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The many versions of the infamous Phone Girl in The Sims 4

Ring Ring! Who’s there? New Phone Girl!

The icon, the legend, and the moment that is the Phone Girl, also known as Callia Maebey, finally got the recognition she needs. After being begged to remove her unsettling grin from the main menu for some time now, The Sims decided to do the opposite and to attack the players with full force. She was everywhere!
Simmers took to themselves to make her more palatable, or just to give her a soul? Or maybe a story? The mood on the gallery right now ranges from a totally normal, girl next door kind of vibes to deranged copypasta, which we all know is truer to the source material.

Just a regular girl

Just a run-of-the-mill, regular person. Who happens to have a phone. Nothing to worry about. When this Maebey calls, she’ll tell you not to go to that cafe she liked because they made her soy latte with oat milk. And that is really unacceptable.
Maebey looks good with bit more eyeliner and a studded jacket, as a punk princess.
She is beautiful, full of life, and ready to ring you up for a coffee or a stroll in the park. What could go wrong there?

Nightmare fuel

She is not a person, she is an entity. She comes as a glitch in the matrix to compromise your sanity. The best thing of all, there won’t be just one call. There will be eight.
This version comes as a diabolical couple. One soul in two bodies. First, she calls. If you ignore her then there comes Jeff and you know Jeff. The one with the smile. The one who dwells in the darkest corner of your mind.
Anyway, you can’t escape her. You know that.

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