The Sims 4

The Sims 4 PC / Mac: New Update + Patch Notes! (April 7th, 2020)

The Sims Team has released a brand new Update for The Sims 4 on PC and Mac!

To download the latest version of The Sims 4, simply open your Origin program and if the game doesn’t update automatically, right click on The Sims 4 and select ”Update”.

In case you have Mods or Custom Content, the game will automatically disable them for you after first launching The Sims 4 after the update. To re-enable all your Mods and Custom Content, select the Settings option in the Menu and select Settings. Under the”Other” section you’ll find the ”Enable Custom Content and Mods” option. Check it and restart your game in order for it to take effect!

Patch Notes

Update 04/07/2020 – PC: / Mac:

Hey Simmers,

We know that times are a bit weird right now, but we’re keeping things as normal as possible over here so we have a few fixes for you all.

Thanks for your continued support, we hope that you all are staying home and staying safe out there.



The Sims 4

  • Improved compatibility with newer macOS releases, refer to FAQ for more details here
  • Made some small visual and functional improvements to the Main Menu.
  • Custom paintings on nearby lots that are taken a picture of from your active lot will now properly flag your lot as custom content when uploading it to the Gallery.
    • So sneaky!
  • We addressed an issue resulting in a “Conflicting Block Cluster” error message that could occur while building, preventing you from being able to draw or move walls.
  • Non-active traited Sims will no longer get the “Not Enough Exercise” tense moodlet.
  • Stair railings will no longer appear incomplete when placed against a half-wall.
  • Whims are once again able to be completed after Travel.
    • Whims are things your Sims want to do, but you don’t have to.
  • You can now safely raise or lower the foundation of The Nookstone lot in Oasis Springs – walls, floors, and furniture will no longer disappear.
  • The Tutorial will no longer lock if your Sim is promoted before you are given the “You Need to Gain Skill to be Promoted” task.

Get Together

  • Fixed a graphic issue that could occur on Mac with some Intel graphics cards that caused plants in Windenburg to appear blocky when in Laptop Mode.
    • So if you are on a Mac, with an intel graphics card, and you are in laptop mode, and you are playing in Windenburg… we got you covered.

City Living

  • Bulldozing 888 Spire Apartment lots should no longer result in error code 123:28b6ee3b.
    • We hope it does not result in error code: 123:456789abcde
      • We are fairly certain it should not result in error code: 8675-309
        • And under no circumstance should error code 42 occur.

Cats & Dogs

  • The male veterinarian coat now has a properly visible ID badge.


  • Sims should no longer get the “Chilled” buff when the thermostat is set to warmer.
    • Unless you have a heater that turns on and off repeatedly due to a bad switch in the system, and then when it decides to fail completely, it just ignores input for about 3 hours, and then when you wake up in the morning you have to carry a heavy blanket with you… ah hm… nm.

Get Famous

  • Actor prep tasks will no longer reset on traveling.
    • This is the second travel issue in the game… was it trying to tell us something?

Island Living

  • Beaches are available for weddings.

Discover University

  • Sims living in dorms should no longer receive high bills to live there.

Spa Day

  • The “Take bath with Soaks” and “Take Mud Bath” interactions are once again, once again available on Showertubs.
    • This time we won’t have to remove the fix because of… crosses fingers.

Jungle Adventure

  • Child sims will no longer get a flirty buff after eating Flutterberry.

Realm of Magic

  • Magical Clones will no longer become permanent Sims after traveling.
  • Sims can once again resume writing books when their familiars are active.

Tiny Living Stuff

  • Tiny Home Residential lots added to vacation worlds via The Gallery will now properly convert into rental lots.

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  • so im new to the whole custom content stuff and maybe started downloading cc a couple weeks ago, i dont know if this is a problem for me or also anyone else. anyways all my cc has disappeared from the game its still in my files but not in the actual game. i play sims on my mac if thats an important detail. but just wondering if anyone else is having this issue, if not can i get some help reinstalling my cc? thanks for the help yall! :D

    • Go into settings in Sims and go to other and re enable the miss and cc then click apply. Then close the game and open it again

    • Some files a zipped folder u might be able to extract the file right there in your files but if not you can download 7zip and unzip the folders.there

  • Sul sul,

    My nephew plays the Sims 4 on PS4 and the recent update is stopping him from moving a household in from the library.

    He selects a house in the world, chooses ‘move in family from library’ and gets a notification that he needs to go into game options to turn on “online features”. He goes into game options but the option isn’t there.

    He is 12 so I’m not sure if this is why he’s prevented from using it but I can’t imagine that would be the case as he’s not downloading any dodgy content, just literally a family.

    Anyone experiencing this or know how to fix it? I’ve not got my PS4 on me to check myself.

    • Sul Sul Denise!

      The same problem actually happened to me a few years ago when The Sims 4 came out for PC. Does your nephew have a child’s account or a regular one? A child’s account usually has an adult’s email associated for content protection and stuff… if he does have a child’s account that is probably the problem. I don’t understand why EA would put restrictions like this to children accounts on The Sims but anyway…. Because I first created one when I started playing I eventually discovered from EA itself that children accounts can’t access online features. If this is the problem, or even if it’s not, I advise you to contact EA support, they will likely ask for some informations about the account, like the birth date in that account and email, and maybe info about the game to confirm that it’s indeed his account and hopefully they can solve the problem. Unfortunately with me there was no solution because I was on PC and my game was registered to that Origin Account, and I was told by EA that I would need to create a new account that was not a child’s account and buy my The Sims 4 games again in order to play with online features. But I really believe they will have other solutions since your nephew plays on PS4 and it’s a completely different system from PC and the accounts system probably work differently.

      Hope I helped,

  • This update broke my game, i think. It took me freaking 12 hours to update(!!!!!), and when I lauched it all the text in the game were either gone or replaced with codes. Tried to repair it many times, restart origin and my mac and removed mods and CC. But now the game wont lauch at all. Great job!!

  • Hello

    If anyone has the same problem as me hear is what I did to sort it out due to the latest update (April 7th 2020)

    You start sims 4 up then none of the packs you have brought come in all the Items I.e clothing , build object , worlds

    How I sorted it:

    I closed the game and origin then restarted my whole computer then reopened origin and my game and all the packs were there and all my world and build object

    Really hope this help for anyone having this problem


  • This recent update has caused my game to glitch. Floor tiles have colorful question marks, walls look like a plain board wallpaper or something. Also, my sims are invisible. If someone could help that would be awesome!

    • i have the same issue!! all of my cc wont load even after i restarted the game multiple times and my sims are invisible
      I hope they fix this soon

    • I have the same problem i really hope they fix it and soon as well as its the only things in lock-down to keep us busy with, i tried everything to fix it but no hope at all

    • I have the exact same issue!
      I’ve tried closing both game and origin and restarting my macbook but no luck.
      If any one could help that would be amazing

  • Hi, my game wont Start. Always the same error message over and over again.I delete sims 4 nd all pack. Redownload it. Same error. I delete Origin and updated my computer (Mac book pro 2019). Same error. I delete everything on my computer related to sims 4 or Origin, restant my computer. Dowloaded everything another same. Same error. Can someone please help me?! It is frustrating

    This is the message I have every time:

    Unable to start:

    Initialization error at start up.


    • hi! you should try to delete everything within your electronic arts folder (after moving your saves and mods into a temporary folder). make sure you close out of your game and origin. after you do this, go into origin and press repair in the sims 4 settings. after this, move your saves and mods back into its original folder. this should work, it worked for me. if it doesnt, im sorry :(

  • After the update I started the game as per usual and wanted to re-activate my CC. So as I was closing the game, wanting to restart afterwards, my iMac completely freaked out; black screen and high pitch sound came out of the stereo. It restarted itself and immediately started up Origin and the sims again; me thinking it had fixed whatever problem was going on. The game was terribly slow.. like “waiting 5 min to go into building mode” slow. After a complete update and restart of my Mac I am able to play again. Hopefully no further glitches! However, I am not able to use the “9” and “0” to move objects up and down! Let me know if anyone of you has the same issue and if it can be fixed.

  • Hello, I can’t get into the world i was in “Oasis Springs” it wont pop up anywhere in the world maps, i tried just going into old saved files but it did the same thing.

  • I was glad this update happened because it fixed the traveling issue for the Get Famous pack but, it looks like now my sim can’t even go to work now (the acting job). I did notice that the notification that pops up an hour before the job starts wasn’t popping up anymore and restarting the game didn’t help.

    • I have the same problem. Before the update everything worked just fine and to be honest I didn’t even care that much about the prep tasks since (in my opinion) they didn’t really contribute to the final result of acting events. Now it’s literally impossible for your sim to be an actor. I love the game and I appreciate that people who work on it are willing to continuously make things better, but what I hate about the EA is that they never double-check their “bug fixes”. And now we have to wait again for another update – for how long? It’s kind of exhausting.

  • I updated the sims a few days ago, but now my whole neighbourhood has red/blue objects. Some of them have a green questionmark on them. For example, just trees or wallpaper is red and blue but some houses are completely red/blue. Is there something I can do about this problem?

  • Hi,
    I have an issue with the gallery and I don’t know if it’s related to the recent update… I can’t delete a house I’ve just upload on the gallery (it was a mistake but the house is still present even if I delete it several time…) can someone have an idea how to fix this ?

  • Update kind of broke my game? Almost everything is covered in question marks and the two default worlds got deleted completely

  • Great after the update my game on Xbox console crashes even more. I’m so fed up with this game. I can barley do anything. If even crashes while saving. This is so annoying. I and other console fans been dealing with this for years now.

  • Oh, thanks! I’ve just started to play the game and now I can’t:
    Initialization error at start up.[135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0]
    I’ve spent several hours trying to fix this together with your helpcenter and nothing helped.

    Do you test the updates before the release?!!! I have lots of questions to your QA :(

  • I have CC installed and it still shows up as an option, however every piece of CC I had in my game is gone! WTH? Is there a way to fix this or do I need to start over? I have spent over 3 week creating this house!

    • After the update, I turned on the game and all my data was gone. Every single saved game. I went to CAS to start everything over, and all of my cc disappeared. All of the boxes were ticked, everything was activated. I reinstalled the game and cc still doesn’t work. Way to go, EA.

  • So basically they fixed the bug where prep tasks reseted after every travel but now Sims won’t go to a gig, nice job wow :v

  • I last played TS4 on April 6. I log in today (Easter) and wait through a long update, but I think that’s okay. I’ll see something new maybe or it will run better. NOPE!! First, Willow Creek and Newcrest are GONE; just gone. My newest (and cutest!) sim family was living in Newcrest, so I try to save them with Manage Worlds and move them elsewhere. Not only are they now invisible, but the flooring is messed up in all worlds. Not happy :{ So much for a relaxing end to Easter.

  • So my actor sim can go to auditions, can do all the tasks without resetting (great!) but now she can’t go to work? the notification for 1 hour before work doesn’t show up and she just doesn’t go? I can’t force her to go as well. This is… very annoying. Anyway is this easy to fix? :)

    • Hi! I had this issue, apparently its to do with loading screens. Before you go to the audition you can travel but between the audition and the gig, if there is any loading screen at all (including CAS, world map etc) the pop up wont appear and the time for the gig will come and go with nothing happening. So you have to avoid all of this between the audition and the gig. The whole thing is really annoying but its a quick fix so you can at least get your sim to go. Hope they fix it soon!

  • Actor career don’t work anymore. My sim don’t go to rehearsal (for dome reason right away I have the role) and when the time to go to recording starts my sim don’t go anywhere. Just stays at his home and no notification appears. IT’S NOT POSSSIBLE TO GO TO WORK ANYMORE AS ACTOR.

  • Hi everyone, I’m having a problem with my game where some of the writing in the job section is redacted and in the game section I have no fame stars that show up also when I go into world my screen is black I leave to the pause menu ad it’s the house I was playing in?! Some reply if they have the same problem

  • Can someone please help! I play on Xbox one and the last few days I’m unable to save.. just keep getting error 22,
    I’ve restarted the game multiple times and restarted the Xbox, still keep getting the error? Can someone please help me