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Discover University: Everything We Learned from the Deep Dive Livestream!


In case you missed it, The Sims Team hosted a deep dive livestream of the upcoming Discover University expansion pack for The Sims 4. When they said deep dive, they really meant a deep dive! The two-hour livestream was jam-packed with so much information that us Sims Community staff members could hardly keep up!

In the end, we managed to gather up absolutely every new juicy tidbit of information revealed in the livestream. We’ve taken the liberty of organizing all this new info into condensed categories for easy reading.

Ready? Here we go!


  • The Earrings category is now relabeled Piercings. There are new facial piercings in this category. Mix and match different piercings for different areas of the face. There are brow and nose stud piercings but no lip piercings and no septum/hoop piercings.
  • A whole bunch of new minimalist tattoos for almost every (if not every) area of the body.
  • New career outfit unlockables.
  • New knowledge aspiration: Academic
  • No new CAS traits


  • Dorms are on penthouse lots, similar to the penthouses from City Living.
  • New lot type: University Housing. Both penthouse lots and regular lots can be zoned as University Housing.
  • University Housing on penthouse lots require an elevator, trash chute, and penthouse mailbox. University Housing on regular lots require at least 4 beds, 1 toilet, and 1 shower.
  • In addition to required objects, University Housing also has forbidden objects that cannot be placed on those lots. Outdoor cooking appliances and stoves are forbidden in University Housing. Waste disposal is (hilariously) optional.
  • Even though stoves and grills are forbidden in University Housing, cafeteria stations can still be placed in University Housing.
  • Similar to restaurants from the Dine Out game pack, University Housing has a configuration panel. Set which school the University Housing belongs to (UBrite or Foxbury). Set gender restrictions (if any). You can also restrict University Housing to specific university organizations. Organization restrictions only affect the roommates that spawn on the lot, not your active Sims. By default, none of the University Housing has any restrictions, but the options are there for you as the player to tell your own stories.
  • While active Sims are living in University Housing, players will not be able to enter Build/Buy. The cheat bb.enablefreebuild will allow you to bypass this restriction.
  • Even though Build/Buy is locked on University Housing while Sims are living there, new live-drag objects allow Sims to personalise their space. New dorm objects can be purchased from university kiosks which are located in the common space on both campuses. Kiosk items can be found in Build/Buy as well.
  • University Housing on both penthouse and regular lots can be rezoned to anything you like as long as no active Sims are currently living on the lot.
  • New lot traits: Study Spot and University Student Hangout. Sims will study together at Study Spots and Sims who study at Study Spots won’t get exhausted from studying as quickly. University students will frequent University Student Hangouts. Food and drinks are also cheaper at University Student Hangouts.
  • New bathroom stalls and communal showers. Children and teens will not use the communal showers if there are other Sims around but Young Adults and older Sims will use them. Sims will sometimes get an embarrassed moodlet from using an open shower. Toilet stalls and communal showers can be used anywhere, not just in University Housing.
  • New individual storage chests for Sims to keep their items separate from their housemates. Chests can be labeled so you don’t forget which chest belongs to which Sim.
  • New mini-fridge. Microwaves and other small objects can be placed on the mini-fridge. Mini-fridges have some limitations due to the lack of kitchens in University Housing, but also come with some new microwavable meals, like breakfast burritos, pizza rolls, and instant noodles. Chicken nuggets aren’t just for toddlers anymore.
  • No bunk beds in Discover University, but the gurus have said that they aren’t out of the question and certainly remain a possibility for The Sims 4.
  • Multi-story columns are being added for free to all players in the next patch. Not all columns are multi-story, which you can see by scrolling over a column in Build/Buy. Columns that have “Max Height Restricted” in the description are not multistory; however, they can still be clicked and dragged out manually. Columns cannot be dragged upwards in certain areas (if there is fencing directly above it for example). Columns can be dragged upwards to 4 stories high to match the maximum height of even the tallest builds. Duplicated columns will maintain their height.

Live Mode

The World of Britechester

  • Britechester is a fully livable world. There are residential lots in Britechester as well as University Housing and other venues. Sims can travel freely between Britechester and other worlds as they please at any time. Sims do not need to be enrolled in university to visit Britechester or its campuses.
  • Britechester is home to two universities: The University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute. Each university has its own campus which is one neighbourhood within the world. Britechester also has a third neighbourhood which is the main town. There are some residential lots here as well as a library and pub.
  • Each university campus has its own commons where students hang out, eat, and do different activities related to their school’s specialties.
  • The university commons have functioning cafeteria stations. The cafeterias close at certain times of the day so it’s important for Sims to work meal times into their busy schedules. Different menus for different days of the week, as well as different breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.
  • New street vendor described as a “coffee cart.” If the cafeteria is closed and your Sim does not have a mini-fridge and/or microwave, they can visit a coffee cart to get a quick caffeine fix or snack.
  • Some areas within Britechester are open swimming areas. Sims can swim in the open water.
  • Britechester is a historic town. The town’s off-campus neighbourhood has an interesting spot near the ruins of an old castle where mysterious Sims in hooded cloaks like to gather after dark…

Britechester vs. Foxbury

  • The University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute have a fierce rivalry between them which is reflected in the inter-school events and interactions between students from opposing schools.
  • Both schools offer the same degrees, but their distinguished degrees are reversed.
  • Each campus has a sporting arena rabbithole. Sims can attend sporting events here (soccer and e-sports), sign up for a sports team, and put up banners for their school’s team at the arena. Any Sim can visit the arena to attend sporting events; they do not need to be enrolled at university to watch sporting events.
  • The mascots for the two universities often clash and pick fights with each other around both campuses. Mascots can sometimes lose their “hat” after losing a fight.
  • Students from your Sim’s rival school will often vandalise your school’s statue in a variety of ways, like yarn bombing it, throwing toilet paper over it, and defacing it. Your Sims can also vandalize the statues and clean them up. Offerings can be made to each school’s statue for academic success. Sims can choose items from their inventory to use as offerings.
  • Sims can debate at both Foxbury and UBrite.

Applying to University

  • Young Adults, Adults, and Elders can enroll in university. Teens cannot enroll in university but they can prepare for university by getting good grades in high school, building skills, and visiting the universities to explore their interests.
  • Sims can apply to university through the mailbox or computer. Sims can send in applications, look at available scholarships, research universities, and check their application status.
  • Which degrees your Sim is accepted into will be based on their skills. If you did not make a Young Adult Sim from scratch in CAS and played as a teen first, then high school grades will be a factor as well.
  • Sims will never be outright rejected from university all together; however, Sims with no skills and Sims who did poorly in high school may not be accepted into the distinguished degrees.
  • Distinguished degrees have special scholarships and offer better rewards than standard degrees.
  • Once accepted, Sims need to enroll through the computer. An enrollment guide popup will walk them through the entire enrollment process; school selection, degrees and classes, housing arrangements, and tuition.
  • Sims can select their degree and classes on the enrollment screen. Each degree has a description and a list of career paths that degree is suited for. Sims can take up to 4 different classes, including one elective. If a Sim wants to take an elective, they can only take up to 3 other classes. Your Sim can only take up to 4 classes per term in total.

Tuition, Loans, and Scholarships

  • Each class your Sim enrolls in costs simoleons. Depending on where they choose to live while attending university, they may have added housing fees as well. Living in University Housing adds to your tuition cost while staying at home does not cost any extra.
  • Sims can choose to pay their tuition with their household funds or take out a student loan to cover the cost. Sims will need to pay back their loan, plus interest, after they graduate. If they do not pay back their loan, the repo company will come and take their belongings. Yes, you read that right. The repo man is back!
  • Sims can also apply for scholarships to pay for university. There are many different kinds of scholarships. There are skill-based scholarships for skilled Sims, need-based scholarships for struggling Sims, merit-based scholarships for distinguished degrees, and location-based scholarships for Sims living in certain areas.
  • Some scholarships have special requirements in order to keep that scholarship. Other scholarships are only available to specific age groups.
  • Examples of some (but not all) scholarships:
    • Building the Future – Handiness and/or Rocket Science skill
    • E-Sports – Video Gaming skill, requires Sim to compete in E-Sports in order to keep the scholarship
    • Food and Drink – Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, and/or Mixology skills
    • The Great Outdoors – Fishing and/or Gardening skills
    • Britechester Resident – Must be a young adult living in Britechester


  • University Housing has maids that show up regularly. Maids will only clean dirty objects; they won’t pick up after messy roommates. Sims can call repair technicians in University Housing at no cost; all cleaning and maintenance services are free in University Housing.
  • Sims can decorate their dorm rooms in University Housing with any of the live drag objects purchased from the kiosks. All kinds of things can be purchased from the kiosks, including (but not limited to): posters and wall decor, course textbooks, rugs, lamps, electronics, small appliances, storage chests, privacy screens, bicycles, and soccer balls. All of these items can be clicked and dragged.
  • There are many options for housing while attending university. Sims can pursue higher education from anywhere in the world.
  • Sims can remain living at home while attending university. They can opt to move into University Housing on campus. They can also choose to move into a different home off-campus. Off campus living is any home in any world the player currently has installed in their game.
  • When Sims move away to university, they have the opportunity to transfer some or all of their existing household funds to their new household.
  • Children and toddlers can visit campus, but cannot live in University Housing. Parents attending university will need to live off-campus. Rezoning a University Housing lot as Residential will allow your Sims to live on campus with their children.
  • Sims can become pregnant while at university, but if they live in University Housing, they will need to find a new place to live off-campus so they can continue their studies with their child.
  • University Housing is specific to one school or the other; Sims from different schools cannot live in the same University Housing complex. Sims living in residential homes can attend two different schools at the same time.
  • Some university housing lots have playable Sims already living there. They are just like any other premade Sim in the game; the player can edit them, evict them, or play with them as they see fit.
  • Sims living in University Housing can visit their old homes but they will be a guest.


  • New roommate system.
  • University Housing is populated with roommates based on the number of beds available. The limit for University Housing is 10 Sims total, including your Sims. If you are playing as one Sim, they can have up to 9 roommates. Roommates are not part of the active household and act autonomously (for better or worse)!
  • Roommates will automatically claim their own beds, but the player can override this and use the new Assign Beds feature on any bed to assign beds to individual Sims.
  • Double beds can have separate sides claimed individually. Sims who don’t have a high enough relationship can still have two sides of the same bed assigned to them, but existing bed sharing rules still apply; they will refuse to sleep in the bed at the same time.
  • Some roommates are really helpful and will clean up and cook, while others are messy and generally annoying to live with. Some roommates will throw “surprise” parties in your dorm, and blare music at all hours of the day and night. It’s the luck of the draw; you never know what kind of roommates you’ll have in University Housing.
  • Sims living off-campus can post an ad for a roommate on the phone or computer. Roommates provide you with some extra simoleons to help pay the bills. Sims have more control over who their roommates are on residential lots. 3-4 Sims will show up at your Sim’s house in response to an ad. Your Sim can talk to them and get to know them a little before selecting which one they want to move in. Your Sim can also kick out roommates on residential lots.
  • Your Sim can ask other Sims to be their roommate. Some Sims may decline if they have children or other responsibilities, but others will accept and move in.
  • If you want specific Sims that you’ve made in CAS to be your Sim’s roommates, make sure they do not live in a home and they can potentially show up as a roommate. Your Sim can also just befriend them in-game and directly ask them to be roommates. This only works on residential lots. University Housing will always have randomly generated roommates.
  • Roommates can leave passive-aggressive notes for your Sims.

Campus Events

  • Each university has its own events that happen around campus. Your Sims will often come across events in progress while walking or biking around campus. Sims will also be notified of upcoming campus events via an in-game notification.
  • Events are linked to university organizations, but Sims do not need to be a member of the organization to drop in on the events and participate.
  • UBrite hosts a figure painting event, linked to the Art Society organization. Foxbury hosts a Bot Contest event, linked to the Bot Savants organization. If your Sims own a robot, they can enter it into the Bot Contest.
  • Different activities are hosted at the Commons, like debates and poetry readings. The Commons also have special research machines where your Sims can study and do research for their classes. Other smaller events happen at the Commons as well, like cram sessions.
  • Sims can streak and see other Sims streaking at Spirit Squad events.


  • UBrite Organizations: Spirit Corps, Art Society, Debate Guild
  • Foxbury Organizations: Bot Savants, Foxbury Spirit Squad, The Brainiacs
  • Sims can join organizations by befriending members of that organization and asking them to join.
  • Joining organizations and participating in their activities and events can help your Sims’ grades.
  • The Organization system is separate from the Club system from Get Together. Organizations are specific to university. Clubs and Organizations function independently of each other.
  • No sororities/fraternities. The secret society and organizations are Discover University’s equivalent of these.
  • No cheerleaders specifically, but the Spirit Squad organizations serve a similar function; they are like pep rallies.
  • Secret Societies were not shown in too much detail during the livestream, but the Gurus hinted that Sims who want to learn more about this mysterious society should do research on the research machines at the Commons and explore some of the options available on the university statues.

Classes and Terms

  • Sims get a homework notebook when they enroll in school. Each class your Sim takes has its own homework your Sim must complete using the homework notebook.
  • Use the career panel to see all the information about your Sim’s classes. Look at your class schedule and requirements for each class.
  • Classes are rabbitholes. The main focus of Discover University is everything your Sims do outside of their classes to prepare for them. There are many class-related activities outside of the classroom (studying, presentations, research, writing exams, term papers, organizations, etc) that your Sims will actively be doing outside of the rabbitholes.
  • The rabbitholes offer additional benefits beyond just course classes. Sims can attend office hours to get extra help with their grades. They can also sit in on classes to learn new skills. Just like real-life, any classes that you sit in on will not give your Sim credits, but your Sim can learn all kinds of new skills by sitting in on classes outside of their degree.
  • Depending on how many classes your Sim takes, it is possible that your Sims might end up going to several classes in one day.
  • Every class has one extra requirement in addition to homework. This requirement is like a final that is worth a large chunk of your Sim’s grade. Some classes have a final exam, others have presentations and term papers.
  • Term papers can be written, edited, and submitted using the computer. You will be told the term paper’s quality so you have control over what is being submitted.
  • Classes with a presentation requirement will add a presentation board to your Sim’s inventory. Sims will need to work on their presentation board and practice their presentation before presenting it at their rabbithole class. It’s very important to remember to go and present the presentation; it is the equivalent of a final.
  • Sims can cheat and submit plagiarized term papers and homework, but if they get caught, there are very serious consequences, just like in the real world.
  • Sims can fail classes if they don’t attend class, neglect their homework, or fail to complete term papers, presentations, and exams.
  • Each term is five work days (Mon-Fri). Weekends don’t count. If you start your term in the middle of the week, it can be a good opportunity to use the weekend to work on finals and homework. Terms can’t be extended. They are fixed periods.
  • To graduate, a Sim must complete 12 courses. Sims can work towards this at their own pace, taking up to 4 classes per term or less. Taking a full course load means your Sims will graduate faster, but it leaves less time for organizations and socializing. It’s up to you to decide how your Sim will balance school and other activities.
  • Sims can gain multiple degrees in their life. If they graduate, they can return to school to get a different degree.
  • Perks of graduating university are being able to fast track in future careers, as well as already having a set of established skills when joining the workforce.
  • As well as attending office hours, Sims can communicate with their professors about their academic performance via email.
  • Sims will have the opportunity to attend graduation ceremonies at the arena rabbithole. Sims will be able to mingle with other graduates outside the rabbithole after the ceremony. There is no graduation party type, but Sims can of course throw a post-graduation party to celebrate anyway.


  • New Robotics skill. Sims will learn how to craft new robots and tech gear as they develop their Robotics skill.
  • Teens can learn the Robotics skill and build robots.
  • New Robotics Table. The table is the top-tier reward for the Robotics skill. In addition to building bots, Sims can also craft materials to build different bots and toys. Sims can also craft cybernetics (tech wearables, like robotic limbs). Cybernetics help Sims build Robotics skill and protect them from sustaining injuries at the Robotics Table.
  • There are three main types of robots: Servos, UtiliBots, and Quadcopters.
  • There are four types of UtiliBots: Cleaning Bots, Gardening Bots, Fixer Bots, and Party Bots. Cleaning Bots act as a maid and clean your house for you. Gardening Bots act as a gardener and tend your garden for you, but they will not harvest the produce from plants. Fixer Bots act as repair technicians and will fix broken objects around the house, but will not repair themselves. Party Bots dance, sing, throw confetti, and offer food to Sims. Servos can perform all UtiliBot tasks.
  • UtiliBots need to be recharged and tuned up by Sims. They will struggle to complete tasks when their battery and durability is low. Enhancing UtiliBots will increase their battery life and durability.
  • UtiliBots are not immune to water. Exposure to water will cause them to break.
  • Robots cannot be upgraded to be water-proof. They will forever remain sensitive to water, so make sure to keep them away from it.
  • Robots can be sold right away after completion just like paintings.
  • New “Exomech Suit” which is like a wearable robotic exo-skeleton. The exomech suit is a career reward for Mechanical Engineers and comes in two pieces; a helmet and body suit. Sims can scan others for traits and current emotional state while wearing the helmet. Sims can also do this with the new computer glasses, which are a career reward for Computer Engineers. Sims can engage hover mode while wearing the exomech suit.
  • Chatterbox toys for children can be crafted on the Robotics Table. They look like miniature robots.


  • Servo is a fully playable life state! When Servo is activated, it becomes a playable member of your household.
  • Change Servo’s name and appearance. Servo cannot wear clothes, but you can customise their colours.
  • Servos have four motives: Fun, Social, Battery, and Durability. When their battery is low, Sims can tell Servo to recharge, or Servo will just stop where they are and recharge themselves. Servo will wear down over time. Tune ups are required to maintain Servo’s durability motive. Servo needs another Sim in the house to maintain them. Servo does not need to eat, drink, shower, or use the toilet.
  • Servo is not immune to water. Exposure to water will cause Servo to break.
  • Sims can WooHoo with Servo! Sims can have shower WooHoo with Servo, but it is ill-advised. Servo and water are a bad combination.
  • Servo cannot become pregnant or impregnate other Sims.
  • When Servo is activated, you can select Servo’s programmed gender.
  • Servo comes with their own personality and traits but you can reprogram them to have different traits. They can also be programmed to hover which will change their walk style to a hovering animation.
  • Servo can scan Sims to find out their traits and current emotional state.
  • Like UtiliBots, Servo can be enhanced to increase their battery life and durability. Servo can perform self-enhancements by building skills. Sims should encourage Servo to learn skills so they can be enhanced.
  • Servo can “Discuss Important Robot Things” with other robots.
  • Servo and UtiliBots do not age; however, they can still die if Sims do not maintain and repair them. If a robot breaks and is not repaired for a length of time, it will turn into a scrap pile and be gone forever.
  • Servo can enroll in university!
  • Servo can build other robots. Robot army, anyone???


  • Three new careers: Engineering, Law, and Education.
  • Engineering Branches: Mechanical Engineer and Computer Engineer. The Mechanical branch uses Handiness and Robotics skills. The Computer branch uses Programming and Robotics skills.
  • Law Branches: Judge and Private Lawyer.
  • Education Branches: Professor and Administrator
  • The three new careers are “Work From Home” careers. Your Sim can choose to go off to a rabbithole location to complete a work shift, or they can choose to complete various tasks at home instead.
  • Engineers can use the research machines and robotics table as work from home activities.
  • Lawyers can read pleadings, guest speak at a law class, and craft arguments, which ties into the Research & Debate skill.
  • Educators can grade homework, look at budgets, lecture, tutor, ask people for donations, and volunteer.
  • Progressing in the Engineering career unlocks more tech that can be crafted on the Robotics Table.
  • Engineers start out as interns, learning Robotics, Handiness, and Programming skills. Eventually they will work their way up to becoming master engineers.
  • Sims do not have to go to university to join the new careers but having a university degree will allow your Sim to fast-track in the career.
  • Sims can hold down jobs while going to school; however, pay attention to your Sim’s work hours and make sure they don’t interfere with their class schedule. Freelance careers and night shifts at part-time jobs are ideal for university students due to the flexible work hours.
  • Sims can join the soccer and e-sports teams from the career selection menu as well as the arena rabbithole.

Pack Integration

  • Britechester is fully compatible with Seasons.
  • Britechester is based on England and the weather will reflect that. It is a typically rainy, cloudy world.
  • Holidays from Seasons will not interfere with university classes. Sims can still fulfill holiday traditions while in university.
  • Servos and UtiliBots will break if exposed to rain.
  • Servos and UtiliBots are fully compatible with the retail system in Get To Work. Sims can sell them on owned retail lots as well as purchase them from retail lots.
  • Pets can visit the university lots in Britechester but cannot live on lots zoned as University Housing.
  • If Laundry Day Stuff is installed, players can place down washers, dryers, and hampers on University Housing.


  • New skill: Research & Debate.
  • New interaction: School Cheer. Sims can cheer for their own school.
  • New party: Keg Party. New juice kegs and ping pong tables which can double as juice pong tables. If Sims from two different schools are attending the same party with a ping pong table on the lot, they can play competitive games of juice pong against their rival school, which comes with some special buffs/moodlets. Throwing a gold level Keg Party rewards you with a gold juice keg.
  • Juice kegs can have different flavours of juice.
  • New WooHoo location: Shower WooHoo! Most showers can be WooHoo’d in but some cannot, like the communal wall shower and the outdoor shower from Island Living. These showers are not private enough to WooHoo in.
  • Hip Hop station no longer exclusive to Get Famous. It will be available for everyone in the next free game update. Songs that came with Get Famous will still only be available with Get Famous installed, but new music from the Discover University pack will be made available to everyone.
  • Aging progresses normally while your Sims are in university.
  • Sims can build relationships with professors to convince them to bring up their grades.
  • Computers now have computer security settings. Set computers so only specific Sims can use them.
  • Sims can ride bicycles in any world. They are not limited to the university world.
  • There are bike helmets. Sims automatically put them on when riding bikes. You can select the style of bike helmet.
  • Sims can prank the cafeteria stations by adding “A Little Spice.”
  • Sims can prank toilet stalls.
  • Angela and Lilith Pleasant from The Sims 2 are a premade family in Discover University who are living at university in a residential home within the main town. They go to opposite schools.
  • Breakfast burrito, pizza rolls, and instant noodles are new foods. There is a new type of pizza delivery on campus. Chicken nuggets aren’t just for toddlers anymore.
  • No prom. The pack is exclusively focused on university, not high school. SimGuruSteph did suggest that prom could possibly come to the game in the future, but did not elaborate any further.
  • There is a new death which the Gurus would not elaborate on; however, later in the stream, SimGuruAzure seemed to accidentally let slip mention of a “servo death.” We don’t have any other information beyond this right now.
  • Sims can actually meet their professors in person. Professors can be seen walking around campus. Sims can also meet their professors by attending office hours.
  • Children can play ping pong.
  • Bikes can’t be used on stairs.
  • GameChanger content will be coming out this weekend.
  • More Discover University content will be showcased in the Maxis Monthly stream on Tuesday!

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A massive thank you to our community staff member, LeeksEverywhere, who compiled a large portion of the info provided in this article for me to work with and add to!

Want to see it all for yourself? Catch the livestream replay right here!

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