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The Sims 4 Console: Welcome to the Gallery!

Console players, rejoice! It’s finally here! The Gallery has come to console and the best part? It’s cross-platform! Share and discover player-made creations across PC and console right in the comfort of your living room (or wherever you like to game).

In order to help our console friends transition into using the Gallery smoothly, we’ve compiled a little introductory guide on how to use the Gallery. You’ll find it’s nearly identical to the Gallery on PC, just with a few additions to make browsing and navigating a little easier on a console.

Before we dive in, it’s worth noting that you do NOT need a PlayStation Plus or XBox Live Gold subscription in order to access the online Gallery! It is completely free to use for any player with The Sims 4 installed on their console. However, you do need to link your PlayStation or XBox account to EA if you haven’t, already.

Introducing the Gallery

Anytime in-game or on the main menu, you can select the icon of two photographs in the top right corner of your screen. This icon was always there, but previously, it just led you to your local library of Maxis created items and things you created in your game and saved for later use. Now it has a whole new function! You can still browse the library like you could before, but now you have access to a whole new world of creations made and uploaded by other players on both console and PC!

You’ll see three tabs at the top of the Gallery. Navigate between them using the L1 & R1 buttons (PS4) or RB & LB buttons (XBox). We’re going to break down each tab so you can get the most out of all the new features they offer.

The Gallery

This tab is where you want to go when you want to look for player-created Sims, lots, and rooms to download into your own game. Use the filters in the sidebar to refine your search. You can sort between lots, rooms, or households, as well as select whether you want to see PC creations or just console creations. Filter for different packs, too. Explore the filters; there are many ways you can hone your search on exactly what you’re looking for!

When you find something you want to add to your game, select it to bring up more details about that creation and look at it in a larger window. You can also just like and download right from the Gallery browse page if you’ve fallen in love at first sight. For households, you’ll be able to see the traits, ages, and names of every Sim in the household on this larger screen, as well as any family ties they might have with the other Sims in that household. For lots, you’ll be able to view more pictures of the lot, including the layout of each floor.

NOTE: We noticed this message on some Gallery posts. It looks like some downloads made on PC with newer versions of The Sims 4 might take some time before they can be downloaded on console.

Don’t forget to be a courteous Simmer!
Console players may not know this, but it’s considered good Gallery etiquette to favourite and leave a nice comment on any lot or household you download. You can also follow the creator to be notified whenever they upload a new creation. If you liked it enough to use it, the creator deserves some appreciation for making it for you!

Favourite a fantastic creation by selecting the heart icon at the bottom of that Gallery creation and don’t forget to comment! You’ll need to open up the creation by selecting it from the Gallery browse page in order to comment on a creation.

You can also quickly favourite a creation by pressing △ (PS4) or Y (XBox) on your controller. Quickly follow your favourite creators by pressing □ (PS4) or X (XBox).


It’s a good idea to read the description of anything you download. There’s no risk of accidentally downloading something dangerous, but lots of builders like to use advanced build cheats to really make their builds pop. This can cause some objects to disappear when you download and place the lot in your own game. You’ll have to use the bb.moveobjects on cheat before placing the lot to have everything show up correctly. Creators will often tag their creations with the #MOO tag to let players know they should use this cheat before placing the lot. Don’t worry! This cheat won’t disable your trophies/achievements!


Your profile is where you’ll be able to see everything related to your own creations. Check out how many people have downloaded your creations, look at any comments other players have left on your profile, see how many followers you have, and browse and manage your catalogue. It’s all there for you!

If you plan to really build up a following on the Gallery, it’s a good idea to regularly go through your catalogue, deleting old uploads that didn’t get many downloads and showcasing some of your best creations. Keeping your catalogue fresh and current is sure to increase interest in your uploads.

Showcase in moderation! It’s ideal to showcase items while lots of people are online so more of your followers will see the notification that you showcased a creation, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Showcasing the same item over and over again will spam all your followers and end up annoying them. Showcasing every single item in your catalogue will make all your creations get lost in the sea of notifications and nothing will get noticed. Try to only showcase your absolute best creations and be mindful of spamming your followers.

My Library

You’ll already be familiar with this tab. The library was what you were using before to save and download creations, except these creations were limited to Maxis creations and your own creations that you had previously saved to the Library. It’s like an offline version of the Gallery. You’ll be able to use the Library even without an Internet connection.

But the best part about having the Library in conjunction with the Gallery is that any creations from the Gallery that you’ve saved to your Library can be accessed through the Library later on, even without an Internet connection! So if you see something while browsing online that you know you’ll want to be able to access again when you don’t have Internet, make sure you save it to your Library!

So what are you waiting for! Go forth and create, but most importantly, share and connect!

About the author


I'm a 28-year-old author and Sims-addict based in Canada. I've been a diehard Simmer since it all started back in 2000 and I'll be focusing on providing you with some great tips and tricks to get the most out of your Simming experience here on SC. When I'm not Simming, I'm writing my next novel. To date, I've published The Heaven Corporation and Wanderer.


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  • I’ve created a couple of sims and lots before this update but now most of my creations aren’t under my gamertag anymore. Can I fix this?

    • @Lori already mentioned that the last 4 she saved to the gallery worked, so that would indicate that the console account IS linked to EA… Anyways Lori let me try to help. Make sure that you place the lot in your world first and go to build mode and click “save to my library” icon (folder with an arrow going inside) from there, you will see the “share lot to Gallery” icon in the lower left. As long as you are doing that it should work. It’s pretty tedious and ridiculous that console players have to do all that…Hope that helps.

  • Do items with cc not show up or is that me I want to download them (I know I won’t get the cc I’ll fix it) but they only appear in showcases so I can’t look through someone’s creations which are mainly cc

  • I’m trying to download a build through the gallery and it keeps saying that it requires a newer version of the game and for me to exit my game for the update. But when I do that, no update is available. Plz help idk how to fix this issue

    • The PC version of the game currently runs a few updates ahead of consoles. Therefore, new uploads from PC will not be compatible with consoles until console receives the update that creation was made with.

      Filter by Most Popular instead of Newest. That will bring up older stuff that is compatible with your system.

      • Is there a schedule for when the console version will align with the PC version? How will I know which version the gallery item was built on?

        • @MelnRaine So consoles tend to get their updates a month or so after PC. We don’t exactly have a set schedule every time. You won’t know which version the item was built on, but it will tell you whether you can download it or not with the warning message. Make sure you aren’t searching using the “Newest” filter too often, because you’ll encounter those builds you cannot download yet, a lot more frequently…

  • How do I view my own PS4 library from the PC/Mac and vice versa? I made a lot of builds on the PS4 before I transitioned to Mac and I would like to now access them via the Mac and place them in my current Mac game saves.

    • Make sure your game is updated. Make sure you have a stable Internet connection and that the Gallery is not down for maintenance. If you tried to get on yesterday but couldn’t, that would be because the sudden flood of console players caused the servers to crash. Try again today. The servers are back up.

  • How do you view things you’ve favorited? I favorited a bunch of stuff and I can’t find it anywhere… (I’m on an Xbox OneS if that helps)

    • Open the gallery, go to “profile”, go to “view catalog”, then on the left side under “view content by” you can choose “my favourites”. Didn’t work for me yesterday but it works now!

    • @Brittney M. For some odd reason, we console players have no way to do this yet. I have tried multiple times. There is no real way to see anything you have favorited. The favorites filter doesn’t even show up unless you are viewing someone else’s profile. If you try to filter there, nothing comes up…not for me at least.

      • Nevermind @Britney M. It’s working for me now! Try rebooting your console if you still don’t see it. That’s what worked for me!

  • I favourited lots of stuff to check out later but I cant find my favourites. I’ve checked under profile in the gallery, “view content by: my favourites” but nothing shows up, how do I find my favourites?

    • Open the gallery, go to “profile”, go to “view catalog”, then on the left side under “view content by” you can choose “my favourites”. Didn’t work for me yesterday but it works now!

    • Open gallery, at the top where you search it says “item name”, click on that and choose “EA Account ID” and search for a creator. Only no cc creations will show up on console though.

  • I’m not able to view my favorites. I’ve favorited a handful of items to go back and download but they aren’t showing up.

  • I was only able to upload one of my households I created to the gallery. My other creations (household and builds) do not have the option to upload to the gallery. Only to place the lot, place the lot & edit, and delete. No option to upload. These creations are being used in my world so I don’t know why it doesn’t have the option to upload. Can someone help me?

    • @Anisha Camp-Griffiths Hey! In order to share to the Gallery, you MUST place the lot in your world first. THEN go to build mode. NEXT click the “save to my library” icon (folder with an arrow going inside) from there, you will see the “share lot to Gallery” icon in the lower left. Us console players have to do all of this extra work just to participate in the Gallery. It’s ridiculous! I hope this helps you better than this article did…

  • Nothing comes up it doesn’t work my PS4 and game are both updated I’ve connected to the internet I’ve restarted my console so many times and no matter what I do it doesn’t work I don’t know what to do plz help or fix the issue

    • Yes unfortunately since PC’s got their update earlier than us, we have to wait for the update to come to us and then we can download!

  • Hi, Can you help me please? I play on PS4 just updated to v1.21 however I still don’t have gallery access. When I click on the pictures where it should say “Open My Gallery” it says “Open My Library” I’ve made sure my account was linked to EA and closed the game & restarted but it’s still not showing up would really appreciate the help. Thanks in Advance!!

  • I’m confused, whenever I try to download it into my game on Xbox One, it says something along the lines of “unable to download as it was created on the newest version of the game”. I don’t know if it’s me that’s doing something wrong but the game for me has no more updates, yet I still can’t download anything

  • Why can’t i access all of my old saved families that i had on my library before the gallery updated? I have sims i want to upload but can’t cause i don’t have the original sims. Please someone help me.

  • Why can’t i access all of my old saved families that i had on my library before the gallery updated? I have sims i want to upload but can’t cause i don’t have the original sims. Please someone help me.

  • I have chopping connection to the gallery. Anyone else having the same issue? Connection will be fine then suddenly I can’t connect again.

  • It would make more sense if console players had the option to buy the “My First Pets” pack, as a lot of builds use stuff from it. Why don’t we have the option to buy it still?!

  • Just figured how to use the gallery but it’s not letting me download sims for some reason it says for me to update the game but I already did and it’s still not working!

  • I’m trying to connect to gallery on my ps4 and it’s giving me a could not connect notification… do you need an EA account to even start this up?? Brand new to the whole sims universe… sorry if it’s a dumb question

  • Whenever I try to access the gallery it says “Unable to Go Online. One or more of the Sims online services is currently offline” what do I do??

  • I’m trying to find old builds from lilsimsie, but I can’t find them, most of all the old builds aren’t on ps4 gallery

    • I’m playing on the PlayStation 4 and I notice when I favored stuff from the galley it doesn’t show up in my profile favorites is there a bug or something ?

  • I am unable to download all of the new builds the creators I enjoy build, it says I need to install a newer version of the game but how do I do that?

  • I’m playing on the PlayStation 4 and I notice when I favored stuff from the galley it doesn’t show up in my profile favorites is there a bug or something ?

  • I have linked my Xbox and my ea I’d and have uploaded stuff to the gallery but when any one searchs my ea I’d into the gallery nothing shows up can only find my builds through #tag and item name I have contacted EA healp and noting IV done has fixed it please healp

  • Can anyone please help, I’ve noticed that I have two follows on the gallery but when I try and see them in the connections tab it says 0 follows I would like to know if its possible to see your follower as I cannot follow back . ?

  • Hello! I add to the gallery every so often and would like to know how people zoom into the details of their creation to snap a picture and use as a cover for their upload. im on console i cannot use cc or mods, so is there another way?

  • Hello, I’m a simmer on Xbox one I was wondering how do I find creators from YouTube on the gallery like say for example Deligracy or Clare Siobhan’s profile? I can’t seem to find their uploads anywhere

  • the sims had an error on my ps4 and stopped, i loaded the game again & then it said something about corrupted data and deleted all my library and added all the maxis houses and households i had deleted before for space. i was following quite a few people and it now says i follow nobody.

  • Hi I’m a simmer on the Xbox one and I don’t know how to change my name on the gallery. Please can you help me, thank you.