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The Sims Mobile is getting a Neighborhood Update!


The Sims Mobile Team has officially revealed their upcoming update for The Sims Mobile titled the Neighborhood Update!

This update is set to release on November 26th, 2019 and will allow you to have 4 lots and 4 seperate families in total!

The team also shared with us some exclusive screenshots from the upcoming update. Check them out!

What is the upcoming update all about? Check out the team’s official Frequently Asked Questions summary down below:

Sul sul!

In our latest update, Neighborhood, we’re excited to introduce a new location to the Sim Town map – Briny Heights! To help make sure you can hit the ground running, our game team have put together this short FAQ.

Q – What is the new Neighborhood feature all about?

A – The Neighborhood feature is all about giving you more places to build and tell stories with your Sims! You can visit the neighborhood map to unlock additional house lots, each of which can be built in, and have Sims moved into live there.

Q – How do I get access to the new house lots?

A – There are two ways to access the new house lots. They can be purchased with Simoleons once you reach Level 18 or purchased with SimCash at any point with no level restriction.

Q – Can I unlock all houses at once? Do I have to unlock the lots in a specific order?

A – We intentionally made sure that you are able to purchase whichever lot you prefer, that tells the perfect story that you want to create for your Sims. You can unlock as many house lots you like, in any order you prefer!

Q – Where is the Neighborhood menu button located?

A – There’s a handy shortcut to the neighborhood map on the old navigation menu in the lower left of the screen.

Q – How many lots can I purchase and what am I able to do with them?

A – The neighborhood contains your original lot, and three new ones. This means you can have four lots in total! Every lot has the full functionality of your original lot – you can build there, move Sims in to live there, and do events there.

Q – Now that I have additional lots, will I be able to buy additional items and décor to fill up my new houses?

A – Yes, you can! Players will be able to buy unlimited numbers of objects they’ve already unlocked. This is also the case with event items.

Q – How many Sims can live in each house?

A – Your 4 playable Sims can be divided between your lots however you choose. Every house lot can also have up to 8 non-playable Sims (your babies, children, elders, and spouses) living in it.

Q – How do I move my Sims into each lot?

A – To move a Sim into a lot, select the lot on the neighborhood map. Tap the Sim you would like to move in the left panel, then tap the destination lot you want to make their new home. You can move your playable and non-playable Sims around as many times as you want!

Q – What can I do if I don’t want to wait for the timer to finish and the lot to be ready?

A – You can rush the lot preparation timer using SimCash. Alternatively, if you choose the SimCash option when purchasing a lot, there is no timer and the lot is prepared instantly.

Q – Are the décor and hobby items in my inventory able to be used in all the house lots I own?

A – Yes! All your stored objects can be placed in any of yours lots and freely moved around. There is no limit on the items themselves, but hobby, career and party items need to be located in the main lot to utilize the party interactions for those items.

Q – How do I access my Family Portrait?

A – You can access the Family Portrait by tapping on the Family Portrait painting in your lot. You can place a painting in every one of your lots – new ones may be purchased in the “Wall Decorations” category of the shop. Additionally, you can tap on the lot title (at the top left of the screen) when you select a lot on the neighborhood map to visit the Family Portrait screen for that lot.

Q – Can I host a party in any house lot?

A – Currently all parties you host must take place in your original house lot. When you host, all of your playable Sims will attend, even if they live in other lots! It’s also important to note that when you and your friends visit each other, you can only view their original house lot. The party notifications shown in the available parties list will only show icons for items placed on the main lot.

Q – How do boost items work when I have multiple house lots?

A – Any items that increase energy gained, or boost event progress, will apply to every house lot you own, regardless of which lot they are placed in. This means you don’t have to place them in every lot – as long as they are in at least one of your lots, they will give you the boost!

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