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Guide to Flooding Your Home in The Sims 4


I don’t normally write guides and tutorials on how to wreck your home in The Sims 4 but I was absolutely amazed with @LuddySimmer’s discovery and had to try this out myself!

The July 2021 Update for The Sims 4 which adds Water Tools to the game also lets you completely flood the first floor of your home. I had to try it for myself and was surprised to see how well this works!

Before moving on with this guide I’d like to point out that the new Water Tools probably weren’t made to flood homes and rooms in the game, so some visual glitches and errors might occur during this experience.

Flooding your Home

For this tutorial I’ll be using a Pre-Made Home from Maxis. First, I’ll place down the home like and make sure there’s enough room around to dig out a hole around the house using the Terrain Tools.

Then I used a Water Tool to fill in the Pond around the terrain and leveled the Terrain so that the entrance area of the home is accessible.

Guide to Flooding Your Home in The Sims 4

Now’s the time to dunk your home in the surrounding water! Simply select any floor from the ground floor and and drag it just enough so that the home is just accessible enough for your Sims to approach and enter.

Guide to Flooding Your Home in The Sims 4

You might notice that as soon as doors touch the water they’ll be removed. You’ll have to open up your home and remove at least one wall from the entrance area in order to flood the first room. You’ll notice that any objects that your Sims won’t be able to interact with while the room is flooded will be removed. In this case it’s the door to another room and the fireplace.


Congratulations – just like that you’ve completely flooded the first room!

Guide to Flooding Your Home in The Sims 4

Do you feel like flooding your Kitchen and Dining Room as well? Simply remove a single piece of wall that protects the water from entering a room that hasn’t been flooded yet.

Guide to Flooding Your Home in The Sims 4

Sims will be able to do almost every interaction in their flooded home. If the water is deep enough then younger Sims, such as Children, will only have the option to wade through the house instead of the “Go Here” interaction and animation.

Sims will also be able to play in the water inside of their home!

Guide to Flooding Your Home in The Sims 4

You can see that I added some visual effects such as fireflies, bugs, fountains and a different water type. You can apply all of that to your flooded home!

The only visual error that occured to me was with visual effects such as Ducks and Swans, which were also dunked in the water along with my house objects.


That is your guide to completely destroying and flooding your home in The Sims 4. Let me know if you plan to try this out in your game in the comments below!

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