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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: First Look at the Evergreen Harbor World Map

The Sims Team is currently doing an official livestream for The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack and during the stream they’ve quickly showcased the new world map for Evergreen Harbor!

They’ve also confirmed in the stream that there are 11 lots and 2 apartments that have 2 residental lots each – totalling up to 15 lots in Evergreen Harbor!

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    • I always bulldoze lots. I’ve only used one premade house and that was back in TS2. I’m rather picky especially where the build itself is concerned and love clutter. Premades are good so the world looks more lived in and can show off new b/b items especially for those running low end computers.

    • Maybe they build on all lots already and if there’s no empty lots you can destroy the house and build another one!

    • sa aurait été amusant que pour le ‘ dernier’ de mettre l’option de mettre notre Lot ou un veut et de la grandeur qu’on veut ! comme les sims 3 !!!!
      C’est une fonction qui me manque beaucoup !

  • I really hope the apartments function like in discover university and not like city living. It would be expensive for them to revamp CL apartments to function like DU so hopefully they saw that university dorm system is more popular overall than apartments of CL. Though I did like the occasional noisy or busybody neighbor feature in CL. But not the shells.

  • Yet another disappointment from this pack…it’s rather entertaining watching this pack unfold more and more details as it gets closer to release, because literally nothing is exciting me about the pack. Yes, we get more lots which is great, but also look at how vast the actual land is and how empty it ends up looking because of it.

  • Really like they added apartments for this world, hope they continue this trend in future worlds.

  • Paying more so for the gameplay parts… brings lots of new things to your gameplay, plus a new world and lots of build and cas. yeah the world is kinda ugly on map but its kinda nice.