should be fixed now.
  • Ghosts will no longer be obsessively calling you 5-ish times a day to see if you want to come over and hang out. They’ve been working on their self-control and are limited to at most one call per day now.
  • Terrain Paint now functions properly on Laptop Mode for AMD graphics cards.
  • NPC Sims will no longer get a sudden need to get nude after waking up if they have traveled off-lot and returned while you are visiting them. This one was weird. I wish I could show you the bug video.

Get Famous

  • We’ve toned down the amount of excitement that occurs when a celebrity makes an appearance outside of Del Sol Valley. They should be showing up outside of Del Sol Valley less often as well, so that should cut down on the ruckus.
  • It was a setup! I’ve been framed! It wasn’t me, I swear! You’ll pay for this! You got the wrong guy, it was Wilma! Wilma, I tell you! Celebrity Sims will no longer be falsely accused of stealing things. And for Wilma’s sake, I hope they get over what happened in the past.
  • Captain Sigma’s Gig costume no longer includes a chicken mask. That was a fowl fashion choice.
  • Performing “Tell a Group Story” Interaction Goals will now complete for the Fan Meet & Greet Event.
  • We fixed the issue with Del Sol Valley’s terrain disappearing when View Distance was set to High. Graphics cards (that we know of) that were affected by the issue:
    • Intel HD Graphics 3000
    • Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • AMD Radeon R6 Graphics
    • ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5145
    • NVIDIA GT 120
  • We fixed the Del Sol Valley skyline texture glitch after exiting CAS.
  • Elder Sims will no longer have the option to retire from the Acting Career, just to be met with a sad, sad reality. Before they were taunted with a TNS telling them they got this big great pension and now they can sit back and relax, but the pension amount was §0. That’s just so dark…


  • Now, if you travel during a holiday, the holiday decorations on your neighbor’s homes will be removed after the holiday ends. They were admittedly being either a bit overly festive or just a tad lazy. Either way, it’s been dealt with.
  • Sims will no longer gluttonously guzzle/gulp/slurp/chug water/milk/orange juice during events. No need to be so shellfish.
  • Jogging Vampires will no longer hold an umbrella while jogging because that’s just silly.

Cats & Dogs

  • Strays can now eat and use litter boxes without having to make the lot a Cat Hangout. You poor poor babies. You’re safe now.
  • Existing Sims/Saves will once again be able to lecture their pets. Now you can let Biscuit know how you truly feel when she jumps up on the counter.
  • It’s been ongoing, but we are actively calming those overly excited pets. Your queue should no longer fill up with a stack of a zillion bubbles from your pets when you run certain interactions. We’ve been working on this issue for a while with a few other fixes, but it’s been rearing its head with new repro steps here and there. So hopefully this fish sticks.
  • Having a puppy or kitten nearby will no longer interrupt your Sim’s bath or shower. We swear they weren’t doing that on porpoise.
  • Sims are now able to walk through doors with Country Curtains.

City Living

  • Building pieces in apartments will no longer be invisible when viewing from the upper floor. That must have been very disconcerting to not know what happened to your stuff.
  • Cleared out some pesky extra plants floating around the Romance Festival.
  • Your Sims should now be able to buy art from the Street Gallery object during a Yard Sale.
  • Oh this one’s a doozy. Get this: Talking John and Potty Mouth 2.0 toilets no longer play their sound on an endless loop when a child Sim runs the Use & Massage interaction, even after the toilet is destroyed. Bonus points to SimGuruJill for keeping a straight face writing that one.
  • Foundations will no longer cut out the floor of a Penthouse.
  • Coffee and Tea is safe to drink again. Sims will no longer receive the “Lethal Heat” buff and die upon returning home after drinking three hot beverages.

Get Together

  • Empty Clubs will no longer linger in your Clubs Panel. They are now self-aware enough to know when the party’s over and it is time to go home.

Get To Work

  • Coworkers are now spawning for the Science career. Yes, they missed you too.
  • Breast Feed is no longer available for male Sim parents of non-alien babies. Only alien spawn possess the cosmic knowledge of the most nourishing MANaries.


  • We fixed some buggy dog-walking behavior in Strangerville.
  • We shortened up the time it takes to complete the Give Orders Daily Task in the Courageous Captain Rank of the Officer Branch of the Military Career. That was a mouthful.

Jungle Adventure

  • You will no longer receive countless notifications when you leave your kitten or puppy at home while vacationing in Selvadorada.


  • Vampire Sims will now once again gain points after they reach the Grandmaster level on pre-April (2019) patch saves.
  • Your Vampires will no longer be unrightfully chastised by NPCs for drinking their blood after they specifically asked if it was ok. Like, I’m trying to be polite here and you said it was fine, and now you’re like all bent about it… what gives?
  • Perfect Sun Resistance Vampires will no longer use umbrellas when routing in the sun. Flaunt it, baby.
  • We fixed the weirdness with trying to add points while drinking the Draught of Reconfiguration. Now you should be able to add points just fine and your options won’t be greyed out.
  • Cured Vampires will now change body temperature. Why you gotta be so cold?

Laundry Day

  • Sims will now hold laundry bags the right way. What is the right way, you ask? Trust me, it’s better than how they were holding it before.

And now to wrap it all up, let’s get playing! I hope you enjoy your summer updates and have yourself one wonderful day today.

Stay Cheesy,


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  • Gender preference now affects flirt options? Does TS4 really have an implemented gender preference system these days? I’m so out of the loop.

    • Me too !! Its very annoying. It also says the same thing in Base Game content, so I am assuming its not caused by broken mods but the update itself :((

      • I’m having this issue too! I can’t place doors at all and all my original doors have vanished. I can’t play the game at all as my sims can’t get into the house!

        • I also can’t place doors i was on this thread looking for anyone else with this issue! I can’t play now I was designing a house and now all my doors won’t placed I just went through loads of cc wondering why my game still was saying Script call failed! Please Fix this Sims 4 devs! Is there anywhere else we can report issues?

          • I solved this initial problem by deleting mods i didn’t use including basemental drugs. And the door problem was fixed. But now i am playing and one thing i’ve noticed is the when i am creating a sim I add skin details but when i switch to athletic wear for example the skin details disappear and i have to reapply each one on each outfit. It is very annoying.

          • I am having the same problem with my game! Can’t place any doors at all anywhere, but however my game IS letting me place archways which has allowed me to continue playing the game (still not acceptable though). Also, I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this, but my game will also not let me place any computers or laptops???

        • Ya my doors are broken, for mods I have jobs , basmental drugs and whicked whims anyone one else having issues ? I just put holes in the wall so I can still play.

          • Did you update WW? You should check your other mods as well for updates, as is the case with all patches.

    • Update your mods, after an update for an expansion pretty much all mods break and you are going to get this pretty much no matter what.

  • updated and now all my doors are gone from homes and when i tried to replace them i get script call failed error message

  • “Teen Sims will no longer spin into their Everyday outfit when going to school. If Randy wants to wear his swim trunks to school, well that’s Randy’s business”

    Is this an improvement? Does this mean I now have to tell them every single day to get out of their pyjamas before going to school?

  • My game doesn’t work after this update. Removing mods and CC didn’t help. I see my home and family just after loading and a second later game turn off. Anybody can help?

    • If your computer is 32bit that would mostly be the cause. if so you can get legacy addition but will no longer be able to obtain island living and packs moving forward. they warned everyone awhile ago.

      • They stated that the legacy update would be delayed and 32bit players could still play Island Living, FYI.

        Anyone having issues should search for their issue on the official troubleshooting forum, That way you can see the steps to fix the issue, and report bugs that aren’t fixable despite taking all necessary steps to fix them.

        If removing CC didn’t work, try repairing your game. Also, try starting a new game to see if the issue persists there.

  • >Jogging Vampires will no longer hold an umbrella while jogging because that’s just silly.

    But…, what if i want them to hold umbrellas to protect against the sun?

  • I don’t know if this meant to be or a bug, but in CAS the skin details I choose no longer appear on every outfit? Like I have to put them again in every outfit just like with makeup.

    • I came here to look for this same issue. I’m glad I’m not the only one it is annoying i am having to re apply them each time! I fixed all of my mods and that solved a lot of issues but this one remains. The only other thing I’ve noticed is I am having two annoying toddler issues. Toddlers won’t put down toys when they go to sleep and I have to use mc command center just to reset the sim so they put the toy down. Also when I pick up a toddler to carry them downstairs it won’t say “put SIM down here” anymore I have to use the toddler to ask the adult sim to set them down.

    • glad to know i am not the only one this is happening to. i wish it would fix. for me its only CC skin details

    • same! it’s so aggravating because every time i make a sim i have to go through and make sure every outfit has the same skin details so my sims don’t mysteriously loose their freckles

  • These are awesome and this gave me a chuckle! I’m so glad the laundry bags thing wasn’t just my game glitching. Now to find out what mod is making my doors disappear since the update.

    • No you can not, it’s included in an update. If you don’t want it, just don’t use it. Or don’t update your game, but if you don’t, you can’t get island living☺️

    • If you have Basemental, that’s likely the reason. They’ll eventually update it, but it’s best to remove the mod for now.

    • They have that longtime ago that is visible using show sim info mod. I believe it’s decided by the ratio of your sims boyfriend and girlfriend? Or the flirting frequencies of two genders?

  • Everyone is talking about the doors, but all my sinks have disappeared? will they need to do another patch like last time because of problems again?

    • I found the solution, the mods Don’t Prep Food Where You Angry Poop and Don’t Wash Dishes Where You Angry Poop are broken. Once I deleted them I got my sinks back.

        • I’m just amazed there are still people who don’t know to update/remove their mods before playing the updated client. Then to complain like it’s the devs fault “will this need to be patched like laaaast time” .. lol. Don’t use mods if you can’t manage them, or don’t understand the most basic part of using them.

          They even automatically disable mods with every update, so you have to be checking the box again without actually reviewing your mods, and then complaining that things break.. all the while risking your save files. Like, come on.

      • Agreed. Although I hated removing Don’t Wash Dishes Where You Angry Poop, because I love it, that is the one that when removed, brought the sinks back. Unfortunately for me, I now have missing BATHTUBS. Ugh, so I have to begin all over again in trying to figure out which of the mods I added back (WW, MCCC, most of LittleMsSam’s …) is the culprit.

        • My bathtubs are missing too. Every time I place one, it disappears. Every single bathtub cc doesn’t work, every single one. I’m left with only the EA ones and omg are they ugly or whatt!!!!

  • My cameras are broken, I cant rotate in build/buy or in live mode and when I take out my mods It will rotate but won’t let me zoom in or out. Ive tried using TS3 camera mode to fix it but that won’t even help, Its honestly worrying me.

  • one day Escalators will be put in the game but for now its the staircase, perhaps spiral staircases, and sleeping bags.

    • Basemental Drugs, you need to update your mods when a new patch is released. You also need to read the comments.

  • But will we ever get the ability to split stacks more than one item at a time like in Sims 3?

    Or Fertilize All, much like we have water/weed/harvest/tend all?

  • Since this is the only place I’ve seen discussing the door problem, I wanna add that it seems to be just an issue with two-panel or three-panel doors and the single ones work fine. I guess it’s linked to the object recolors they included with this patch,

  • The only doors that are working for me oddly are the doors that have the male and female bathroom sign ( “King’s Door”, “Queen’s Door”), and also the door frames.

  • This is probably the best patch notes i’ve ever read, not cause of the content but the way it was worded. absolutely hilarious. i busted up laughing at “If Randy wants to wear his swim trunks to school, well that’s Randy’s business.” among other things but that was my fave. :)

  • I deleted and disabled script mods but in CAS there is a bug where multiple items are highlighted green as if they were selected, and many had no pictures on them, just a blank tile. Am I the only one with this bug?

    • That happened to mine too, but I ignored it because it wasn’t my cc. Also, some of my sims with cc’s have weird shiny lines all over them.

      • Some of my sims have shiny white blocks all over them. Trying now to find the CC that’s causing the problem. If anyone have a guess please help.

      • OMG me too! and I don’t know what to do! I delete CC and clean mi folder but it isn’t working either. and this happend with some sims or their outfits. help :(

  • I play this game with ZERO mods. I have never ran or installed a mod. I can’t delete basement floors. So I have a subterranian house, 2 floors below ground, with a center courtyard open to thesky and now i have a floor in between the 2 levels. it looks stupid and now the walk area and stairs are jacked. I cant build new because it wont let me delete the floor of the first below ground level/ceiling of 2nd below ground level. So frustrating.

    • I have a mods and same problem. Now my underground two stored hidden base is ruined (I used hero hideout parts from GF, which are two stored)
      I guess that I will drop the play until they fix it. Gee I was in the middle of work!

    • Yes, I have got the same problem too. I have just purchased some new packs and that problem destroyed my mood to play the game. :(

  • Since update on the doors and arches, now I can not use doors in the build mode! I can only use arches. When I try to use a door in the build mode it just gives me an error! Please fix. :(

      • A fix isn’t needed because the issue is on YOUR end.

        DO NOT use mods if you can’t keep them updated and don’t understand that they will break your game as a result of not managing them properly.

        Bug reports over user-caused errors delay actual bugs from getting addressed.

  • I have a trackpad problem on my Mac where it won’t let me zoom in or out I saw others had the problem but is it my costum content or the update??

    • I’ve been having the exact same problem. I restarted the game and the zoom starting working, but THEN it stopped letting me rotate on the trackpad. I don’t have any custom content or mods downloaded.

      • i have the exact problem I thought I was the only one that’s why I was looking online to see if someone had similar problems. I do have mods and cc but bc you guys don’t have anything, its a fault of the sims. now we gotta wait for the next update

        • What rigorous logic. lol. Works fine for me, so there’s obviously something else going on. I wouldn’t be surprised if none of you have attempted to repair your client or taken any other perfunctory measures at identifying the cause. Why do you have outdated mods/cc in your game files?

          • Hi Isla, What does it mean to repair your client? Anything else you’d suggest? As I said, I don’t have any mods or CC so I know that’s not the issue. I don’t know as much about computers, but I am an active Simmer!

  • You guys have literally broke the game with this patch. All for only 2 things to be fixed because I never had any other problems and the two I had I played just fine with, instead of what I have now where I can’t play.

  • Doors aren’t working anymore!! I guess when they added swatches, my game glitched out and removed the doors from the buildings!! When I try to put them back, an error keeps popping up!!! “Script call failed” HELP
    (Like if this happened to you so I’m not alone with Sims that are stuck inside and outside of buildings)

    • i have *basemental drugs* on my game, i literally updated it this morning & everything is back to normal. mine was also saying “Script call failed” all day yesterday. so try updated the CCs or the basement drugs game if you have the old one installed.

    • You can’t “like” on this site, you dork. The issue is your mods. You have to take them out of your game until they’re updated and/or have been tested and validated to not be game breaking. It isn’t rocket science.

  • I Lost all doors in every possible lot, even police station or hospital.
    I need to run throught all my mods to see whats doing it. With absolutely none mods and on new game doors show ..
    Well it was stange. Maybe something is colliding with new door types. I did not notice anything else, cause i couldnt get into home haha

      • Even with all the mods turned completely off the doors are still missing and you can’t place any computers in the homes, it isn’t the mods, it’s the crazy insane door update they did. It didn’t work!

  • All of my doors appear in game, but I cleaned my CC before update. (deleted old ones I didn’t use+broken ones). So it’s not EA update, that is causing it. It’s the CC guys.

  • Has the glitch for the sketchpad been fixed for the artist freelance? I was not able to do the job because the sketchpad was not putting the finished work in the inventory thanks.

  • J’ai aussi un problème de porte « échec d’appel du script », j’ai vérifié, sans Mods ça marche et avec non. Il y a donc une confusion avec un mod, mais je ne peux pas savoir lequel. Je suis sur Mac, le « Mod conflic détector » marche pas… faites quelque choses svp pensez à nous !!

  • is their any ETA on fixing Vampire content that got broken in the patch?
    i just got “seasons” and “pets” just as patch hit, i thought 1 of my new packs broke vampires X.X

    till i found out others was having the problem too!

    i was in middle of a project with vampires & get to work pack content, but kinda need dark meditation >.:3

  • They haven’t fixed a single one of my issues with the list above. Such as vampire traits bugged and not completing. I had to turncheatcodes on for it. Also my game still freezes for long periods of time with time moving forward. Also when you cancel a qued task it stays stuck in the bottom for a long time and your sim just does the rest so it takes up a slot and is unusuable. Also in the city the neighbors would randonly go into my apartment across the hall and back out for no reason or dump the trash in my trash can even when the outside one was not jammed. It drove me crazy enough to move out of the city entirely.

    • 1. Do you have cc/mods?
      2. Have you tried getting help on
      3. Have you repaired your game client?
      4. Why don’t you lock your apartment door so neighbors don’t let themselves in?

  • after the game did an update, all of my doors & laptops/computers were not working. i have a lot of CCs so i didn’t want to go through ALL of them just to figure out which one was broken. luckily i didn’t have to, even tho i spent most of my late night trying to remove & re-add some CCs. then i read that the BASEMENTAL DRUGS was updated (which i do have installed) and seen that it was crashing with the doors and laptops, which was my problem. so i updated the Basemental Drugs & that fixed all my problems. so if you have base metal drugs on your game, try deleting the old one & install the new one. it worked for me, might work for you. good luck! <3 my origin game is leeleee89 if you want to add me :)

    • > i have a lot of CCs so i didn’t want to go through ALL of them just to figure out which one was broken.

      There are more mods that are broken and need updating.. soooo hopefully you don’t stumble upon another one and corrupt your save!

  • Now that I have updated my game I cannot use wicked whims without getting the message about last exception.

  • Okay, I have basically everything from the new update but for some reason no matter how hard I try to update my game again and again, I cannot get the trait randomizer button :(. That was one of the main things I was looking forward to using with my new family I want to create before the new pack comes out.

  • my sims wont cook and the butler wont do any tasks. seems like the none playable sims arent doing anything. how can i fix this

  • I’m having some issues, the sinks in my game have just stopped working, custom content and maxis ones. I’m not sure if this is because I have mods in my game but every time I try and place a sink I get a last exception from Mc Command centre and the sink just disappears.

  • I cant zoom in and out or I can’t turn the camera when in live or build mode. Its never both at the same time but its very annoying and I don’t know how to fix it. I got rid of all my mods as well

  • i updated my game yesterday and ever sense i cant place any door or stairs because the game says game script failed, doors and stairs are a crucial part of the game please try and figure this ou. Repairing and restarting the game does not fix the problem.

  • “Game script failed” means you have a broken mod. Take your mods folder out until you update them, or else you’ll keep having these issues and possibly risk corrupting your save(s).

  • Love the updates, but I play sims on a MacBook and I can’t zoom, after this update, by just using two fingers on my trackpad and have to scroll in and out on the camera controls which is a little annoying.

  • I am having the same issue with door and computers I thought it was mods so I deleted all my mods but nope I have done everything I know how to do to fix the issue but nothing!

    I am glad I’m not the only one but I’m pissed one sims stick in the house the other can’t get in it’s so upsetting

  • The new patch update has been ‘downloading’ for literally 2 whole days and it won’t progress further than 22%. I’ve restarted several times, updated origin, deleted items from my computer .. Idk what else to do :/ I wanna play my game and I can’t until the game updates -.-

  • Off the grid lot trait. Nice idea, bad utility. Stoves if cn be used off the grid won’t let you cook but 2 things (with gas option) and they are only single serve so having a family doesnt work well. Do still need a fridge to cook but wtf only salad and fruit salad can be cooked. Guess they are getting a grill too cause they can atlest cook more things on that thing than a stove. Guessthey forget sims had solar panels in TS2 that lowed your bills. But you dont get that here and sims are constantly bitching about the water temps when washing hands or showering. I signed them up for this, they better damn get used to it. Guess not hot water off the grid either.

  • All my doors, windows, and furniture are broken. I re-downloaded all of my script mods and STILL nothing is working. I tried to batch fix on S4S and its STILLLL not working. I’m not about to go through all of my 2500+ files for no reason when I JUST downloaded them. Does someone have ANY suggestions about fixing my game? I swear I’ve tried everything lol

  • please someone tell me how to fix the the doors i have macbook pro and alot of mod I took all out and each by one and all of them work so I figure there nothing wrong but then it said script fail can’t place doors or anything and it takes forever to load please help

  • When I enter my game I can either zoom in/out or spin it, I can’t do both! I can’t play like this, it is impossible to build houses and have a normal game play

  • Something has gone wrong last update removed my door s on all my lots and all sims are home less as they can’t go in or out of there homes what’s happened everything was working before the last update sims4 Island living and I don’t know what I can do if I can’t place doors

  • I absolutely love the update! But unfortunately now all of my vampires don’t seem to remember how to do their dark meditation. Oopsie!

  • As of around 8:25 CST I am not able to even play my households, and I mean none of them. They were working perfectly fine this morning, and the only things i have downloaded is my cc that has worked perfectly fine. It tells me to relaunch my game and I have done that literally 20 times now. HELP!!!

  • Please help me fix my Sims 4 gallery problem! When I try to go to the sims community gallery it always says “Unable to go online.” Obviously, I’m online currently. My Origin is online though… Someone, please help me. I’ve been trying to fix this ever since the June 2019 update. I also bought the Island Living and CAN’T PLAY IT. Am I just wasting money at this point? This is extremely disappointing as I’ve been playing for many years and never had an issue.

  • Since the update I’ve got some CAS mode lags, like the icons or the clothes’ images not showing up, age changing for sims not working while using the genetic tool, it’s pretty annoying to be honest. I hope the Sims team will fix that soon. :/

  • Hey! The new update seems to have ruined my game. It freezes, particularly in the Create a Sim mode. I have never tried to take off a patch before, is there a way to do this? I use a much older Mac, if that is any helpful information.

  • Honestly, EA/Maxis needs to understand how many of us use mods, and that if it weren’t for these mods, they would have almost NO sales of the Sims, which is, in and of itself, totally boring. Seriously, I’m already bored with “swimming”. Instead though, they rely on the fact that creators take the brunt of creating and upkeeping cc and mods that make the game playable, while they (EA/Maxis) hides behind their transparent “we don’t support (but desperately hope they continue) mods” legalese. Too bad another game company doesn’t step in and take the People Simulation market over.

  • I play with mods, and experienced the same no doors, no computers thing, until I removed WW and Basemental for the time being.

    Now I have the use of both doors and computers, but all my sinks are gone.

    Here’s a thought: Get your tihs together before you throw useless expansions out that ruin the game and packs WE’VE PAID FOR.

  • My chests dont work. I type in testingcheats true and it says unable to execute command. Anyone else have this issue?

  • If you’re on mac I really don’t advise doing this update, when in cas your skin details and tattoos will not apply to all outfits a great majority of the time, even with no mods.
    I hope they’ll fix it soon because it’s made my sims pretty hard to customise.
    besides that my toddlers are now incredibly difficult to feed or take care of in general, they will quit eating mid meal, will go to sit down with a plate then get up right away and put it down without eating, they will sit down to go potty and get up immediately, they’ll go to bed and get up right away, similar issue with baths, they won’t put away toys and they just kind of stay floating in the air, I’m having to reset them constantly because they just don’t function at all, I’ve never been more eager for a toddler to grow up in my game. (I have ZERO mods.)

  • None of my apartments have doors and obviously I can’t change an unowned lot. Please help me. This is the third apt now.

  • Apparently, the skin details and tattoos not copying to other outfits glitch is affecting mac users specifically. I’ve tried repairing my game and taking out my mods, the issue is still there. I don’t know what else to do, this is really inconvenient in CAS mode.

  • My doors appear fine, but I can’t place any sinks. It’s both base game sinks and CC sinks, so I don’t know whats up

    • OOH! I figured out the sink issue! (Unfortunately) The MTS_Scumbumbo_DontWashDishesWhereYouAngryPoop mod is broken :/ Hopefully it’s because developers actually fixed that issue.

  • Hi all
    After this update the bb.moveobject and bb.showhiddenobject doesn’t work.. any idea what can I do?

  • Off The Grid seemed like a good idea, but I have to say was badly executed I’ve been playing with that lot trait in Island Living and the off the grid shower after one use no longer works at all, saying it require plumbing which is odd when listed as off the grid. It’s the Indoor?outdoor shower featured in Island Living. Oddly though fireplaces work fine, you can place ceiling fans which I thought all in Sims 4 required electricity as far as I know, the one stove the wood burning one, doesn’t cook much at all. I was so excited for this and also Island Living that I purchased it and other EP’s on sale to enhance my gameplay but Island :Irving seems sadly meh to me which is disappointing at full price. you can’t have ocean pets which is kinda sad, I’m not sure if the Marine Biology career is interactive like the doctor one you can join in GTW- (Get to Work), plus it seems on a whole to be kinda sparse on anything. I do love the build mode and things with that are nice but IO feel there is very little content in the way of clothing to be honest, hairstyles and even furniture or styled rooms for Island Living which is extreme disappointing for an EP. I felt, GTW and even GF -(Get Famous) had more content. I love Sims 4 and rarely ever complain on a game but this EP and off the grid addition clearly lack plus I don’t believe I’m alone in this opinon on seeing the ton of forums with such a topic. It’s sadly disappointing :(

    • ok feel a bit foolish, seems there’s a lot to do Conservation Wie etc on Mu’a Pelam as I just discovered on another blog lol. I was playing as a male fisherman character on Ohan’Ali Beach and couldn’t find much to do there. I’m not willing to give up yet though on this EP, just hoping there’s some improvements to some things.

      • I think I jumped the gun a bit, ended up playing again with my male fisherman Sim, but in a home with electricity and plumbing etc. Still mostly island style and no TV, just a small stereo, and a PC for ordering stuff etc. I am finding a lot more things to do around Sulani and I forgot in GT you can have clubs so I started a fisherman’s club, plus d’uh I can travel to other worlds if I need to. hahaha. forgot that lol, but kinda don’t wish to as my Sim is a Child of the Sea/island. I was speaking with a friend on the off the grid trait too and she said she’s been playing and even though there’s a few bugs like the toilet/shower one mostly you have to think innovative with it. She ended up having a veterinary Clinic on the island that had a tub for washing pets that a Sim can interact with too lol. plus for toilet she’d used the citizen bushes from GT, plus using public bathrooms. Cooking is via a BbQ pit so there’s a few more food options there, whilst furniture is a bit lacking in IL theme, she chose to use some OR stuff and JA stuff too as well as venturing to the flea market for some things that work without electricity/plumbing. She said you’ve got to think a bit more innovative and creative on it. Whilst the stuff marked as off the grid is a broken a present she said there’s ways around it without mods and if you’re creative enough you can still have fun. I know I probably sound a bit contradictory but I rarely if ever complain on a game and after some discussion thought hmm she makes a valid point, plus I haven’t really played enough or experimented with Off The Grid type thing to enjoy or immerse in the game. Anyhow, that’s enough from me, I’m going to get back to it. Sul, Sul.

  • Having a problem with sims 4 my sims glitch if they pick up a plate or toy and it wont let them go to bed or do other interaction its like the object isnt going to their inventory after they done the toddlers aren’t fun to play with because of this

  • Sims in my household are grayed out when I visit another lot. I can not control the sims that are grayed out in my household. There is no option to bring them to the current lot or “care for self” etc.

    Extremely frustrating and it started with the Island Living expansion.


  • I am on the console where there are no mods. As I go to place doors, my game crashes. It worked fine earlier on the first house, which was made for an NPC friend for my new main character, but now I can not add any doors to my second house… So I can’t play the game… This house was to be for my new sim so kind of a deal breaker.

  • I’m having an issue… after I updated I lost all my houses and business… everything basically besides the sims that I did create that are sitting in my library…help?

  • Hi, I’m a MAC player and I’m having an issue where my skin details will not carry out for all my outfits. After some researching, I find that other MAC Sims’ players are also having this issue. I even took out my mods but nothing seems to be working. Please, can somebody help or can you guys fix this????

  • I received the new update but all that has changed is the opening screen and the following ‘EA’ screen. When the game reaches the ‘Load game’ screen’, it’s the previous version. Does anyone have any ideas what could have happened please?