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The Sims 4 Discover University: All About Servo!

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Possibly one of the most exciting new additions with The Sims 4 Discover University is Servo! What is Servo, you ask? Well, in technical terms, Servo is a Sim! A robot Sim, specifically. That’s right! Servo is a fully playable life state in the game, just like Aliens, Vampires, Mermaids, and Spellcasters. Add Servo to your household and play with Servo just like any other Sim!

Servo Biology

Unlike other life states, Servo cannot be created directly in CAS. This is largely due to the fact that Servo is meant to be a high level reward for the Robotics skill. Being able to create Servo in CAS would take away a huge gameplay portion of the Robotics skill. Servo also cannot wear clothes or change the physical structure of her appearance; only her colours, which can be changed in Live Mode. Servo’s traits and aspiration can also be changed directly in Live Mode, so there is no real need to be able to edit Servo in CAS. If the player wishes to add a Servo to the household immediately, a Servo can be purchased in Build/Buy after unlocking the debug menu with the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat.

All Servo are classified as Young Adults, but are immortal and will never age. Servo cannot die from old age. There are no teen, child, or toddler Servo and no Servo babies. However, Servo can still die! If Servo breaks down and is not repaired for a certain length of time, Servo will become scrap metal and be gone forever. Servo even has her own tombstone and urn! Servo also has her own special plumbob that features gears etched into a metal ring.

Servo can be programmed to be male or female upon activation. Since my Servo in the game is female, I’ll be using female pronouns in this guide by default, but you can absolutely have a male Servo as well!

Servo can WooHoo with Sims, but cannot Try for Baby. Due to Servo’s mechanical makeup, she is unable to produce biological children; however, Servo can adopt human children via the computer and raise them as her own. Any children adopted by Servo will become Servo’s children both on the family tree and in the Relationships panel, so this is a good way for Servo to raise a family in spite of her biological restrictions.

Servo has four motives: Fun, Social, Durability, and Battery Charge. Servo does not need to eat, bathe, or use the toilet. Sims can tell Servo to recharge when her battery is low, or Servo can recharge herself. While Servo is recharging, she will stop where she is and go into stasis where she will be unable to do anything for a period of time. Recharging is Servo’s equivalent of sleep. When Servo’s Durability motive is low, Sims can perform Tune Ups on Servo. If Servo has been Enhanced, Servo can also perform Tune Ups on herself. Don’t allow Servo’s Durability motive to deplete or Servo will break down and need to be repaired. A Servo that has not undergone any Enhancements will not be self-sufficient and will require a Sim with Robotics skill in the household to do Tune Ups. With enough Enhancements, Servo can become completely self-sufficient and perform all maintenance on herself.

Servo is NOT immune to water! Do not send Servo swimming or tell Servo to bathe. If Seasons is installed, do not let Servo go out in the rain without an umbrella. Water will cause Servo to break down and possibly die if Servo is not repaired soon enough. Servo cannot be enhanced or upgraded to be immune to water. All Servo will always be vulnerable to water.

Making Your Servo

If you want Servo to become a member of your household, your Sim will need to invest a lot of time into the Robotics skill. Sims can build Servo on the Robotics Workstation at level 8 of the Robotics skill. Servo requires a lot of different parts in order to be constructed:

  • Electronic Upgrade Part (x10)
  • Common Upgrade Part (x15)
  • Kitchen Upgrade Part (x5)
  • Plumbing Upgrade Part (x2)
  • Mechanism (x18)
  • Computer Chip (x12)
  • Robot Salvage Part (x75)

Once a skilled Sim has all the required parts, they can begin constructing Servo on the Robotics Workstation. Constructing Servo takes quite a bit of time, but when completed, you can click on Servo to sell her or you can activate Servo. If you choose to sell Servo, she’ll disappear and simoleons will be added to your household.

If you choose to activate Servo, your Sim will inject Servo with a large jolt of electricity and Servo will come to life! There is a very cute animation between Servo and your Sim when this happens. Once activated, Servo becomes a fully playable member of your household. Activating Servo will prompt you to select Servo’s programmed gender. Servo also starts out with level 3 Robotics skill.

By default, all Servo are called Servo Bot, but you can change Servo’s name by clicking on Servo and selecting the Servo options in the social pie menu. Servo will activate with randomly assigned traits which can also be reprogrammed by clicking on Servo. Change Servo’s aspiration the same way you would a normal Sim; through the Aspiration info panel.

Servo’s colours can also be changed by selecting Change Appearance in the Servo social menu options. There are six different colour variants you can select for Servo:

  • Black and Blue
  • Gold and Brown
  • Grey and Brown
  • Red and Green
  • Silver and Grey
  • White and Beige

Once Servo is customised to your liking, it’s time for Servo to go forth and live a life!

Servo Abilities

Servo can do anything a regular Sim can do (except water-related activities and Try for Baby). Servo can build relationships and skills, WooHoo, get married, go to university, get a job, raise an (adopted) family, and just about anything else you can think of that a normal human Sim would be able to do.

But of course, Servo wouldn’t be all that special if she could only do things a regular Sim can do. So what else can Servo do?

  • Scan Sims to find out all of their traits at once
  • Scan Sims to find out the Sim’s current emotional state
  • Toggle between hover mode and a regular walk style
  • “Discuss Important Robot Things” with Utili-Bots, which gives any nearby Sims a Tense “They’re Planning Something!” moodlet
  • Zap Sims, which will cause them to run away

Wait, that’s it? That’s lame! Or… it would be if Servo Enhancements weren’t a thing. Servo Enhancements are so detailed that they get two sections of this guide all to themselves! Servo Enhancement and Behaviour Modules.

Servo Enhancement

Servo Enhancement is technically a third skill that comes with Discover University; however, it is a hidden skill that only Servo can learn. Sims can perform enhancements on Servo, or Servo can perform self-enhancements.

Because Servo starts out as a brand new creation who is unfamiliar with the world, she needs to gain knowledge about the world in order to enhance her knowledge. Servo can make progress towards her next enhancement level by learning skills. Servo can also gain progress towards the next Enhancement level by Downloading Enhancement Data from the global Servo servers. Servo will go into stasis while downloading data and will stay that way until Servo becomes too Uncomfortable or until the player cancels the action. Check on Servo’s Enhancement Progress by clicking on Servo.

Enhancing Servo will unlock new behaviour modules for Servo, as well as improve her battery charge and durability decay rates. Servo can also learn how to become more self-sufficient by repairing and maintaining herself.

There are a total of 10 enhancements levels that offer new abilities and benefits to Servo:

Level 1

  • Increase Charge gain by 10%
  • Ability to Download Enhancement Data from the global Servo servers

Level 2

  • Durability decay decrease: 10%
  • New Behaviour Modules

Level 3

  • Gain skills 10% faster
  • Can self-repair
  • New Behaviour Modules

Level 4

  • Improve battery life by 10%
  • New Behaviour Modules
  • Ability to toggle Behaviour Modules on or off

Level 5

  • Increase Charge speed by 25%

Level 6

  • Improve Durability by 25%
  • New Behaviour Modules

Level 7

  • Gain skills 25% faster

Level 8

  • Decrease Charge decay by 25%
  • New Behaviour Modules

Level 9

  • Gain skills 50% faster

Level 10

  • Increase Charge speed by 50%
  • New Behaviour Modules

Behaviour Modules

Behaviour Modules are added functions Servo can learn which dictates Servo’s autonomous behaviour. Behaviour Modules tell Servo which tasks to prioritize. Behaviour Modules do not affect what Servo can do while you are actively playing with Servo; they only guide Servo’s autonomous actions when the Servo is not the active Sim.

There are six different Behaviour Modules. Servo can toggle Behaviour Modules on and off at Enhancement Level 4.

  • Eco-Friendly Tech: Prioritizes gardening tasks for Servo. Be careful not to have this Behaviour Module activated while it’s raining if Seasons is installed; Servo will attempt to garden in the rain, which will cause Servo to break down.
  • Fix-O-Matic: This prioritizes repair tasks for Servo. Servo will autonomously repair any broken objects and Utili-Bots on the lot.
  • Parameterize and Sanitize: Prioritizes cleaning tasks for Servo. Servo will autonomously clean any dirty objects on the lot, mop up puddles, and pick up trash.
  • Party Machine: Turns Servo into the ultimate party-goer! Servo will perform the functions of the Party-Bot by playing music, offering food, and keeping the party jumping.
  • RoboNanny: Prioritizes child care tasks for Servo. Servo will autonomously check on any children on the lot and take care of their needs. Sims can also install this module for Servo at level 9 of the Robotics skill.
  • Sim Defence Matrix: Turns Servo into your personal bodyguard. If any uninvited guests barge into your personal space, Servo is programmed to go confront them for you. Servo will also deal with annoying paparazzi and pesky vampires if Get Famous and Vampires are installed, respectively. Sims can also install this module for Servo at level 10 of the Robotics skill.

What kinds of stories will you tell with your Servo? Tell us all about it in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

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    • Most likely because Servo is not a university student and so he cannot live in university housing. Keep Servo with you until your Sim moves to a residential lot and you should be able to activate him. If not, remove any mods you have and try again.

    • Not sure if you already got your answer yet, so here it goes:

      Living in a dorm means you have to be a student. You can not invite or create playable non-student sims to your household when living in a dorm

  • Actually, my male Servo got pregnant. It’s crazy and I actually filmed the birth on my phone. He’s been abducted by aliens multiple times, and one time he came home pregnant, in the 2nd trimester. I didn’t think he’d ACTUALLY give birth, maybe pop out a roomba or something, but not a living sim-baby. Maybe the “pregnant” moodlet would just vanish when he was supposed to give birth? NOPE. He went into labor, just like any other sim. Panting and caressing his non-existent belly in front of the crib. And then he gave birth to two ADORABLE twin alien girls, of whom he was the biological father and birthgiver. Their mother was just called “Fertilizer somethingsomething 3” according to their family tree. She even sent them birthday gifts! I unlocked the “have a male sim give birth to an alien baby” achievement in this process as well. This is probably the freakiest thing I’ve ever had happen in The Sims 4, but I am proud and loving it!

    • Do you know if it was a glitch or an effect of a mod or something? That’s really cool, and I kinda wanna do that myself lol

  • the best job for a servo is to be a mechanical engineer. at lower levels of robotics, having a servo electrocuted, won’t let have the dazed moodlet — instead — the servo’s charge would be filled (which is a good thing at low enhancement levels). on a related note, sims4’s servos remind me of tony stark’s iron legion (and ultimately, ultron). though unlike the plumbot (ts3itf)’s body customizablity, ts4’s still bad ass. it’s true that we can’t create servos in CAS — and for me, that’s just fair. i just hope though, that some time in the near future, EA would add some aspirations that’s related to robotics (and) the new engineer (computer/mech) job.

    good read. :)

  • My sim is a doctor in the sims 4 get to work expansion pack and a servobot came with the tag pregnant patient, when i added her to my household she came with the baby, idk how this happened

  • I have a servo in my household and when it was activated it came with the spell caster aspersion but im having a hard time making my servo into a spell caster. So i guess my question is can my servo become a spell caster or do i just have to pick a new aspersion of him? Any tips of advise on this would be much appreciated

  • So, I was wondering. Can you make a Servo in an 8 Sim household? I want my Sim, Chris Fehn to make a Servo, I also want him to have all 7 of his dogs.

  • After latest update my servo can’t play music even I turn on “party module” . So I try move out my mod clean cache clean boot start rename the Sims 4 folder to let the game create new clean save and copy my save paste into new Sims 4 folder on my document and this still not fix. Then I contact the support they told me if I need to identify this thing as a bug I need to reinstall my game and place my back up save to test it out. or Another way anyone here had the problem like me if so this can confirm as a game bug.

  • Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but there are seven robot colours (you left out the default colour combination, blue and red). However thanks for this helpful webpage.

  • everytime i try to toggle the behavior modules my game gets stuck on that menu and wont let me check out the modules i want on my servo, it is a known bug on coonsole, just wondering if anybody over here has a work around for it, thanks in advance and happy simming

  • Can’t change the servo behaviour on ps4, you can select the behaviour mode you want but can’t confirm it, because of this you can’t back out of the change behaviour screen either.
    They’re still throwing dlc’s out like it’s going out of style yet they can’t polish the game first. The amount of stability issues and bugs in this game has made it a chore to get even the most basic of tasks done. Almost put my controller through my TV on more than one occasion

  • I’m playing as a solo servo, having deleted her creator, and I have GTW. For some reason, my Servo is constantly ill, and even vomits! No idea how, since they don’t ingest anything. Upon activation, she did have a human skin, but using cheats to modify in CAS fixed that. I’ll give removing my mods a shot, but they’re mostly CAS clothing and build mode items.