The Sims 4

The Sims 4 PC / Mac: New Update + Patch Notes! (April 7th, 2020)

The Sims Team has released a brand new Update for The Sims 4 on PC and Mac!

To download the latest version of The Sims 4, simply open your Origin program and if the game doesn’t update automatically, right click on The Sims 4 and select ”Update”.

In case you have Mods or Custom Content, the game will automatically disable them for you after first launching The Sims 4 after the update. To re-enable all your Mods and Custom Content, select the Settings option in the Menu and select Settings. Under the”Other” section you’ll find the ”Enable Custom Content and Mods” option. Check it and restart your game in order for it to take effect!

Patch Notes

Update 04/07/2020 – PC: / Mac:

Hey Simmers,

We know that times are a bit weird right now, but we’re keeping things as normal as possible over here so we have a few fixes for you all.

Thanks for your continued support, we hope that you all are staying home and staying safe out there.



The Sims 4

  • Improved compatibility with newer macOS releases, refer to FAQ for more details here
  • Made some small visual and functional improvements to the Main Menu.
  • Custom paintings on nearby lots that are taken a picture of from your active lot will now properly flag your lot as custom content when uploading it to the Gallery.
    • So sneaky!
  • We addressed an issue resulting in a “Conflicting Block Cluster” error message that could occur while building, preventing you from being able to draw or move walls.
  • Non-active traited Sims will no longer get the “Not Enough Exercise” tense moodlet.
  • Stair railings will no longer appear incomplete when placed against a half-wall.
  • Whims are once again able to be completed after Travel.
    • Whims are things your Sims want to do, but you don’t have to.
  • You can now safely raise or lower the foundation of The Nookstone lot in Oasis Springs – walls, floors, and furniture will no longer disappear.
  • The Tutorial will no longer lock if your Sim is promoted before you are given the “You Need to Gain Skill to be Promoted” task.

Get Together

  • Fixed a graphic issue that could occur on Mac with some Intel graphics cards that caused plants in Windenburg to appear blocky when in Laptop Mode.
    • So if you are on a Mac, with an intel graphics card, and you are in laptop mode, and you are playing in Windenburg… we got you covered.

City Living

  • Bulldozing 888 Spire Apartment lots should no longer result in error code 123:28b6ee3b.
    • We hope it does not result in error code: 123:456789abcde
      • We are fairly certain it should not result in error code: 8675-309
        • And under no circumstance should error code 42 occur.

Cats & Dogs

  • The male veterinarian coat now has a properly visible ID badge.


  • Sims should no longer get the “Chilled” buff when the thermostat is set to warmer.
    • Unless you have a heater that turns on and off repeatedly due to a bad switch in the system, and then when it decides to fail completely, it just ignores input for about 3 hours, and then when you wake up in the morning you have to carry a heavy blanket with you… ah hm… nm.

Get Famous

  • Actor prep tasks will no longer reset on traveling.
    • This is the second travel issue in the game… was it trying to tell us something?

Island Living

  • Beaches are available for weddings.

Discover University

  • Sims living in dorms should no longer receive high bills to live there.

Spa Day

  • The “Take bath with Soaks” and “Take Mud Bath” interactions are once again, once again available on Showertubs.
    • This time we won’t have to remove the fix because of… crosses fingers.

Jungle Adventure

  • Child sims will no longer get a flirty buff after eating Flutterberry.

Realm of Magic

  • Magical Clones will no longer become permanent Sims after traveling.
  • Sims can once again resume writing books when their familiars are active.

Tiny Living Stuff

  • Tiny Home Residential lots added to vacation worlds via The Gallery will now properly convert into rental lots.

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  • I don’t really understand the point of making the custom pictures of custom content flagged as custom content. You don’t need that piece of cc in your game to have the picture. it is nice for cc creators to get the downloads they deserve. this just kinda feels shady to me

      • The game is rated T for teen. I see where you’re coming from but children shouldn’t be playing this game. Its just weirdly catered to them.

          • Can y’all fix the issues with vampires? I cant complete either Good vampire or Master vampire aspirations because they reset the days as soon as you travel. Another traveling issue that needs to be dealt with. Its the only pack I have a problem with.

    • Totally agree! It is the only way console can get anywhere near “CC” and now they are marking it CC…so now we can’t use it…ThAnKs EA

  • Now if only they would fix the fact that taking pictures with the cameras lags the game out for a few minutes. An issue that’s been around since Moschino.

  • it screwed up my whole game,nothing works i don’t know if it’s a mod but my sims don’t show up,the floors are full of question marks,i will try to repair my game and i hope it works

  • I hope soon they can fix the camera when taking photos, i miss being able to spin the camera around my sim when taking photos. It’s hard to get the sunset in the background of them when they take a selfie because they always end up facing the wrong way.

  • Quote from the patch notes: “This is the second travel issue in the game… was it trying to tell us something?”
    Does that mean open world is coming back ( I guess in The Sims 5) ?? Is it just me, who witnessed this as a possible hint???

    • no i think they said that because of the coronavirus: like you can’t leave home now or you will have problems.

  • Not sure if it’s just me or not but when I open the game, loading page tips don’t show up(it simply says “Loading tips” or something along those lines.), when the main menu pops up, none of the packs(all of them) show up like usual. When I click play(or new game or load game), a loading screen comes on… then the game shuts down.
    This all happened after the update. I’ve restarted and everything. :|

  • In my game my sim will ride her bike inside the spa to get out, and rides her bike in the house to go to the sidewalk.

  • Just downloaded the patch and now a load of my packs are being installed, some saying they’ll take over an hour to download! Has this happened to anyone else?

  • I’m on mac and can’t launch the game at all. Not even without mods or saves. Even after repairing the game.

  • I can´t play the sims 4 at all, I have an older mac with a patch updater

    Some one please help me, I miss playing it

  • The update doesn’t work at all… Since I installed it, I haven’t been able to open the Sims… I hope it will be fixed soon! It’s really not nice.

  • There are things that should have been fixed instead of some of these, in my opinion. And I’m going to be absolutely outraged if they do what they did before with the legacy editions, and make it so older computers can’t play, only newer ones. Not everyone can afford a new computer every couple of years, especially new releases or Macs!

    • To be fair if you have a good quality computer you shouldn’t need to buy a new one that often but I can understand the frustration. It seems plenty of computers nowadays are made not to last longer than five years without needing a new motherboard or something else. I definitely recommend a membership with like geek squad where repairs aren’t as expensive and they even recycle the computer (don’t forget to get your data before doing so). I had this issue last year, literally died on me while at work at the five year mark (it was a gaming computer system and I saved up as it was my first big purchase and brought it as a gift for myself). I think older computers can be used as long as you don’t have too many packs or custom content especially if you have the bare requirements as I’ve seen some people have then experience a lot of lag or memory being eaten up when loaded. But the older ones are limited and TS4 was limited by trying to involve systems that were very old (among other limitations like pushing out a clear mobile game for pc because ea is all about profit and no cares for their gamers and developers/gurus).

  • Problems here also … I’m on a PC and when I open the game the main menu looks normal. When I load up a save all of my base game worlds are gone! When I try to create a new game the Sim in Create A Sim doesn’t appear and most of the sim traits are empty.

  • I can’t even get it to download it tells me there is a location error when attempting to place into my folder – i go to move it into the proper folder and continue and then same error pops up.

    – Specifically:
    Origin is not able to download The Sims™ 4 to /Applications/The Sims

    Please check that the location is available or cancel and restart the download to another location.

    – i do have an older mac so not sure if this is the issue too? Is anyone else having this issue?

  • now it tells me its unable to start the game
    just bought the citizen pack on mac it would be nice to be able to play the game i just bought

  • This update is causing my game to not load correctly and then it shuts itself down. I uninstalled and reinstalled origin. What else can I do?

  • Now I’m scared to download this patch from all the comments, I do not know how to repair the game and am always paranoid about losing all progress in my games!

  • I wish they fix the crashing on console platforms. I can’t even play with my family or travel to the magic realm without it crashing on Xbox. Sometimes it crashes in build mode and when I save. I’m sick of it.

  • Ok so I’m just going to hold off on updating… I’m seeing several CAS or loading issues that I don’t need. I’m assuming those who are on PC and were able to launch the game but had issues removed their mods and deleted localthumbcache.

  • add more Vacation spots, more Go To Work places, Larger amount of decoration items, more food/beverage concepts like “make a pizza”. Lets get some skateboards in these game already. Be able to go back to college as many times as you want. Spiral staircases, Escalators, and perhaps motorized scooters.

    • @shartke.. you just download the items you want and cut/paste them into this path:
      Documents/Electronic Arts/ when you open Electronic Arts you right click your mouse and choose ‘new’ then Folder.
      Name the folder Mods.
      Sometimes people have their files in packages so you have to download a program to open them and extract the files. I use WinRar.
      Put one cc item/file you’ve downloaded into this Mods folder to test it out and make sure you’re doing it right.

      Close everything and start your game.

      In the Games start-up page you’ll need to check the box that says ‘show downloads or cc or enable CC’ (I can’t remember what its called)
      Go to CAS if you’ve gotten the cc for hair or clothes and see how it looks. If you’ve gotten items for Build/Buy go ingame and load a household you don’t play and check it out.
      Usually I click the custom content box in Build/Buy because it only shows cc -making it easy to find everything you want to check out.
      Hopefully this is clear, if not maybe someone else has concise instructions.

  • What about the issue with the get to work detective career? No matter how many times I try to arrest someone they don’t come back to the police station with me.

  • What about the issue with the get to work pack detective career. No matter how many times I try to arrest someone they don’t go back to the police station with me.

  • Unable to start:

    Initialization error at start up.


    that’s what my MAC says whenever i try to open the game.
    I taken out all of the CC and Mods and still it won’t work.

    Was planning on getting a new expansion but if I can’t even play, what’s the point?

  • Unable to start:

    Initialization error at start up.


    that’s what my MAC says whenever i try to open the game.
    I taken out all of the CC and Mods and still it won’t work.

    Was planning on getting a new expansion but if I can’t even play, what’s the point?

    • u maybe must uninstall the game ik that u will lost everything but when my game was not working 3 month ago i must uninstall sims and all my saves are gone. I have an old mac and i have an legacy version i’m very nervous whats is happening, its quarantine now and sims was my idea when i was bored. I hope that u will repair game fast !
      im sorry for my bad english but im from poland :(

  • I play on an Xbox I really want cc and mods but I know it’s very hard to get those for us i hope we do and that we don’t have to what also before the update I had a family that had a pregnant teen and it has that little thing to corner In my saved families screen I know that mean cc or mode and it work just fine so does that mean I have a mode or cc in my game please answer my question about the pregnant teen and if Xbox is going to get cc and modes soon

  • After reading all of these posts I get a bit scared to install the update. Has anyone here installed the updated without it causing issues to play the game?

    I am also disappointed with the choice of flagging paintings as cc. I understand the need if there are indeed people who use it to spread certain types of photos. I wish they would have made some distinction between cc that needs to be installed and saved images. I would like to filter out real cc, but don’t mind painting and photos (the decent kind of pictures of course).

    • Please don’t install the update, for your sake. I don’t know anyone who’s updated it successfully. I did not look up the reactions and now my whole game is screwed up and I am scared what could be lost.

    • I am not able to even open the game anymore, since the update………. I am trying to figure out why it is not working, for 2 hours now……..

  • I can’t play the game anymore. No mods. When I click “play” on the main menu it takes me to the “Choose a Neighbourhood” screen instead of the neighbourhood i was in – but none of the default neighbourhoods are there only the expansion ones?

  • My game keeps crashing after the update on a 2017 Mac. Can I go an update back??? I am soo pissed at this point!

  • Are you seriously ignoring the fact that people who’ve paid big amount of money for all packs etc. are enable to play now?! It has been more than 16 hours and you haven’t said a thing!!!!! Simple: “we know we screwed up and we are working on it” would be just fine.

  • I had the same issues, what I did was right click on the sims 4 in my games library and then clicked repair.
    It did a download and now its working perfectly, hope this helps

  • Do I have to buy an expansion pack to continue playing? I can’t load my old game since I did the update. I keep getting redirected to a page which requires different types of expansion packs.

  • DO NOT UPDATE your game !
    As many of you, my game just keeps crashing (without mods, and yes I repaired it and I have a recent Mac computer) so what are you waiting for EA ? We’ve got a problem !

  • Will the issue with CAS where outfit selection (where there are preset outfits) for female sims is saying “nothing to show” (basically) gonna be fixed? All the outfits show up for male sims but not the female outfits

  • I also have problems launching my game after the update, I just got an initialization error whenever I tried to start it. After repairing my game and removing CC I got it to open, but then all the text in the game menus had disappeared :-(

  • I updated and it got rid of 3 days worth of building a home of mine. All that saved data , gone. Thanks Sims.

  • This update really messed my game up! Every time I start the game, it makes a new folder in my documents and plays with that new folder. So I can’t play with my safe files and the game only shows numbers instead of words. What is this??????
    (I have a macbook air that’s only 1 year and a half old and I have NEVER had problems before)

  • Unable to start:

    Initialization error at start up.


    I’m on MAC and can’t launch the game.
    Already try repairing the game and nothing works

    Fix it! Unable to play after this update

  • My game has continued to crags several times after updating , ive done everything ive thought i could, what should i do

  • Since updating on April 7th, my game has been glitching to the point where I can’t even play anymore… don’t know what to do… My sims get stuck on lots, won’t do anything I tell them to do, resetting doesn’t work… HELP!!