Sim Gurus Tease a New Pack for The Sims 4!


It seems the Sim Gurus are back at it with their cryptic tweets and the whole fandom knows what that means. New content! In the past, the Sim Gurus have taken to Twitter to tease upcoming content with vague tweets that hint at new packs. Yesterday, SimGuruGeorge and SimGuruFrost did just that.

SimGuruGeorge initially tweeted out a seemingly routine tweet, asking players if they can only play in one world for the whole weekend, which world would they pick? Pretty standard stuff, right?

Well, maybe not. SimGuruFrost replied to SimGuruGeorge’s comment with “I choose [REDACTED].” Interesting but he could have just been talking about StrangerVille. After all, the Sim Gurus did make a series of tweets around this theme of secrecy back before the official announcement for the StrangerVille game pack was made.

However, SimGuruGeorge’s response makes us think this is something more.

This of course has players speculating on what exactly this “new” mechanic could be. We know the first [REDACTED] in SimGuruGeorge’s tweet is a world based on the context of the tweets but the rest of the tweet is somewhat of a mystery.

The only thing we can predict is that some kind of new content is most likely on the horizon and we can’t wait to see what it is!

What do you think SimGuruGeorge was talking about? Leave a comment or come chat with us on social media!

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