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Become the Ultimate Student With This Challenge for The Sims 4 Discover University!

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Twitter user and Simstuber Havana Sims has come up with a fun challenge for Simmers to give their Sims the ultimate college experience. For many readers, trying to pull this off may hit close to home. Not only does your Sim have to take four classes each term, but they must also earn straight A’s, participate in an organization and hold-down a part-time job.

The university, degree, organization and part-time job are all up to you! Your Sim may be so busy hitting the books and making money that they barely have time to sleep, let alone cook a meal bigger than ramen. Wow, doesn’t this feel familiar?

Getting started with this challenge might be a bit difficult if you’re still learning how to navigate campus. Here are two helpful guides that can give your Sim a head-start!

How’s college life treating your Sims so far? Share your progress in the comments!

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