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A Modder is Adding a Create A World Tool to The Sims 4

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Lately, we have been blown away by The Sims 4 modding community and the incredible surprises just keep on coming! Just days after modder Arnie announced he was working on a colour wheel tool for The Sims 4, another modder has revealed yet another exciting new feature.

TwistedMexi, famous for his T.O.O.L mod, as well as other mods like Better Exceptions and Better Build/Buy, has just released a reveal trailer on YouTube for a Create A World tool! Create A World was a much-loved (if not a bit complex) tool for The Sims 3 that gave players the ability to create and share their own custom worlds for the game. It’s been a highly requested feature ever since The Sims 4 launched seven years ago.

You can watch the full reveal trailer below!

Going by what we can see in the trailer, it appears as though TwistedMexi was able to greatly expand on his existing mods to bring us a fully functioning Create-A-World tool. The UI shows that these custom worlds will not override existing Maxis worlds. We were able to see the world of Newcrest be completely cleared out to create a blank terrain template, which players can then customize to their heart’s desire in great detail!

From the trailer, it does not appear like we will be able to change lot placement or use our own custom templates. It seems like we will only be able to take existing world templates and completely redesign the common space around the lots; however, we are not modders and this is only speculation based on what we’ve seen in the trailer. It’s entirely possible there is much more to the mod than what is shown here.

In any case, we are very excited to get our hands on this amazing mod!

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