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The Dua Lipa Hair in The Sims 4 is Levitating


Pun intended. The glitch on the other hand? Probably not.

3 weeks ago The Sims Team had introduced a new Hairstyle to The Sims 4 through their Sims Delivery Express drop. The new Feminine Hairstyle is a two-tone type of Hairstyle with dyed roots and tips that change the color of each different variant.

The Dua Lipa Hair in The Sims 4 is Levitating

The Hairstyle has also been converted and made available for Sims of all ages – from Toddlers to Elders.

I still stand by the statement that Toddlers and Children should not have their roots bleached out and dyed. At least not in real life. Luckily this is one of those “just in The Sims” scenarios.

Modder @frostybreakfast was quick to make a single color variant of this Hairstyle for all ages, and it turned out amazing:

The Dua Lipa Hair in The Sims 4 is Levitating

Now to get back to the original purpose of this article – the Hairstyle was already named the “Dua Lipa Hair” by many players the moment the SDX drop happened.

Pop singer Dua Lipa rocked the same two tone hairstyle in real life, with precisely the same roots and tips as this new Hairstyle in The Sims 4.

It just so happens that some players are experiencing the Levitating Glitch. First reported on EA Answers HQ, the Dua Lipa Hairstyle for Children starts floating and flying away from the Child’s scalp on random occasions.

Member Mythikalstar described it best with their post on the Forum:

How often does the bug occur? Often (50% – 99%)

– What happens when the bug occurs? The hair flys away across the room and the child goes bald

– What do you expect to see? My Childs hair to not fly away

User ogbroadddd has also went into details about the Glitch, with a funny screenshot as proof:


There is a visual glitch with the new hair from 4/13 Sims Delivery Express update. It’s floating off the head of child aged Sims. When I zoom in closer, to jumps back on the Sim’s head. Please see attached screenshot for the visual glitch I am experiencing. So far it has not happened with teen/adult aged Sims. 

The Dua Lipa Hair in The Sims 4 is Levitating

Player @Shadow_Zillah wrote on Twitter about their Glitch encounter with the Levitating Hair:

There’s also video proof of the Levitating Hair posted on Reddit. This one is a bit more extreme though:

My team member Krista and I tried to replicate the issue in our games and couldn’t make the glitch happen. No matter which Graphics Setting and situation I tried in-game the Hair remained on my Child’s scalp.

The Dua Lipa Hair in The Sims 4 is Levitating

I’m guessing that this type of situation is all depending on the platform where you’re playing The Sims 4 on.

If the Dua Lipa Hair does start Levitating in your game there’s a quick Mod solution from ice-creamfrombreakfast that fixes it:

There was an issue with the LODs on the most recent TS4 delivery hair file for children. This will fix the issue on both the original version and my edited version in the meantime until it’s fixed with a patch.

The Dua Lipa Hair in The Sims 4 is Levitating

Was the Dua Lipa Hair fixed with the latest update? The Sims Team didn’t mention anything in the Patch Notes. If it hasn’t we’re hoping for a quick fix soon!

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