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The Sims 3 Mac 64bit Version has started rolling out on Origin

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Apple’s Mac OS updated to Metal about a year ago, which is a new API that helps deliver Graphics to video games. The problem with the latest Mac OS Update was that it only supported 64bit video games, which of course excluded The Sims 3 that was built entirely on the 32bit structure.

A few months ago EA had announced that they started working on a 64bit version for The Sims 3 that would be exclusive to Mac computers, because without the needed work to upgrade the game on Macs people can’t play the game at all. They mentioned that it might take some time and that the original plan was to get it out in early 2020. They gave an update a month ago saying:

  • Yes, we’re still working on this. I know waiting is hard.
  • Yes, I know that we’re no longer “early 2020.” Sometimes things take longer than the original estimates.
  • Yes, we know you want this right now. Please see the first bullet.

There’s been good progress since the last update, but there’s still some challenges. We’re working on them.

Today, people have started reporting that they’re seeing a whole new version of The Sims 3 appearing in their Origin Game Library. For Windows players it started showing up with a notice saying “Only Available for Mac” while for Mac players it states that it’s the new “The Sims 3 64bit & Metal” version but unfortunately it’s still not letting them download the new version. Considering that the rollout has just started for players we could see the game become completely playable in the next few days.

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The Sims 3 Mac 64bit Version has started rolling out on Origin

It’s still not known if EA plans to update The Sims 3 on Windows to 64bit or not considering that the 32bit version of The Sims 3 on Windows is still fully playable.

If you want to know more about why these updates are happening, check out EA’s official FAQ down below:

Dear Simmers,

If you currently play The SimsTM 3 on Mac, pay close attention to this announcement!

Earlier this year, Apple announced plans to phase out support for 32-bit applications with their new macOS, Catalina. Due to this change, we will be releasing an updated version of The Sims 3 that will be compatible with the new macOS, The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal). We will also be making all DLC content available in this new format, as well.

The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal) will be available for download via Origin. We don’t have a release date for when Apple will release Catalina. However, if it occurs before The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal) is out and you decide to update your Mac to macOS Catalina, you will not be able to continue playing The Sims 3 until after we release The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal). Once The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal) is released, you will have to uninstall your current version of The Sims 3 and packs before re-installing, and you will not be able to patch your existing installation. We will post more detailed instructions when we make this update available. You will not lose your progress in the game and you will keep all the extra content you have acquired over time.

The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal) FAQ

Where can I get The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal) Edition?

If you are an existing The Sims 3 owner, we will have instructions on this page which will walk you through the steps to get your copy of The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal) Edition when it is released.

When will 64-Bit & Metal Edition be available?

This change is planned for early 2020. We will update you once we have a confirmed date.

Will I be able to get the 64-Bit & Metal Edition through a patch to my current game?

No. The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal) Edition will be its own version of The Sims 3 and carries significant changes from the currently available version. This means that the game will not be patched and will require the The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal) Edition and the packs to be installed like a new release through Origin.

Will the minimum specifications be the same as The Sims 3?

No. The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal) Edition will require the latest version of Origin which requires OSX 10.9 or later. Also, since the The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal) Edition adds 64-bit and Metal support, the minimum specifications will be adjusted accordingly.

What if I can’t update my Mac?

The Sims 3 and all the packs will be available in their current form for those players who choose not to or cannot update their Mac to Catalina.

Will I need to buy The Sims 3 or my packs again?

No. All The Sims 3 players who have registered their game and packs with Origin will have access to The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal) Edition when it releases. If you have the disc version of The Sims 3, you will need to redeem your code in Origin to access The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal) Edition in Origin.

Will The Sims 3 (64-Bit & Metal) Edition release for Windows PC?

There are no current plans to update the Windows PC version of The Sims 3. Version 1.6.9 is available to The Sims 3 players via Origin.

What do I need to do to make sure my game is saved before I update to macOS Catalina?

While updating macOS to a newer version should be straight forward, we recommend you backup your saves before updating to macOS Catalina. You can find The Sims 3 save files in DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3. Simply copy the entire The Sims 3 directory somewhere safe like your cloud storage of choice (eg. iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) or a USB flash drive. This will backup your downloaded content and your save files among other things.

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