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Storyteller Spotlight: Play With Ali


Welcome to a brand new segment on Sims Community! The Storyteller Spotlight is designed to shed some light on talented storytellers in our community; more specifically, up-and-coming storytellers who may not have a large following but do have a large amount of talent! I’ll be showcasing both written stories and machinimas from some amazing storytellers in the community.

Our first Storyteller Spotlight is Play With Ali on YouTube!

Play With Ali has just launched a new machinima called The Thompsons on their YouTube channel!

The Thompsons (2021)

The Thompsons is a short drama film about a seemingly perfect couple who turn out not to be as perfect as their neighbours might think. My favourite thing about it is how Play With Ali doesn’t rely on a lot of custom animations or flashy video effects to tell the story. The whole film feels very organic and true to the spirit of The Sims but the soundtrack and cinematic transitions still create an exciting feeling of suspense.

Be sure to watch the video and subscribe to Play With Ali for more machinima coming in the future!

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