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The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Meet the Residents of Mt. Komorebi!


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Welcome to Mt. Komorebi

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape comes with three premade families already living in Mt. Komorebi, but these families are unlike any premade families we’ve seen previously in The Sims 4. This is because for the first time since The Sims 2, every family in Mt. Komorebi has pre-existing connections with the other residents in the world; these connections range from positive to negative and are helped along by the new Sentiments system. This not only makes the Sims of Mt. Komorebi feel more real and complex, but also gives the player more tools to create powerful stories (and maybe some drama) between these Sims.

So without any further delay, let’s meet the residents of Mt. Komorebi!

The Ito Household

Household Description

Megumi Ito grew up in Senbamachi. A gold medalist skier, she aims to give her children the same upbringing, but memories of an old flame might drive her to distraction. Naoki Ito is a former medalist himself. A calculating businessman, his controversial vision of Mt. Komorebi includes more tourism, more money, and modernization. Nanami and Kiyoshi have their parents’ athletic talent, but their hearts lie elsewhere. Nanami just wants to be a kid and Kiyoshi is crushing on more than the slopes…

Naoki Ito

Age: Young Adult
Career: Business (6)
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Walk Style: Default
Voice: Clear
Traits: Mean | Family Oriented | Materialistic | Domestic (Bonus) | Chopstick Savvy (Reward)
Skills: Fitness 7 | Mischief 4 | Skiing 9
Relationships: Megumi Ito – Wife | Kiyoshi Ito – Son | Nanami Ito – Daughter | Shigeru Nishidake – Disliked
Sentiments: Sheguri Nishidake – Festering Grudge
Lifestyles: None

Megumi Ito

Age: Young Adult
Career: Business (6)
Aspiration: Extreme Sports Enthusiast
Walk Style: Default
Voice: Lilted
Traits: Proper | Ambitious | Adventurous | High Metabolism (Bonus) | Chopstick Savvy (Reward)
Skills: Fitness 7 | Logic 4 | Skiing 10
Relationships: Naoki Ito – Husband | Kiyoshi Ito – Son | Nanami Ito – Daughter | Kado Akiyama – Ex-Boyfriend | Sachiko Nishidake – Good Friends
Sentiments: Kado Akiyama – Hurt
Lifestyles: None

Kiyoshi Ito

Age: Teen
Career: High School C Student
Aspiration: Extreme Sports Enthusiast
Walk Style: Default
Voice: Clear
Traits: Romantic | Adventurous | High Metabolism (Bonus) | Chopstick Savvy (Reward)
Skills: Fitness 5 | Guitar 5 | Snowboarding 6
Relationships: Naoki Ito – Father | Megumi Ito – Mother | Nanami Ito – Sister | Kaori Nishidake – Lovebirds
Sentiments: Kaori Nishidake – Enchanted from a Moment in the Mountains
Lifestyles: None

Nanami Ito

Age: Child
Career: Grade School C Student
Aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
Walk Style: N/A
Voice: Warm
Traits: Kleptomaniac | Chopstick Savvy (Reward)
Skills: Motor 5 | Social 5
Relationships: Naoki Ito – Father | Megumi Ito – Mother | Kiyoshi Ito – Brother
Sentiments: None
Lifestyles: None

Household Notes

  • Megumi and Kado are ex-lovers. The household description hints that Megumi may be tempted to stray from her husband and rekindle her old flame with Kado; however, this may take some effort on the player’s part considering she has the Hurt sentiment about him.
  • Naoki has a negative relationship with Shigeru; they both harbour the Festering Grudge sentiment with each other. This could cause some tension in the household, considering Naoki’s wife is good friends with Shigeru’s wife and Naoki’s son has strong romantic feelings for Shigeru’s granddaughter.
  • Kiyoshi and Kaori have the potential for a forbidden romance, or “Romeo & Juliet” story, since Kiyoshi’s father and Kaori’s grandfather dislike each other.
  • Nanami’s Kleptomaniac trait might indicate she’s acting out and trying to rebel against the high standards her successful parents have imposed on her.
  • If Get Famous is installed, Naoki and Megumi will start out as celebrities; Megumi will be a Rising Star and Naoki will be a Noticeable Newcomer. This is most likely due to them both being former Olympian medalists.

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