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The Sims 4 Cottage Living: All About Groceries and New Delivery Options

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The Sims 4 Cottage Living Expansion Pack finally lets you purchase groceries (or order them via phone!).

I’ve dived deep into this new feature thanks to the Early Alpha. Please note that because it’s early version things are subject to change!

Groceries are finally making a comeback to The Sims 4! Whether you’re mising basic ingridients such as Sugar and Flour or you’re out of Fruits and Vegetables, you’ll be able to restock your fridge almost instantly with two new ways of getting Groceries, which I’ll explain below.

This feature is extremely useful if you’re playing with the new Simple Living Lot Challenge and are missing a few ingridients and food in your fridge and inventory!

Purchasing Groceries

There are two ways you can get groceries – by purchasing them from a Grocery Market Stall or by ordering the groceries online.

You can directly Purchase (or Sell) groceries at the Grocery Market Stall found in Finchwick Neighborhood, right in the city centre.

At the stall you’ll be able to purchase fresh groceries including:

  • Cooking Books
  • Fish
  • Fruit
  • Ingredients
  • Vegetables

There are new set of groceries added every day so make sure you check up the shop regularly! If you have multiple Packs installed that bring in new types of groceries they also might get listed!

The Grocery Shop also lets you sell any groceries you have in your Sim’s inventory. Simply click on the stall and select “Sell…” and choose the groceries from your inventory that you want to sell immediately.

Is your Sim feeling confident enough to ask for a lower price on groceries? They can Haggle with the Grocery Shop Owner and get a discount!

Ordering Groceries

There are three ways you can order groceries directly to your home: via phone or by simply clicking the Fridge and selecting Order a Delivery. You can order the groceries via phone > Order a Delivery > Grocery Delivery.

You’ll get the same Grocery Shop Menu with a similar selection of groceries that can be delivered to your lot.

After you finish your order a deliverer will come to your home – in a mater of just a few Sim seconds! They’ll find your entrance doorway and knock on your door until you choose to Accept the Delivery. The deliverer will then place down the groceries on the nearest surface in your home.

You’ll be able to choose whether to put the Grocery Bag in your inventory or Unload the Bag. Unloading the bag will put ingredients in either the fridge and/or your Sim’s inventory, depending or not some groceries need the fridge to remain fresh.

Zoomers Food Delivery

You might’ve noticed that there’s another new Food Delivery service called Zoomers Food Delivery!

The Zoomers Food Delivery allows you to order local specialties and food. The more packs you have installed the more local specialties you’ll also be able to order!

Similarly to Grocery Delivery, the Zoomers Food Deliverer will arrive at your doorstep with the food bag. You’ll have to accept the delivery so that the deliverer can place down the Food box to the nearest surface. Just like with groceries select Unload Delivery Bag, drag the food out of your Sim’s inventory and enjoy your meal!

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