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Enhance Your Wall Displays in The Sims 4

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We love learning new build tricks from the amazingly talented community so whenever we come across something that helped us enhance our builds, we want to share it with all of you!

When we came across this reddit post by MyaShmya showing us how to make extravagant wall displays using arches and platforms, we just had to try it ourselves! MyaShmya shows us how to make a really beautiful castle or estate garden display in their video tutorial but we wanted to see what other styles and variations we could come up with using this same basic technique.

The concept is simple but very clever! All you need to do is raise a small room with arches onto a platform and then decorate it however you like! We’re going to walk you through what we did to come up with two very different designs with the same build trick.

First, we opened up the cheat console and entered the bb.moveobjects on cheat. It’s not specified to do this in the video but we always find having it enabled helpful when building. It prevents objects from getting deleted if you decide you want to restructure something halfway through.

Enhance Your Wall Displays in The Sims 4

Next, we built a basic square room and created a smaller room along one side, just one tile wide.

For our first design, we wanted to go with a modern look but weren’t completely sure exactly what we wanted so we ended up playing around with different arch styles for a while. In the end, we settled on some base game square arches.

Enhance Your Wall Displays in The Sims 4

Then we selected the smaller room and clicked the up arrow 3 times to raise the room up onto a platform. Make sure your wall height is taller than the arch you chose. The arch needs space to move upwards.

We decided that the Spa Day aquarium would look great tucked neatly behind these arches and we were right! Once that was complete, it was time to decorate the rest of the area and make everything look all nice and seamless. We added some succulent planters in front to hide the gap and give the display more depth, then gave the planters a more seamless look by placing the Dine Out marble accent tables in front of them. We pulled out the side walls to give the planters and accent tables a clean, built-in look and then added wallpaper and flooring to complete the area.

Enhance Your Wall Displays in The Sims 4

Our second variation was a crumbling temple display, perfect for a Selvadorada build! Once again, we built a small room up against a larger room, added archways, and then raised the small room onto a platform. Then we put some old temple décor behind the arches, like a skeleton guard and some pottery. We put some mossy stone benches from Romantic Garden Stuff against the archways to hide the gap and added creeping vegetation and foliage to give the whole area a wild, overgrown look, like an ancient building being reclaimed by nature. To top it off, we put in some lanterns so the place would have an eerie glow at night.

Enhance Your Wall Displays in The Sims 4

Thanks to MyaShmya’s handy video tutorial, we can create all kinds of creative and unique wall displays to add depth and detail to our builds with no mods or custom content necessary at all. Try it yourself and see what kind of amazing displays you can come up with!

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