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The Sims 4 PC & Console: New Update + Patch Notes! (October 6th, 2020)

The Sims Team has released a brand new Update for The Sims 4 on PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4!

To download the latest version of The Sims 4, simply open your Origin program and if the game doesn’t update automatically, right click on The Sims 4 and select ”Update”.

In case you have Mods or Custom Content, the game will automatically disable them for you after first launching The Sims 4 after the update. To re-enable all your Mods and Custom Content, select the Settings option in the Menu and select Settings. Under the”Other” section you’ll find the ”Enable Custom Content and Mods” option. Check it and restart your game in order for it to take effect!

Patch Notes

Update 10/06/2020
PC: / Mac:
Console: Version 1.32


We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with some new base game content inspired by the vibrant Hispanic cultures around the globe. Sit back with your Sim family and enjoy a lovely barbecue featuring flavors from Mexico, Argentina, Dominican Republic, and more! You’ll be able to deck out your backyard with a colorfully painted dining set, decorative pots, murals, a new grill, and please don’t forget about the bougainvillea-clad pergola to provide some shade for your Sims.

We’ve also partnered with renowned Chicano artist Mister Cartoon to bring you some Create A Sim content in his distinctive style. He recreated your favorite Freezer Bunny with a sassier look but also gave us a beautiful butterfly design that represents peaceful migration. Look out for tops in feminine and masculine styles for children and adults. Also, we couldn’t partner with a tattoo artist and NOT give you a tattoo, so check that out too! You can also read more about our Hispanic Heritage Month update here.

In addition, you can read about the work we are doing to address skin tone improvements here. The first steps of which are part of this release – we did a thorough investigation of our skin tone pipeline (how it gets from artist to player), to identify where we can improve our process. For this release, we found that the skin detail layer compression was one of our primary culprits for the blotchy artifacts and ashy appearance of darker skin tones. We have uncompressed those textures by default. That work, along with the option to uncompress Sim textures will result in better visuals for your Sims in game. The linked blog will provide further details on those options.

We have also updated the look for two of our base game hairstyles. Those specifically being yfHair_LongBraidedPulledBack and ymHair_AfroMedium. As stated in the blog, this is not the end of these improvements, but only the first steps. Expect more from us, and of us.

-SimGuruGnome, SimGuruDana, and SimGuruRusskii

Now onto the fixes:

Sims 4

  • Fixed an issue in which external garbage cans were constantly being filled up when not having Eco Lifestyle installed. It is a good thing to be conscious of our overall everyday waste footprint but there is something to be said about too much trash that is… seemingly uninvited.
  • Sims will now use the dining table to eat again. Sometimes if I’m in a hurry, I grab a meal on the go and don’t sit down to eat, but sometimes you need to sit down and enjoy a nice meal, you know?
  • You pay your new bills, all the new bills, keep track of all the bills. We think you can do it. So, hope you like this update too as we have adjusted Lot Taxes to be more appropriate per Lot.
  • Fixed an issue in which the message “Not Expanded to Ops” would appear while in Build Mode and would hinder gameplay. If this is the behavior with “Not Expanded to Ops” I don’t want to see what “Expanded to Ops” looks like, unless it is a good thing, but let’s not get carried away.
  • Had a good talk with Sims that had neglected their duties with their Toddlers. They can go back to Potty Training and Read to Sleep to their little angels.
  • Fixed an issue in which Favorited Items in inventory were being reset when editing Lots through Manage Worlds.
  • Sims that were transferred to other Households will no longer reset any Household settings like Bed Assignments. Reading about this issue and trying to imagine it, brought me to this:

<insert dramatic music>
“What do you want?”
“It’s not that simple!”
“But… <sigh> What.Do.You.Want?!”
“Just because you moved out, and you are suddenly back in our lives doesn’t mean you can disrupt everything ok? I had my bed, with MY NAME ON IT!”
<end dramatic music>

  • A new foe has appeared! A challenger approaches! Error 124:2951a73 enters the fray… and is properly squashed. Good luck next time Error 124:2951a73… Well, don’t come back so… farewell!
  • The Lin-Z Smart Speaker has been updated to now play the Focus and Metal stations.

Island Living

  • Fixed an issue in which all non-decorative rocks disappeared after traveling from different Lots. Was it the work of impostor rocks? Igneous looks especially shifty. Sus.

Discover University

  • Fixed an issue with the ICYA Chest in which it appeared locked after Sims moved from one Household to another. My precious! Mine!

Eco Lifestyle

  • Fixed an issue that reset Bits and Pieces when Sims moved to other Households. No uh, if you move, move but leave my Bits and Pieces within my Household thank you very much.
  • The Community Voting Board is no longer listed as a DEBUG item, no longer has a defective thumbnail, and can be placed within the Lot.
  • Civil Designer Sims can now complete Work from Home Assignments.
  • We have rebuilt the Store No More Home Fabricator so that it doesn’t break at least once a day. All returns are subject to warranty inspection, no Simoleons were harmed in this endeavor.
  • We spent some time tasting… I mean… monitoring yes, Sims’ behavior in regards to Cooking and Baking Cakes pretty much non stop. We managed to correct said behavior, but hopefully, we won’t lose access to the delicious goods.

Outdoor Retreat

  • Fixed a routing issue that prevented Sims from extinguishing engulfed Sims that are sitting by the Campfire. Gives a whole new meaning to “Warming up by the fire.”

Dine Out

  • Fixed an issue with Restaurant Menus that made them appear blank or corrupted. Blind tasting menus in real life are a thing, but I don’t think that is what this issue wanted to convey.

Fitness Stuff

  • We have added the Focus and Metal station as an option for Earbuds. Have you claimed your free Earbuds yet?

Tiny Living

  • The Media Marathoner All-on-the-Wall, and the Media Marathoner now have the option so Sims can perform Air Guitar. Yearrrrgggg.


  • Fixed an issue with keys [Q] and [E] when used with the Tripod, now those keys should move the camera up and down freely. Strike a pose!

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  • Glad to see the medium fro they edited still has the old thumbnail in cas, lmfao. And they didn’t edit the “cauliflower” fro at all, embarrassing…

    • They already said this is part of the changes. There was some other hair styles mentioned and confirmed to be updated in december update (coming along with the 100 skintones)

    • Yall got the cakes, but did you stop the obsessive music playing, clay molding, future cube etc. When I turn off automation, I expect it to be off. Sims keep stopping tasks to mess with Clay. There’s Hundreds of clay in one sims inventory. I ain’t buying them.

    • Pls turn Automation Off back on. It’s probably an Eco bug. It’s more than just cakes. My Sim shouldn’t do anything alone with Automation Off, yet they stop tasks constantly to bake, clay, violin, guitar, mix drinks, future cube, brew de stressing remedy. There are probably more.

  • There is still a patch in between the eyes on the nose, in the darker skintones. So how is it fixed…

    Also kinda lazy to just recolor existing jacket and shirt :/
    Glad its free (and not like the recolour of the city living curtians in eco lifestyle uh)

      • Pls turn Automation Off back on. It’s probably an Eco bug. It’s more than just cakes. My Sim shouldn’t do anything alone with Automation Off, yet they stop tasks constantly to bake, clay, violin, guitar, mix drinks, future cube, brew de stressing remedy. There are probably more.

    • Yes, I’ve been having this problem on console since early September I believe, maybe even longer. Unfortunately I can’t play my Eco Sims until the bug is fixed. :/

  • The pulled back braided hair was one of the best afro-textured hairs, and now it’s ruined. I can’t even tell what they “fixed” with the other hair. Disappointing.

  • Glad to see the Q/E bug has been corrected for the tripods! Was the issue of the walls not going up or down (with PG up/PG dn) while in tab mode not brought up before?

  • More 64×64 lots!!!!!!!!! I go crazy for those and build like crazy on them!!!!! I fill all of those lots!!!!! I want a 64×64 lot on Island living or more island worlds!!!!!! Come on guys!!!!!! I don’t like the smaller than 64×64 ones at all!!!!! I want an entire world full of the 64×64 lots!!!!!!

  • I play on xbox I want multiplayer since mixer is not there no more and our families we started with our friends is gone we need multiplayer immediately. You guys can make this happen and this is what we want dead serious it’s like pc get to do a lot while console players like xbox just be looked over. It’s not fair we put our money and stuff into this game too. Wow we can’t do none of the fun things. Single player is so boring I want to play with at least one friend all these updates that I don’t care about.

    • We don’t have multiplayer on PC either. Its not part of the game. We have access to the library which they added to console a little while back and we have access to custom content. But there isn’t really multiplayer unless you mean the mod someone created which isn’t supported by the Sims game as a default – that’s an add on someone else made. So your request should really be for them to make it possible to install mods on consoles. I’m not sure how that would be done exactly since the games are built differently for console (in terms of what its possible to access file wise). But you’re not missing fun stuff that PC players can currently do otherwise.

  • I’m SO HAPPY about the University chest getting fixed!!! I used it my fist time playing, LOVED the concept… then lost all my things when I switched dorms… can’t wait to use them again!!!

  • I’m assuming fixing the skin tones is a work in progress? Because I just checked and they look the same old ashy as ever.
    So with out a doubt, I know there has to be a part two to the skin update. Please let us know when. Until the I guess I will stick with mods.

  • I wish they would fix it to where my Sims saved files dont keep getting deleted! So many hours and money spent on these games for everything to keep being deleted and my saved files wont go back onto my game even after following the forum they keep giving me!! Someone please fix this and help me fix it!

    • Your best bet would be posting this on the official sims forums or contacting a guru regarding this since you said followed previous advice from the forum. See if you can include any pictures that might be helpful. Or you using any mods?

  • Updated the game 6th October, and started it up but all my sims were covered in the red/white question mark mesh when things are broken. Took all my Mods and CAS CC out, restarted it, and it didn’t go away. So I know it’s the actual game skintones, I’m repairing it via Origin, but if that doesn’t work, I’m confused on what else I can do.

  • My game says its been updated but nothing they put in for Spanish Heritage month is showing up.What should I do?Has anyone else had this problem?

  • After the update, I lost some of the objects from the build mode. The roofs have disappeared from the lots, they cannot be re-installed. And the stairs too. Objects are not placed and simply disappear. There was only MC CC from the mods, I removed it and it didn’t help. Has anyone already encountered this problem?

  • Love the new murals and dining set! Unfortunately…I do not love the fact my gallery and game are now showing up as white screens with red x’s on them. Anyone else have this issue? I’ve taken out all my mods, redownloaded the game, and cleared my local cache. Anyone else having issues?

  • My game updated, but it gets stuck on the “loading tip here…” screen. I cleared out the one and only mod I had on it, but still haven’t been able to play at all. Any tips on how to fix that?

    • Did you delete the localthumb cache. Even if you delete a mod the outdated info is stored there. The game will generate a new one. It’s good practice to delete it when new patches release and when you add or remove mods. Also check and see if there is an update to that mod as patches can also break mods or custom content especially if it was a bug fix type of mod or became obsolete from the patch.

  • After the update, my game is always saying that my mods are deactivated, and I can´t do anything to activate them! I follow the steps like I did in the past but the message is still the same “mods deactivated” (my game is in spanish so I don´t know if in english it´s like this).

    • I had the same problem. What you need to do is move the whole sims 4 folder onto your desktop. Then open up your game again and it’ll create a new folder where the old one used to be. Then from there go back to the folder you saved on your desktop and move all your cc and mods into the new mods folder, do the same for all your saves and screenshots if you take them. This worked for me, just make sure you don’t accidentally delete any of your mods or saves.

  • Amazing! Finally, the community boards aren’t debugs! Maybe this will mean I’ll get to see some more community spaces in the gallery.

  • For some reasons my young adults look like adults and have wrinkles already,,, especially the darker skin tones. It suddenly just looks incredibly ugly and the faces dont look that smooth anymore,,
    idk if that’s bcs of the ccs or because they changed smth about the updates

  • I’m looking for to see what was “improved” and the redness between the sims eyes and mouth area too bad I’m on console and get to keep the original skin colors that are in my opinion better than the updated ones but I do respect the work you do because it does take a long time to fix thing especially in a game like the sims 4. I do have a problem moving objects in a certain area even if I have bb.moveobjects on my sims can’t make their way to the object. Could you also try to make another base game update for new hairstyles for all sims adult to toddler

  • After my game updated to the latest patch, my family tree is kinda messed up. Like my sim’s ancestor (im at my 5th or 6th generation.. honestly i lost track on how many generations my sim’s family tree is at right now) who’s been dead for a long time is suddenly colored in (normally it would be greyed out, because ya know that sim was dead) and when I hover over to that sims thats been colored in it doesn’t say “Died by…” or anything it just says their name and ancestor underneath their name. I do have mods installed and i have removed my mods to see if that was the cause, but it wasn’t. I don’t know if anyone else has this issue or not… I don’t know what to do….
    Also i do have the dead sim’s tombstones still and i hovered over them, but it’ll say RIP on it or just their names. I also checked if they were in the unplayed household bins and nothing…. I don’t know whats going on. Im afraid to play my game, like what if i play it and these supposedly dead sims end up having a family and like corrupting the game.

  • This update has messed up my game, and I remember when I first played the game on ps4 without any packs or expansions, it was playable, and now with all these updates, and extra content the game is so glitchy, buggy, and unplayable! This October update deleted my one of my saved games, and I was in build mode, I don’t know what happened, it just deleted itself, after I exited build mode from editing a restaurant, and I can only edit one of the staffs outfit, but not all of them upon pressing L1 and R1, no input, nothing, and can’t rotate objects anymore!

  • My mods will not work at all, every time i open sims it tells me “disabled go into settings”, ya know, but i do, and i enable them, and restart sims, and it then shows me the mods are disabled message again??????? Over and over, can someone help?

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