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A quest to make *those* chairs from My Wedding Stories functional

Making the Debug Chairs from The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories usable!

When the My Wedding Stories game pack came out, one particular build item caught the eye of builders: this chair from the debug menu.

It sits in the middle of the Tartosa town square surrounded by charming Mediterranean apartments. So what’s the catch? You can’t sit on them.

A lot of players expressed their dismay over this unplayable item. Some have tried to find a workaround to make it functional by placing a chair over it or turning it into custom content.

However, there’s only one foolproof method to make it work and it’s this tutorial! You don’t need any custom content, just the new game pack and base game.

Make sure you type in the cheat ‘bb.moveobjects’ before getting started!

First off, debug items like these still block your Sims’ path. The only way to clear out these obstructions is to cheat the game by putting it on a different floor level.

Place the debug chair and a normal dining chair on the same spot. Avoid free placing them with the Alt key since you will have a hard time adjusting them later. If the limited grid placement doesn’t work for you, click on Shift + F5 to unlock more precise grid slots.

Size down the dining chair with the ‘[’ key once. Make sure that the dining chair you use has a cushioned backrest to act as a pillow. If you don’t want that sticking out, you can size it down another time as long as a part of the chair is seen and clickable.

Second, make a room directly below your chair. It can be a basement or just one floor level down.

Now drag the debug chair to that lower level. Raise it with Ctrl+9 until the green square of the item shows at the top of the room.

Take note of where you originally put the dining chair since it has to be aligned with the debug chair. If a part of the dining chair sticks out oddly, you can now use the Alt key to hide it and scooch it over.

Once they are aligned to your liking, you can delete the room below by using the arrow sliders to minimize the room. Don’t just select and click Delete because it will also delete the debug chair you placed!

You could also make a complete dining set with both the debug chair and debug table. Start by placing the debug table on a grid slot. Find a dining table with a single middle leg and size it down to the smallest possible size. Place it in the middle of the debug table. Add the dining chairs and repeat the process of placing the debug chairs on a lower floor.

Go to Live mode to playtest it and it should work perfectly! This works on any kind of chair, including living room chairs. Different kinds of chairs look like different swatches of pillows on this debug chair which you can place outdoors by the beach or inside your home.

Now that you know this trick, where do you plan to use this gorgeous piece of furniture?

You can check out a video tutorial on this Chair Hack here!

– Written by MAIA Makes

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