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The Sims 4: M.A.C Cosmetics Overview

Today’s new patch has not only brought a variety of new features to the game including Firefighters, a new billing system, free placement of windows and doors but the patch has also brought us another surprise. This happens to be in the form of a brand new makeup collaboration with M.A.C Cosmetics and they are part of the Base Game too!

There are a total of twelve new additions across the makeup categories that you can check out all of the different styles and swatches below!


Each of the four new eye shadow options comes in a variety of natural swatches as well as some brighter more vivid swatches.

Style One

Style Two

Style Three

Style Four


The two new eyeliner options come in a variety of bright and dual-toned options.

Style One

Style Two


There are two new additions to the cheeks selection. Both options come with twelve new swatches each!

Style One

Style Two


With four new lip additions in a variety of matte, gloss and dual-toned choices, there is plenty of new options for your Sims to try out and wear.

Style One

Style Two

Style Three

Style Four

Let us know what you think of the new M.A.C Cosmetics additions to the game below!

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  • Yay more MakeUp options and ones that are current styles! Love this new patch. Byfar the best one since seasons

  • Wow look love all of these from what I’ve seen in the pictures I was on it earlier but I was building my house and a new family to play whith and my whole game crashed so I just left it and turned my computer off

  • Wow look love all of these from what I’ve seen in the pictures I was on it earlier but I was building my house and a new family to play whith and my whole game crashed so I just left it and turned my computer off.

      • I think that Cyn meant that cc creators make better makeup and that the sims team should look at what is popular in the cc community so that those who can’t/won’t play with mods can get more usable makeup in the base game.

    • Yes custom content make nice makeup but consoles don’t have that privilege in some people just like to play on games consoles.

    • Some do and some don’t. Some only make ones that work with fair skin tones but it looks horrible on darker skin tones. And among those same cc creators some get mad when it’s pointed out instead of just taking some more time to test and adjust their makeup cc for a wider range of sims to use. It’s especially frustrating with blushes and sometimes eyeshadows.

  • I love them and it’s nice to have more base game options as a lot of the make up in expansion packs aren’t that useable

  • Expected more from MAC. There are so many options that are needed for eyeshadow, lip color, blush, etc. and they have us more ridiculousness. :(

    • To be fair, it’s a free collab. Don’t know if they’ll do anything sims inspired. While I doubt I’ll be using some of the more colorful additions there are some nice neutral tones included. I’m not that into makeup beyond “a little here, a little there” on occasion so maybe that’s also why I’m rather indifferent. It’s a nice addition especially for any player who can’t use cc or doesn’t like using cc.

  • I’m not really a fan of the new eyeshadows. They don’t suit sims darker then pale white.

    The lipsticks and blush are really cool.

  • I wish the eyeshadows had more gradient colors instead of full on bold color. But overall it is nice to have more variety of make up for your Sims.

  • WTF is that sperm eyeliner? And why would they release this makeup by a non-cruelty free makeup brand at the same time as an ECO LIVING expansion? SMH.

  • Okay so… I’m happy we are getting some more base makeup, and I think it looks nice. It’s just, okay I don’t know a lot about makeup companies, but last I heard M.A.C. does animal testing. It feels a little wrong to include this M.A.C. collab with the patch before the Eco Living expansion. Just needed to put that into the world.

  • Looking forward to seeing all the townies in my game looking like absolute idiots wearing this makeup with bunny slippers and a swimsuit.

  • How do I remove the M.A.C. logo from the interface?
    I don’t need to see a brand publicity every time I change a sim.

    I thought the sims team were better than this, it’s vile that you did this. You could have collaborated with a brand that doesn’t promote the abuse of animals by testing it’s products on animals. shame on you all!

  • Really disappointing for me, i love the sims but i cant believe they would collab with a company that associates with animal testing.