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The Sims 4 Gucci Collab: Interview with Harrie & Grimcookies


The Gucci collaboration with Grimcookies and Harrie is a huge moment in the sims community, so we wanted to find out from G&H what the collab is all about, how it came to life and what it means for the future.

If you haven’t heard about this iconic collab yet, check out our article here!

This collab is really an iconic moment for the community. How did it all start?

G: The idea was born out of the sustainability elements in the Eco Lifestyle EP! Gucci’s Off The Grid line is made from recycled, organic, bio-based and sustainably sourced materials so it was a natural fit to kind of bring it in via custom content and tie it to that part of the game. We wanted it to be something made by the community for the community, and I was lucky enough to be one of the creators they chose to bring it to life in the game.

H: Gucci “Off The Grid” Collection is the first from the Gucci Circular Lines range & its all about heading towards a more sustainable future, so when they saw that The Sims had released the Eco Lifestyle EP, it seemed like the perfect fit. Gucci Equilibrium is all about raising young voices up and making the world a better place. Working with The Sims community would further their mission statement.

Now on a personal note, when I first got that email to detail the project, I thought it was a hoax, but now that I’ve learnt now about the work that Gucci Equilibrium does, this collab makes perfect sense.

Tell us a little bit about what the collab includes and how you’re both involved

G: My part of the collection is a set of 11 decor items for build buy as well as 2 pairs of shoes and 2 hats in create-a-sim. I recreated my favourite items from the real life collection including matching the exact swatches they come in, in real life. I also digitally recreated 3 stills from the Gucci campaign including a digital Jane Fonda and 2 still life photos of the items. 

H: I handled the recreation of the treehouse from the Gucci Off The Grid advertising campaign. It’s a 64 x 64  fully playable residential lot located on San Myshuno Meadows. I also got to place all of Grim’s Gucci decor items around the build, so that your sims can live that Gucci life.

Harrie GucciOTG 1

How long have you had to keep this a secret for?

G: A LONG time, back in July I think it went from a potential idea to a project I was actively working on, so even though it’s only been a few months it has felt like forever having to sit on a secret like this. 

H: I just looked back in my emails and the first email arrived all the way back on 10th July, so it’s been over 3 months I’ve been keeping this secret and it feels great to finally be able to spill the beans.

What are your favourite items from the collab?

G: The shoes! I love them so much. I spent hours upon hours staring at the real life versions haha. After them, my next favourite is for sure Harrie’s build. It’s gorgeous. 

H: I love the backpack! I don’t have the Gucci one IRL, but my simself will forever own one. But all the pieces are perfect to add that lived in feel and realism to a build.

The Sims 4 Gucci Collab: Interview with Harrie & Grimcookies

Harrie, how did you come up with the tree house idea?

H: The treehouse wasn’t a real life structure, but I combined their concept artwork and the campaign imagery to come up with the final build. It was fun to be able think more in depth about how I constructed the lot; making sure that I was building in a sustainable way and also thinking about the eco systems that would be able to thrive here.

Any plans for another big collab like this?

G: None! I will be resting for a while after this. It was a dream come true and a lot of fun but also a lot of work and quite stressful. When you are taking someone else’s art and re-creating it that can be quite a lot to take on, definitely a lot of self-placed pressure to get it right so for the indefinite future I no plans for another one. Plus I think this really deserves to be a one-of-a-kind collaboration.

H: Nothing in the works right now with other brands, but I’d be more than happy to do another project like this in the future. But for now I’ll be sticking to the traditional Sims collabs 

Who is your DREAM collab?

G: Sweet Treats 2 of course, Katy my dms are open x

H: If The Sims team were to ask the CC community to collaborate on a Stuff Pack, I would die! I also think it would be recieved by the community really well too.

What new CC collections can we expect from you in the next few months?

G: In November I am releasing a new default skinblend and I am also working on a fun mini-set with a fellow youtuber.

H: I haven’t actually announced this anywhere yet, but I’m currently working on a country collection of items that will be released over the next 3 months. It starts in November with the release of the bedroom items, but will also include kitchen & living room items too

What’s your advice to any other creators who would like to team up with a big brand?

G: Authenticity is key. This project would not have worked if Harrie and myself couldn’t fully stand behind the key messages of sustainability that the Off The Grid collection & equilibrium promotes. Gucci’s commitment to sustainability via their new circular lines initiative is so in-line with my own values as a person to care for our environment. I think that making sure whatever you are doing is a really good fit is the most important thing. I am so proud to have been part of a project that spotlights the cc community and I think that if those elements, alongside the sustainability ones weren’t a part of this project then it would not come anywhere near close to the authenticity and awesomeness that I think this project has. 

H:  I would second everything that Grim said, but also knowing what your skills and having the confidence to bring your own ideas to the table will make for the best collaboration project. Always know your worth 🙂

Huge thanks to Harrie and Grimcookies for doing this interview with us! You can stay up to date on their latest content and creations on their socials:



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