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The Sims 4 Cottage Living: All About Rabbits

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Wild Rabbits are just one of the new Animals coming with The Sims 4 Cottage Living Expansion Pack!

In this article I’ll be doing a deep dive of every aspect of Wild Rabbits in this pack, including interactions with the Rabbits, Rabbit Clothing, Befriending a Rabbit and more. Please note that the software used to capture this info is early alpha and things are subject to change.

There are several locations where you can find Wild Rabbits in the new world of Henford-on-Bagley. You can check out where they’re located in the Wild Animals Maps!

They can be found hanging around the Tree Stumps placed in the Old New Henford and The Bramblewood Neighborhoods. In Old New Henford there is a Tree Stump near a walking path, while in The Bramblewoods there is one near the Creature Keeper and one near the waterfall. You can check out what they look like below:


If you can’t find a Rabbit to interact with roaming around Henford on Bagley then you can try to “Lure Out Rabbits” out of the tree stumps – that is if Rabbits are hiding in them. It’s recommended that you try this interaction only during daytime because they don’t like to be bothered when sleeping during the night.

Once you manage to lure out the rabbit you’ll have plenty of interactions to choose from. It’s recommended that, if you want to befriend a rabbit, to approach rabbits carefully by observing them from the distance. You can also always choose a more direct approach and interact with them immediately.

There are numerous interactions you can do with rabbits! Check out the preview below:

In the Actions menu you’ll have interactions to Admire the Rabbit (if your Sim has the Animal Enthusiast Trait) and to make the camera lock on them. In the Socialize section there are funny, friendly, mean and mischevious social interactions that you can choose to perform with the Rabbit. There’s also an option to Give Gift to the Rabbit (or take a Gift offered by a Rabbit if they’re friendly enough) and an option to Discover Gift Preferences.

Rabbits and Gifts

There are numerous collectibles that you can gift to (and receive from) Rabbits, including: Books, Canned Goods, Cross-stitch, Drinks, Eggs, Fish, Flowers, Meat Meals, Wool, Milk, Paintings, Produce, Veggie Meals and Wooden Sculptures.

After choosing the Discover Gift Preferences interaction you’ll get information about what they like / dislike. In this case after I used the interaction I only discovered that the Wild Rabbit I stumbled across doesn’t like Veggie Meals, while everything else was still under a question mark whether they’ll like the gift or not. It’s often fun to experiment and give Animals gifts whether or not you know their preferences.

After having several positive social interactions with the Rabbit you’ll be able to Take the Gift that the Rabbit prepared for you! Each Rabbit will be able to give you a Gift on a daily basis – just make sure you positively interact with them!

The gifts that Rabbits give to your Sims have the same range as gifts you can give to Rabbits. In this scenario I’ve gotten 1 Pink Llama Wool from the Wild Rabbit I’ve started socializing with.

Befriending a Rabbit and Rabbits at Home

There are many social interactions that will help you befriend a Rabbit. If your Sim is an Animal Enthusiast they’ll also be able to form a friendship with a Wild Rabbit faster! My Sim who’s an Animal Enthusiast had more luck befriending a Rabbit, however other Sims might have to be a bit more persistent.

If it’s your first time befriending a Rabbit you’ll unlock a Wild Rabbit Home that you can place down on your Residental Lot. Also, every time that you befriend a Rabbit you’ll get a powerful moodlet:


One of the benefits of befriending a Rabbit is that you’re able to Ask for Gardening Help. The Rabbit you’ve asked for help will then ocassionally visit your Lot and help with the garden. You can check out the status if they’re set to help or not by hovering over them:

Rabbits help out in two ways with your Garden – by eating the weeds and by…well…pooping on the plants in your garden. Don’t worry – their poop acts as a fertilizer!

You’ll be able to purchase a Wild Rabbit Home from Build Mode for 400 Simoleons. It can be found in the Outdoor Activites section – or simply just use the Search Bar and type in Wild Rabbit Home! A thing I’ve noticed is that I wasn’t able to house the Rabbit I befriended first in The Bramblewood, so I had to lure out a new rubbit out of the tree stump and make a connection with them.

TIP: You can have mutliple Wild Rabbit Homes placed down on your lot, meaning that you can have multiple Rabbits on your Lot!

So, what do the Rabbits do on your Lot?

Beside being of great help with the Garden, they’re also very active when on your Lot. They can be found sniffing around the outside,  digging tunnels and interacting with your Sims…as long as you’re in a good mood.

Choosing to pick fights with a Wild Rabbit can end fatally. If you provoke a Rabbit way too many times they’ll attack your Sim. Sometimes your Sim will leave the fight with nothing but a fair warning from the Rabbit, but on rare ocassions they can get killed by the Rabbit. Worry not, we will cover the new Deaths coming with Cottage Living in a seperate article!

Rabbit Clothing

Rabbits have their own set of clothing that you can dress them up in! To obtain clothing for Rabbits you can check the Creature Keeper in The Bramblewood to purchase outfits. There’s a limited stock of items and clothing for different animals rotating every day so make sure you check up often!

After obtaining a piece of clothing for Rabbits click on them and select Dress Rabbit In…

Here’s a full overview of all the clothing available for Rabbits:

Types of Rabbits

There are 8 types of rabbits that you can find in total. Down below is a full visual overview of all eight Rabbits!

Other Facts about Rabbits

  • You can Rename Wild Rabbits:

  • Toddlers and Children can also socialize with Rabbits and give them a pat or a warm hug.

  • You can keep track of all the Rabbits you’ve socialized with in the Relationships panel.
  • All Rabbits in the game are Young Adults and they don’t age and die like some of the other animals.
  • Wild Foxes can be fatal for Rabbits on your Lot.

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