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Let’s Renovate a Wedding Chapel in The Sims 4!


Giving both the interior and exterior of this chapel the look it deserves!

Now that we’re finally satisfied that My Wedding Stories has been fixed, we’ve been busy exploring the pack for the second time but really, it feels like the first time. Considering we couldn’t really experience much of it when the game pack first launched.

I’ve wanted to renovate my Ever After Chapel for the longest time. I originally built this lot on console with limited packs way back before we had things like platforms and I just knew this place deserved to be revisited with all of the new content we have now. I’m so happy I can finally renovate this place using My Wedding Stories and have players actually be able to enjoy it with functional gameplay.

Before we get into what’s changed, let’s take a quick look at what the Ever After Chapel looked like before.

It looks… cute, I guess but it could really use some updating with newer content, don’t you think? Let’s fancy the place up a little!

Let’s Renovate a Wedding Chapel in The Sims 4!
I wanted to focus mostly on the interior but that doesn’t mean the exterior can’t use a few tweaks. I replaced the wood siding with white brick and replaced the fountain in the back with the one from My Wedding Stories. I also replaced some of the chairs and lights with My Wedding Stories chairs and lights. To give the back area a bit of whimsy, I put a sheer tent with faerie lights over each table. Some other changes include a new “bell” in the bell tower, new doors and windows, and some new fencing around the side where guests go downstairs to the reception hall.

Let’s Renovate a Wedding Chapel in The Sims 4!
Inside is where I made some major changes. Almost everything’s been swapped out for My Wedding Stories content; the arch, the chapel pews, the flowers, the curtains, lights, you name it. I updated the walls with both base game and Paranormal Stuff wall coverings. The floors were given an update, too. I also raised the arch area on a platform. After all, the couple getting married should be the stars of the show!

Downstairs, the reception area also saw some significant changes. There is still a kitchen for those who prefer to hire a caterer but there is also a buffet table and drink fountain if you’ve lost all faith in caterers to be useful in any way, shape, or form. I hear you. The stage and head table have both been raised onto platforms for that grand look and the piano’s been replaced with the gorgeous My Wedding Stories piano. In front of the stage, there is now a proper dance floor! And a nicer stereo in case you’re not into the idea of a live band.

All the tables and chairs have been swapped out as well as the centrepieces. The bar’s also been replaced and the bar back replaced with a more elegant one. There is champagne on ice both at the bar and the head table for toasts. All around the reception hall, existing curtains have been replaced with more elegant gold and white ones. Banners also frame both the head table and stage.

I had an amazing time updating one of my favourite wedding lots for you guys and I hope you love the new look as much as I do. You can search for Ever After Chapel in the Gallery under my ID SnarkyWitch, or just click the download button below to add it to your library right now. It has no CC and of course, it is a proper Wedding Venue lot type now.

Download the Ever After Chapel

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