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Official Blog Post: M.A.C x The Sims Collbaboration

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Our latest free base game update* in The Sims™ 4 highlights new Sims makeup looks from an iconic brand that shares our values of self-expression and representation for all. Now more than ever, it’s important for us to partner with brands like M·A·C whose inclusive ethos mirrors our own. We worked to develop twelve stunning new looks with the help of M·A·C Director of Makeup Artistry Romero Jennings. If you haven’t already, start experimenting with M·A·C Cosmetics makeup in The Sims 4 today! Find out how to go glam ahead so you can play with style—and play with life.

Official Blog Post: M.A.C x The Sims Collbaboration

Find M·A·C in CAS

Brighten your Sim’s life with colorful makeup. From electrifying eye shadow splatters to two-toned lipstick, explore twelve Sim-sational new looks. The new styles include four eye shadows, two eyeliners, two blushes, and four lipsticks in a multitude of M·A·C-inspired hues. To give your Sim a M·A·C-over, simply go into the makeup category in Create-A-Sim mode. Each look will have the M·A·C logo on it, but to see all of them at once, you can also simply filter by Style —> M·A·C Cosmetics. Ta-da!

Why M·A·C?

Makeup gives people (and Sims) the opportunity to express themselves and be creative. It can transform you into whoever you want to be, or give you the freedom to try something new. Whoever you are—whether you use makeup as a tool for your art or a way to connect with your truth—it inspires playfulness and experimentation. So why not give your Sims the same options?

“We found that our brand identities meshed really well together, and that was reflected in our partnership. It was an absolute joy to collaborate with Romero and the M·A·C team, and for us to figure out how we can best represent M·A·C’s aesthetic within The Sims,” says producer Dana Peterson (aka SimGuruDana), who was the lead on the Maxis side of the project. “I’m so excited to share these fantastic looks with our players and see the Sims they create!”

Romero and the Maxis team developed twelve unique makeup styles for The Sims 4, including a futuristic disc liner look and vivid eye shadow splatter. “I love the art of makeup and allowing myself to self-inspire as I choose colors to mix and customize looks,” Romero said. “There is an emotional connection that occurs once makeup is involved.”

That connection is one of the reasons The Sims and M·A·C first expressed interest in collaborating with each other. “M·A·C and The Sims both empower our communities to be themselves and express themselves however they wish,” Romero pointed out. “M·A·C’s product portfolio and brand ethos is based off of All Ages, All Races, All Genders, and encourages powerful use of your imagination. Self-expression in makeup is huge, and customization through The Sims is just as major.”

See what else Romero has to say ahead!

What inspired you to partner up with The Sims?

“M·A·C is a welcoming home for everyone, and the world of The Sims is just the same. Up until now, The Sims 4 has never partnered with a makeup brand in-game, so it’s an honor for M·A·C to be the very first. When the idea was born, it was kind of perfect for both of our brands!

“We know The Sims players love creating makeup looks, and M·A·C consumers love entering fantastical worlds where they can express themselves. It was a no-brainer! Just as Sims players can create their Sim to fit their mood or suit their personality, we look at makeup the same way. It’s a creative forum that everyone can be a part of, and we are ecstatic to join forces in this way.”

How did you come up with the makeup looks for The Sims?

“As an artist, my inspiration can come from pop culture, street style, fashion week, social media, international travels, nature… just about everything! The looks for The Sims 4 were no different. With the help of our amazing friends on The Sims team, we were able to develop these new looks that you have never seen in-game before.

“It was so exciting to create twelve designs from scratch with focuses that span across natural wearable makeup, desirable trends, bold and vibrant looks, playful exotic designs, looks for the risk-takers, and of course the iconic, timeless beauty that M·A·C is known for. Looks are divided between eyeliner, eye shadow, lips, and cheeks. With each look, players can choose from a variety of colors and, ultimately, mix and match the designs to create their favorite look. There are millions of look possibilities and I can’t wait to see yours!”

How often do you play The Sims?

“Admittedly, I hadn’t played The Sims before I began working on this project, but I of course had known about the game. Confident to say, I am now hooked! I enjoy living and gardening in The Sims world. It’s like I am now trying to catch up on all the years that I missed out on playing The Sims.”

What’s your favorite thing about The Sims?

“I love the incredible variety of options that The Sims provides, from creating your look to interacting in The Sims world. After my experience with the Maxis team, I have such admiration for the way the game and features are created, developed, and brought to life. Everything is so thought out and it’s very visible in the execution of The Sims.”

What advice (about makeup or life, or both!) would you give to players of The Sims?

“My advice would be to play, create, and discover. I see how young children dream and constantly create, which keeps them inspired and gives them the ability to grow. I think many people lose that as they grow up. It’s easy to get stuck in your ways, but I find it so important to keep challenging yourself and continue to make use of your creative outlet. Sims can do that. Makeup can do that. It has the power to transform your look, mood, and confidence.”

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