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The Sims 4: Gameplay to Make the Most of the Winter Season

With many northern regions of the world covered in a blanket of snow, the chilly weather has gotten us in the mood for winter activities! In The Sims, of course! Why freeze your plumbob off outdoors when you can stay toasty warm inside and watch your Sims freeze, instead? I love the idea of winter snow activities. I just don’t like actually doing them. Because snow is uh… cold. Good thing I can enjoy all winter has to offer from the comfort of my living room couch!

Here are some great winter activities to enjoy in The Sims 4 using Seasons and Snowy Escape!


These adorable little snow Sims can be built during the winter season when there is an ample amount of snow on the ground. There are a variety of snowpals that can be created and I love the surprise of seeing which ones my Sims will make. Use them as holiday decorations while the weather’s still frosty because come spring, these cute little guys will melt away. Until next year, little snowpal!

Snow Angels

Who doesn’t have fond memories of falling backwards into the snow and creating snow angels as a kid? Our Sims can have memories like these, too! Wait for a good snowfall and then send them out to create snow angels anywhere where there’s an open section of snow! They’re fun, easy, and add some personality to an otherwise barren lawn.

Snowball Fights

Some people love snowball fights. Others hate them. They can be fun… and painful. Personally, I’d much rather watch my Sims get a snowball to the face than experience it myself. Just take a group of two or more Sims outside on a snowy day and have them start a snowball fight! Very entertaining for you but maybe not for them if they aren’t good at dodging balls of snow.

Hot Drinks

The Seasons expansion adds seasonal vendors all over the common space each season and the winter vendors sell all kinds of hot, delicious drinks to warm your Sims up on a cold winter day. If you own Snowy Escape, the vending machines in Mt. Komorebi also sell a variety of hot drinks and snacks to keep warm up on the mountain.


Ever seen skating rinks pop up around the world during the winter season? If not, take a closer look next time! The skating rinks are a lot of fun. They can be used by up to 8 Sims at the same time so the whole family can go skating together. Adjust music, lights, and special effects to skate with sparkles, snow, and a variety of light patterns. Sims will start off being clumsy and fall a lot but with enough practice, they’ll be showing off the most beautiful figure skating moves!


With Snowy Escape, your Sims can enjoy winter all year round in the Yukimatsu mountain district! This neighbourhood is always snowy, making it perfect for skiing! Rent a pair of loaner skis, or purchase your own and hit the slopes! We recommend the bunny slopes to build up your skiing skill a bit before taking on the larger slopes. The big slopes can be hazardous!


If skiing’s not your style, the Yukimatsu district also has snowboarding! Like skiing, you can rent a loaner snowboard or purchase your own but remember to start small and get some practice in on the bunny slopes, first. The big slopes come with more hazards and complicated jumps so a beginner is likely to get hurt on those slopes.


Tobogganing (or sledding as its more commonly known outside of Canada) is a fun winter activity for the whole family! While children can ski and snowboard on the bunny slopes, tobogganing is something even toddlers can partake in during the winter season. With adult supervision, of course. Take the tiny tots onto the bunny slopes for some tobogganing fun. It’s great that toddlers aren’t completely left out of all the fun winter has to offer.

What’s your favourite winter activity to do in The Sims 4? Let us know in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

Star warm, everyone!

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