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The Sims Mobile: The Neighborhood Update is Out Now!

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The Sims Mobile Team has just released their long-anticipated Neighborhood Update for The Sims Mobile. The update is available right now on iOS and Android devices!

The team also provided an official blog post regarding the update, as well as some details on the upcoming Holiday Events and content.

Sul, sul!

Welcome to Briney Heights, the new neighborhood in The Sims Mobile! We can’t wait for you to take a tour to pick the perfect location to build your Sims’ next dream home – will you choose to build on a lot that over-looks the ocean, a luscious garden landscape or lakeside?

The Sims Mobile: The Neighborhood Update is Out Now!

Neighborhood Feature

Immerse your Sims in their newfound space by unlocking up to three new unique house lots once your player level reaches 18, or unlocked ay anytime using SimCash. Along with the rest of the town, Briny Heights can be visited directly from the navigation menu, and contains your current house lot, as well as three additional new lots. Each of them has a unique landscape environment so you can plan your next building adventure and tell special stories with your Sims.

  • The ability to purchase more lots for Simoleons unlocks at Level 18. New lots can be purchased in any order. The pricing is as follows:
    • Second lot: 40,000 Simoleons – 8 Hour purchase timer
    • Third lot: 100,000 Simoleons – 2 Day purchase timer
    • Fourth lot: 250,000 Simoleons – 7 Day purchase timer
  • Lots can also be purchased prior to Level 18 by using SimCash, priced as follows:
    • Second lot: 250 SimCash – Instant purchase timer
    • Third lot: 500 SimCash – Instant purchase timer
    • Fourth lot: 750 SimCash – Instant purchase timer
  • Once you own a new lot, you can use the neighborhood map to assign Sims to it. This makes it their home! You can freely re-assign any Sims between your lots anytime.
  • The limit of 4 playable Sims remains the same – but they can be divided between your lots however you want
  • The number of non-playable Sims (e.g. Elders, Babies, Children, Spouses) per house lot is limited to 8 – meaning the total possible number of non-playable household Sims in the neighborhood is 32
  • Every lot will have its own version of the Family Portrait – which can now also be accessed via the neighborhood map, as well as by the Family Portrait painting
  • The Family Portrait painting can now be placed in your storage, and each lot can have its own Family Portrait placed in it (you can find it in the Wall Decorations section of the shop)
  • Object storage is shared – you can freely move items between lots!
  • Objects that increase energy gained, or provide boosts for events, will apply to all home lots, even if they are placed in a different lot to the one the event or action is being performed in
  • The individual item placement limit for build mode objects has been removed, and the Simoleon price scaling has been reduced. Note that this change does not affect the overall maximum item limit for the whole lot – only the individual per item limit
  • The room count limit has been removed, and the pricing of rooms has been reduced
  • The pricing and time duration of land expansions have been reduced
    • Additionally, there are fewer land expansions on new lots compared to the original lot
  • Any parties hosted will take place in the original lot

For more information on the Neighborhood feature, check out our additional in-depth FAQ page!

Sweet Holiday Quest

Sim Town is covered in a flurry of snow for the most heart-warming holiday of them all! Get into the spirit with our brand new Sweet Holiday quest, which includes fun Christmas-themed rewards like a Gingerbread House grand prize that can be placed in your Sims’ home!

The Sims Mobile: The Neighborhood Update is Out Now!

Cozy Home & Holiday Sweet Treat Showdown Events

Patty Cakes, the celebrity pastry chef, is back in SimTown to turn up the heat and challenge you to two delicious “bake-off’ style events this update, to prove who is the master baker!

You’ll be put to the test by creating culinary delights in snow-covered, candy-cane-filled, whimsical bakery venue in Parkside throughout the month! These events are shorter than usual, lasting around 11 days and will allow players to earn an amazing amount of rewards that will help decorate your Sims’ homes for the perfect Christmas!

Prizes for the Cozy Home Sweet Treat Showdown include a chimney, fireplace, dining table and chairs, luscious rugs, modern shelving, various lamps, and more!

Prizes for the Holiday Sweet Treat Showdown include a giant, sparkling Christmas tree, luscious chase lounges, snuggle up Love Seat, glass coffee tables, a huge range of seasonal ornamental decorations, and much more!

We’ve also made a number of game improvements, based on your feedback. Here are some notes from our developers:

  • Laundry washing machines are now placeable underneath shelving!
  • Sweet Treat Showdown Grand Prize previously were not granted if you opened boxes only during the grace period of the event – this should no longer occur.
  • The Holiday Heart fireplace now has a fire animation again!
  • In Izzy’s Fashion Shop the ‘Artistic’ and ‘Sly’ traits will now display the correct trait image!
  • The modelling career event length was displayed on the card differently from the actual event length – this should now be fixed.
  • The ‘Spirited Friendship’ story will give a necklace reward for female Sims again. You may have to complete the story with a new Sim to get the female necklace.
  • More headwear has been made available in CAS after finishing the tutorial, including a new traditional Hijab and Kufi

Thanks from The Sims Mobile team – we hope you enjoy our holiday update!

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