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The Sims 4: Top 5 Vacation Locations for Rental Lots

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Ever since we gained the ability to place rental lots in residential worlds, the possibilities for vacations have really opened up. Now that we can vacation in any world we want, it can be hard to choose where to send our Sims on vacation. There are so many choices and each world has its own personality and sets of attractions to enjoy.

Here are our top five picks for vacation destinations in residential worlds!

Remember, you won’t be able to vacation in some of these worlds until you’ve placed a rental lot in them!


The Sims 4: Top 5 Vacation Locations for Rental Lots

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, first. Sulani is the perfect tropical getaway for those looking to let go of all the stress of the rat race and find some peace and relaxation. With snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, diving, jet-skiing, canoeing, beach combing, sunbathing, and special island events all on Sulani’s long list of activities, there’s lots for your Sims to do on vacation here.

San Myshuno

The Sims 4: Top 5 Vacation Locations for Rental Lots

Sims looking for a wide variety of cultures in one spot and a fast-paced vacation will love the bustling metropolis of San Myshuno. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s something for you in the city. Geek conventions, markets, cultural festivals, diverse cuisine, art galleries, and karaoke bars all await you in San Myshuno.

Mt. Komorebi

The Sims 4: Top 5 Vacation Locations for Rental Lots

Adventure and thrill-seekers will want to make Mt. Komorebi their number one vacation spot. It offers everything an active Sim looking for excitement could ever want; skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and tobogganing all await you at the slopes! And when your toes are frozen solid and you need to warm up, head further down the mountain to enjoy some lush forest hikes and cultural festivals.


The Sims 4: Top 5 Vacation Locations for Rental Lots

We’ve all been there. Mom wants to go somewhere with history on vacation. Dad wants to relax with a good drink by the fire, and the teens want to party. If that’s the case for your Sims family, Windenburg is where you’ll want to book your next vacation. It’s the perfect blend of old and new. You can visit the ancient ruins, take a tour of the historic Von Haunt Estate, head back into town for a macchiato at the cafe, and dance the night away at the hottest nightclubs all in one beautiful city. You can’t go wrong with rich history and a hopping nightlife!

Del Sol Valley

The Sims 4: Top 5 Vacation Locations for Rental Lots

Del Sol Valley gets a bad rap for its lack of lots but don’t be so quick to write off this city! This is the home of the rich and famous, so Sims who are hoping to catch a glimpse of their favourite celebrities need to vacation here! Take a selfie next to your favourite celeb’s star on the Walk of Fame, attend a fan meet and greet at the local bar, or take a trip up to the hills to see how the world’s most famous Sims live. You’ll never be closer to the stars in Del Sol Valley!

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