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Let’s Build a Weaving Studio in The Sims 4 with the Functional Loom Mod!

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A while ago, I wrote a walkthrough of PiedPiper’s amazing Functional Loom Mod. I was so inspired by this mod that I felt compelled to build with it. This mod offers so much functionality for retail businesses and really any lot because of all the incredible decorations it comes with. While a whole retail store was a bit too much for me to take on, I really wanted to showcase this mod in a smaller build so I decided to create a textiles workshop using just some of PiedPiper’s awesome content.

Of course, the textiles workshop would feature the loom that comes with the mod. Sims need a way to be able to weave all of the clothes and décor that the mod comes with. But I felt that the loom paired perfectly with the knitting and cross stitch baskets from Nifty Knitting Stuff and Cottage Living so I really went all-in with stuff from these packs. Paranormal Stuff was a big influence as well. The floral wallpaper and beaded curtains felt perfect for the cozy vibe I was going for.

Let’s Build a Weaving Studio in The Sims 4 with the Functional Loom Mod!

I started with creating the shape of the room. I wanted the decorative mannequins that come with the mod to have their own focal point in a small nook of the room. I then decorated this area with a rug from the mod as well as a few clothing bags and boxes in the corner. On the wall behind it, I put the craft board from Nifty Knitting Stuff. Sadly, when I went to upload this room to the Gallery, the mannequins were the only things that disappeared so the Gallery version does not feature them. I replaced them with the Get To Work mannequins which are wearing some gorgeous custom dresses from this mod, instead. They look amazing wearing those custom dresses. I wanted to show off the decorative mannequins in this article, however, just to show you my original design concept.

Let’s Build a Weaving Studio in The Sims 4 with the Functional Loom Mod!

I placed the loom at a flattering angle in another corner, accented with another custom rug to draw the eye to it. I also popped in the Nifty Knitting craft tray on rollers for easy access to supplies while weaving. To fill up the rest of the space, I used mostly Nifty Knitting desks and accent tables as well as wall décor to really give it that artsy and crafty vibe. Many of the Nifty Knitting Stuff items have lots of shelves and cubbies with yarn, fabrics, and other crafting tools in them. These were perfect for my textiles workshop. Wherever there was open shelving, I used the custom fabric bolts and clothing bags and boxes to give the space a haphazard feel to it. I wanted the room to look like it was in frequent use by a creative Sim whose ideas explode everywhere onto every surface.

Let’s Build a Weaving Studio in The Sims 4 with the Functional Loom Mod!

In another corner of the room, I put a rocking chair and the knitting basket with custom clothing hanging on the wall behind it. There are a few dresses and a suit, as well as scarves hanging from hooks on the other side of the door. To give the centre of the room a bit of a focal point instead of just empty space, I covered a round dining table with a custom tablecloth and displayed some embroidered custom towels on it. I hung a ceiling plant from Paranormal Stuff over it to draw more attention to it.

Let’s Build a Weaving Studio in The Sims 4 with the Functional Loom Mod!

I absolutely loved the finished product. It came out exactly as I envisioned it and really looks like a messy but cheerful arts and crafts space for creating lovely textile art and clothing.


Let’s Build a Weaving Studio in The Sims 4 with the Functional Loom Mod!

If you’d like to grab this room for yourself, it’s called Woven Wonders Workshop and my ID is SnarkyWitch! Remember to tick the box that says Show Custom Content! This room requires the Functional Loom Mod by PiedPiper and uses a lot of custom content from that mod!

And if you can’t use mods, check out our whole Let’s Build series! The vast majority of our builds are 100% CC-free and some use limited packs! In fact, CC builds from us are pretty rare but every once in a while, we do get inspired by talented creators and really want to show off their work in our own creations.

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