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Ring Ring! The Sims 4 is Trolling us with the Stuff of Nightmares

Maxis has fully embraced the Phone Girl Meme

You might be familiar with Callia Maebey (haha very punny), better known as Ring Ring Girl. She is the terrifying figure on the main menu screen holding a cell phone with an absolutely possessed expression on her face. Her soulless eyes bore into your very core, feeding on all your deepest darkest fears. Her maniacal grin is something out of a paranormal movie… or StrangerVille.

In fact, Ring Ring Girl is so unsettling, players have been begging the Sim Gurus to remove her from the main menu.

How did The Sims respond to our desperate pleas? With violence.

Today, Maxis uploaded this demon from the depths of the underworld to the Gallery so she can haunt not just our nightmares, but our virtual world as well. As if this wasn’t cruel enough, they then proceeded to laugh in the face of our suffering by plastering the face of evil all over the new main menu screen in a surprise game update today (which otherwise looks very nice, by the way).

Oh, and it’s not just in the game. Ring Ring Girl has taken over The Sims’ social media.

What provoked this unwarranted display of aggression from our beloved Sim Gurus? We’d like to know. We just logged on to have a good time today and we’re honestly feeling so attacked right now. Truly, the audacity is a spectacle to behold. Unless Ring Ring Girl is holding them hostage and they, too, are victims of her evil plans. Are you okay, Sim Gurus? Blink twice if you need us to rescue you!

Anyway, in case you wanted to get up close and personal with the demon from your nightmares, Ring Ring girl can be yours to run in terror from forevermore.

Download Ring Ring Girl. (Why?)

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