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The Sims 4 Create A Sim is getting a “Story Mode”

In today’s Maxis Monthly Livestream The Sims Team has revealed that the upcoming update for The Sims 4 will be bringing a “Story Quiz”.

As explained by SimGuruGraham, the Story Quiz allows you to give your Sims some premade characteristics straight from Create A Sim! After opening up Create A Sim you’ll be getting a prompt screen asking if you’d like to create your Sim’s story in CAS. You have an option to agree and start the quiz or refuse the quiz and create a Sim without any premade characteristics.

After agreeing you’ll first get a chance to choose from which life stage you want to begin. Right now there’s only an option to choose between Young Adult, Adult and Elder. Then you’ll be taken through 10 simple random questions asking about everyday situations that usually occur in The Sims 4’s live mode. The questions you’ll get might revolve around simple things such as what your Sim wanted to do when they were younger or might be very specific.

Each pack installed that brings new gameplay will give you a chance to get a specific personality question tied into that pack. For example, the question down below saying “What do I most want to do on a trip to Selvadorada?” will influence your Sim by giving them a certain level of the Selvadoradian Culture Skill when starting the game.

Thgere are 10 questions in total and you can keep track of the number of questions you’ve answered in the bar down below. You also have the ability to randomize and switch up to a new question if you’d like to attach a different type of gameplay element / characteristic to your Sim.

Completing the Story Quiz will give you a Story overview on the left side of Create A Sim. Your Sim might start off already at a set career level or they might be completely unemployed depending on your choices. They’ll also gain certain skills depending on the questions you’ve decided to answer as well as a Starting Fund when starting your game.

For example, this Sim has a high starting fund!

If you choose to do a Story Quiz your Sim will also be assigned with a specific Aspiration and traits that you won’t be able to change back. All other changes such as the appearance of your Sim and what are they wearing will be customizable!

Want to see what the new CAS tool looks like in action? Check out the livestream replay down below!

Written by Jovan Jovic

Founder of the Sims Community website. I do plenty of things around here including writing articles such as "Top 10 Disney Princesses in The Sims", social media management, video content creation, streaming and more!


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  1. Ok so I just wanted to say that I can’t wait! Do you know if there are going to be other ages in the future? And please fix your spelling errors

  2. I would like to add that they didn’t end up with 990000+ simoleons because of the story quiz. They used a cheat to look at the catalog

  3. Steve input a cheat that gave them the 991,5000 – I don’t believe thats what you get for starting high funds

  4. That was really unnecessary and rude. If you don’t like the website then why are you here? You can express your opinion in a different way without calling people names and wishing death on people.

    -A Millennial

  5. Can you fix the cheat code box? I can’t get it to work, I’ve tried all the tips given when googling the issue. It won’t work.

    • I think this is the most excited I’ve ever been for a free update, because of this story mode. I feel like it’ll add a lot more character building to the game, and encourage me not to play the same sim over and over. 🙂

  6. ok cool so when I go over to a persons house, I don’t have to worry about everyone sleeping on sofas, instead of one of 7 beds that are placed throughout the home, haha I mean I get some sofas are comfy but when they’re actual beds to slept in why not go there, plus no TVs the wake anyone up. Logic must be taken seriously.

  7. That’s rather cool. Combined with the randomizer for traits, for those who don’t want to use this feature, CAS is really great. I hope this all transfers over to TS5 because it would be a shame if not.

  8. Interesting!! Is good to know that adults not going to start as babies without abilities, memories or even knowledge!

  9. I wish they’d also make height for sims for each age so you can choose your own instead going with the average female and male height you get in the game. Like for example if you could make 6ft tall female and 5’6 ft tall male because some males are shorter and some females are tall (like me lmao that’s my height). Like you could just type in the height and that’s how tall your Sims would be. And if also you could choose if you create your Sim as a kid if you could choose if they’ll be tall or short when they grow up.

    • You can change forehead size. I do it all the time. Just click on the forehead. If the hair comes down over the forehead, remove it first.

  10. So….. when are you going to give us the ability to “favorite” items in build, so we can find the ones we love faster 😀

  11. When will you do height adjustments for our Sims. I mean we can adjust their feet, why not be able to make them taller or shorter than the other Sims. Like people not all Sims are the same. That the color wheel when creating clothes and furniture. Miss that from the Sims3. Just a couple suggestions. Thank you for all that you have given us already.

  12. I hope that you’ll be able to do this retroactively on a sim you already made, because I have some Sims I haven’t played yet I would love to try this with, and if I could only do this with Sims I made from scratch I don’t think I’d be able to recreate their faces

  13. Does story mode only work if you make a new save game, because it’s not working if I just go to CAS on an already played save game.

  14. Can anyone help please. I downloaded the new update today for my Xbox one but i can’t get the build a story option to come up.

  15. Can the CAS Story Mode be on Consoles too because I hate the fact that Computer players get things first. Why cant Console Players have something first then Computer Players?

  16. How can you add a story to a sim you download from the gallery? I am terrible at making sims so I have always used ones from the gallery and then edited them from there, but for some reason I can’t add a story to those sims?

  17. I want them to do a Sims Superheroes expansion, I would love to see something center around heroes and villains. I want a reason to create X-men character in the game lol.

  18. Idk why we are not getting the story mode for console players. I spend just as much money on the expansion packs and have to wait three months after they are showing there’s off! It is already not fair that they get to use CC and Mods. Why can’t the Sims community just put it all out at the same time. And are you saying we are not getting story mode at all? If so that Sucks! I have been a loyal Sims player since Sims 3 and then bought a whole console just to have 4. They need to add a gallery to Sims 4 for console and put same stuff out for us as well Love you guys tho and ofc will still keep playing, but please make it better for us

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