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10 Cottagecore Households You Can Download Right Now!

We’ve showcased some amazing cottagecore-inspired builds lately. Now it’s time to shine a light on some talented Sim and pet creators in the community! Let’s fill all those cute cozy cottages with families!

None of the households featured in this article use any CC so anyone who owns the required packs can download and enjoy them!

Cottagecore Lesbians by Death_Comes_Quik

I immediately fell in love with this adorable couple as soon as I saw them in the Gallery! Pam likes to garden and Haley likes to cook which seems like a winning combination right there! Plus their cat and dog are just as adorable as their owners.

Cottage Witch Farm Dayana by Waaty_Vegan

Spellcasters and cottages just go together, amirite? Here’s a beautiful cottagecore spellcaster named Dayana and her trusty feline familiar. I wonder what kind of potions she’ll brew with the ingredients from her garden.

Cottagecore Family by Myst118

This fantastic little family looks like they came straight out of a fairytale storybook, which is exactly what the cottagecore aesthetic aims to achieve. I can just picture them enjoying life on their little farm where they grow and raise everything they put on their table! Amazing job!

Cottagecore by UselessRobot

I thought this Sim was absolutely stunning when I came across her in the Gallery! Her beautiful warm skin tone and kind facial features make for a heartwarming addition to any rural countryside town. Since she is a single-Sim household, there’s a lot of versatility for the player to create her own story.

Flowerpot by stellarsims4

This granny and toddler duo made me smile right away when I found them! What could be more cottagecore than a grandparent watching their young grandchild frolic and play on the farm that’s been in their family for generations? Their names suggest they might have some magical fae-like qualities about them as well! Just storytelling, of course, since we don’t actually have faeries in The Sims 4, but I love the thought and creativity that went into this household.

Leaf by MoonMoonstone30

What a delightfully British Sim with her feline companion! That sweet cardigan and brimmed hat adorned with flowers takes me right to a European fair on a sunny day. This household would fit right in with the townsfolk of the new world, Henford-on-Bagley, coming with the Cottage Living expansion next month.

Flowers by Jill4ChrisRed

I love playing with big families in The Sims 4 and I especially love families with rich stories. This amazing cottagecore-inspired household by Jill4ChrisRed ticks all my favourite gameplay boxes. The story about their teenage son moving away to become a musician, their young daughter dreaming of city life, and their newly-single sister-in-law moving in make me want to dive in and explore them more.

Cottage Core Pet Mom by turtlecarly

Pet moms rule! Especially this one! I am quite jealous of her cozy oversized sweater and ankle-length floral skirt. It’s giving me major whimsical dreamland vibes. I would love to sit on a countryside porch with her and chat over a cup of tea. She seems like an interesting Sim to be friends with. Her adorable pets are a nice bonus!

Cottagecore Couple by SimmerTrine23

This young cottagecore couple and their friendly golden retriever have a lot of potential for many different storylines. They’re an open book with so many possibilities! Will they have a large family to help them work their farm or will you stir up drama? Maybe a little bit of both?

Cottagecore Toddler by Kellvon24

This handsome big brother in charge of taking care of his rambunctious little brother while their parents are away for the weekend just melts my heart! How cute and creative! What’s more fun than a cute little toddler bonding with his big brother in the quaint countryside? Another example of a well-thought-out household with an imaginative back story!

What are you waiting for? Go download some of these amazing households right now! Remember to give the creator a follow, too, and leave a nice comment to say thanks!

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