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When The Sims 4 Meets Dragon Age


This player turned The Sims 4 into an astonishing Dragon Age playground!

It always blows me away with just how talented our community is, and this selection of Dragon Age inspired builds from KawaiiFoxita are no exception!

Now, if you haven’t heard of Dragon Age before or aren’t too sure what it’s about, the game is a fantasy role-playing game that is developed by BioWare and published by EA.

Want to know more about the Dragon Age games? Take a look at the trailer for Dragon Age Inquisition here!

KawaiiFoxita has shared a variety of screenshots on social media that are full of detail and inspired by different locations from the Dragon Age games. They are honestly beautiful and makes us want to explore more of the world of Dragon Age in The Sims 4!

Check out more screenshots from Kawaii’s Dragon Age inspired builds below!

Why not take a closer look at the Elven Ruins build here?

Be sure to follow KawaiiFoxita via the links below for more of her detailed and incredible builds!

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