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The Sims 4’s Upcoming Game Pack could be about Weddings and Dating


Bringing romance back to The Sims 4!

The Sims Team released their first roadmap of 2022 for content planned for The Sims 4. The roadmap includes releases planned for the next 3 months – up until the end of March this year.

One of the highlights from the roadmap is a Game Pack that suggests you’ll be able to “throw a party for love”. In case this isn’t a hint already for a Weddings / Dating Game Pack the roadmap also came with significant teasers within the confetti.

Take a closer look at the marriage rings and wedding cake icons below:

The Sims 4’s Upcoming Game Pack could be about Weddings and Dating

So, what could the new Wedding Game Pack include? We had an initial vision from The Sims Team shared all the way back in Spring 2017.

Throughout the release of numerous official Pack Surveys and suggested themes, one of the suggested Game Packs were The Sims 4 Love Life.

Check out The Sims Team’s initial vision for this potential Game Pack:

Sims interested in matters of the heart are going to be pleased with The Sims 4 Love Life. Go on a variety of romantic dates at all-new locations or be the matchmaker for your friends. Experience wedding fun (and drama) from asking parents for permission to enjoying the honeymoon.

  • Go on Dates – Have your first dates, blind dates, or group date at a variety of new locations from the Lovers’ Garden to the Moonlit Cafe complete with private concert stage.
  • Be a Matchmaker – Practice your matchmaking skills by setting your Sims up on dates, give romantic advice, and navigate the dating drama as a matchmaker.
  • Throw a Wedding – Weddings are bigger than ever. Ask Sims’ parents for permission to marry, experience bachelor or bachelorette party fun, even plan the details of your big day.

Source: @TheBoyXP
The Sims 4’s Upcoming Game Pack could be about Weddings and Dating


Of course this proposed survey dates back from a few years ago, so some visions from the proposed key features could have been changed since then considering its only a survey proposal.

If we gather all the evidence and hints its almost certain that the next Sims 4 Game Pack is about Weddings / Dating. How will The Sims Team execute this idea? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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